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How did Little Pete start the FAYZ, exactly? (SPOILERS)

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Number Four I've almost finished the book (around 15 left), but there still is one question lingering in my head. How did Little Pete start the FAYZ?

On page 442, Sam plays a video featuring Little Pete inside a control room along with a few adults, and the alarm goes off, signalling a core meltdown. And then, all of a sudden, he gets up, and gets shoved back into his chair by his father. Finally, all of a sudden, the camera turns to static, and in the next clip the adults are gone.

And Sam just says, "Little Pete caused the FAYZ.", or something like that, and Astrid starts crying, moaning: "you can't blame him.".

Could someone please explain to me exactly how he caused everyone to disappear? It would be greatly appreciated.

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Atishay Singh -SPOILERS-

You know how little Pete is severely autistic, well it turns out he hates loud noises. When the reactor was in meltdown, the adults were screaming theirs heads off which in turned pissed Pete off. Please keep in mind that Little Pete is around a 7 or 8 bar freak. When Pete does not like things he makes them disappear using his powers so when the adults made him mad he made then poof. And to stop the reactor, Little Pete created the FAYZ. A dome that spans out 20 miles across and has the reactor in the middle.

Hope I helped!!!

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Number Four Thanks! But I still don't understand where he teleported them, or how he created the Barrier. How did the Barrier stop the reactor? Is this revealed in the first book, at all? Please let me know if it is explained in another book in the series.

Sic Transit Gloria It is explained in the other books, but since it's kind of a minor point, I'll say it here:
(view spoiler)

Dramapuppy (view spoiler)

Gregory Its explained in more detail in the last two books so don't get ahead of yourself. If you want to know:

(view spoiler)


It was an accident but he had so much power and so little mind control that he just... did it.

Question: When Astrid fed him to the bugs shouldn't the barrier collapsed?

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