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Eating Disorders vs Self Mutilation

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message 1: by Lissette (new)

Lissette S | 5 comments Willow likes to go out with her new boyfriend Guy. Guy and her go everywhere together. There favorite places to go are the library and a cafe in their town. Guy likes boats and takes Willow on a boat for the first time. Willow was scared to go on the boat and refused to go on. But Guy decided to pick her up gently and put her on the boat with him. When Willow set foot on the boat she became calm. She liked the ocean view like Guy. After the boat ride,Willow and Guy met up with Guy's friends. They all went to a restaurant outside overlooking the ocean. During their meal, Willow notices a girl that reminded her of herself. Seeing the girl made Willow upset. She tried to look away from the girl but she couldnt. The girl was anerexic. Willow could see the bones pop out of her body. She describes her as a walking skeleton. After staring at the girl Willow started to think to herself am i like her. She began to feel upset and worried. So, she decided to get her boyfriend Guy's opinion. She asks Guy " am i like that girl". Guy told her how he felt about Willows cutting. Willows cutting strongly affected Guy. Guy told her she was like the girl with the eating disorder because they both are harming themselves because they are going through some type of pain in their lives. After he told her how he felt Willow became very upset. Do you feel Willow is like the other girl with the eating disorder? Why or Why not?

message 2: by Naajiyah (new)

Naajiyah | 12 comments I remember my first time going on a boat I was very scared but it was actually fun. Why does she think she is like her and why does she cut herself? I feel if she is able to notice the girl with a problem then she knows her own.

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