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Experienced copyeditor and line editor now booking into 2015

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Lee-Lee Your manuscript deserves clarity. A wordsmith by trade, I will help you polish your writing and illuminate your prose. My specialty is editing for emerging and self-published authors.

In an age when anyone can hang out a shingle on the internet as an editor, your manuscript is safe with me: I’m a degreed journalist with more than 20 years of experience in print and online media (and a voracious love of books and their heady grass-and-vanilla scent).

Fiction isn’t all I do; I’m also available to edit your nonfiction publication or project. I’m an experienced copyeditor for RPG, consumer tech, and gaming publications, and I currently edit feature articles at a national consumer tech site.

Here's how I can help your manuscript:

* Copyediting looks at your manuscript’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other points of style. I’ll check for overall consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts, and I’ll ensure your intended message and effects come across clearly—that you’ve said exactly what you meant. (Read more about what’s involved in copyediting.)

* During a stylistic edit, I’ll scrutinize your style and usage line by line, providing extensive edits and comments that are designed to polish your writing while maintaining your individual voice and style. I’ll scrub away wordiness, slay jargon in its tracks, tighten dialogue, and smooth the quality and transitions of your prose. You’ll get lots of notes and learn how and why to tweak your technique; it’s a little like being coached. (Read more about what’s covered by stylistic or line editing.)

Visit my website to learn more about me and my services: http://lisapoisso.com/copyediting-ser...
Or contact me directly at lisa@lisapoisso.com.

5% discount if you mention code GREDITORSANDWRITERS.

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Lee-Lee Just added:

If a professional edit simply isn’t in your budget, you might want to consider a critique of your first 50 pages (12,500 words). Many clients find a critique helpful in getting a handle on style, usage, and mechanical issues they can address themselves to ensure their manuscript is in a good position to receive a lighter copyedit. (Remember, this is a stylistic critique, not a developmental critique of your book’s structure, plot, characterizations and so on.) I charge $150 for a critique of 50 manuscript pages/12,500 words.

Contact me at http://lisapoisso.com/copyediting-ser... or directly at lisa@lisapoisso.com.

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