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Savannah (vannah09) Hey everyone,
Let's discuss Before I Fall! Anxious to see what everyone has to say (likes and dislikes)!

Katy H (the_other_katy) Okay, I just barely started Chapter 3, but am I the only one basically screaming "What's wrong with you, Sam? You're fixing things all wrong!" in my head?

Also, I couldn't help but think I was glad I wasn't really among the "in" crowd in high school if they were like that. All the people I considered "popular" were pretty great, but maybe they were actually dweebs. IDK

Migue (miguegcastrillon) | 1 comments At first I found it a little bit boring because I don't like stories about mean girls, well, I don't like mean girls at all, but then... after page 200 it gets more and more interesting.
I love Kent and Sam, they were so cute together. I hate when the book ended, I needed to read more about them... and it was kind of unfair that she died although I knew it since the beginning...
I really like it anyway :)

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