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So basically it works like this:
Person 1: Do you like One Direction?
Person 2: Not really, what about you?
Person 3: Yes, They are awesome, why don't you like them

And so on. I'll start

What did you do today?

Hannah (Ivyclad Ideas) Lots of story writing, do you write stories?

message 3: by JJHeart (new)

JJHeart  (jjheart) Not really, what kind of stories do u write?

Hannah (Ivyclad Ideas) Whatever I feel like, I've been working on something set in the real world for a while and then I did a fantasy for NaNoWriMo, have you ever dyed your hair (random topic change because I couldn't think of anything ;))?

message 5: by JJHeart (new)

JJHeart  (jjheart) No but wish, have u

Hannah (Ivyclad Ideas) No, I'd have to bleach it to dye it and that would probably ruin it, what colour would you dye your hair if you did dye it?

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