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Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune
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message 1: by Cory (new)

Cory Sheridan | 71 comments Mod
This book is so touted, I'm pretty psyched to read it. Sounds like quite a story. With a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter as a co-writer, how can we go wrong. Let me know your first thoughts after delving in....

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim Dolce | 12 comments Cory;
The book is not on CD. I don't do much in the way of downloads, but I got a cheap mp3 player and was excited to listen to this. Well, it kept quitting on me. I thought maybe it was the adapter that I use for the car. I got another, but the same thing happened. After much frustration and pulling my hair out, Kristin said that it could just be a bad download. Go figure. So after waiting for the book to come in in the first place, I am now on hold again. Hopefully I will get it and be able to listen to it before you move on. I'm somewhat familiar with the story already and would like to learn more. Definitely an eccentric woman for a long time!

message 3: by Cory (new)

Cory Sheridan | 71 comments Mod
Hi Kim, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the download -- that's a hassle. Yes, I hope you're able to read it in due time so we can have our discussion. And yes, she was eccentric for a long time. Clark disappears and so does her money. What happened, right?

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim Dolce | 12 comments I told Stefan my tale of woe and how I've tried to eliminate all the problems. He is chalking it up to gremlins :) The tape player works but the book won't play with the tape adapter, even though I have bought 3 new ones. It played for a bit and then quit. I read an article that said Hueguette was a doll collector and bought dolls even near the end of her life. She never saw many of these items, but she just wanted to buy them and since money was no object, she did. If it's boxed up somewhere and you can't enjoy it, I don't understand the point!

message 5: by Cory (new)

Cory Sheridan | 71 comments Mod
Gremlins is usually the answer. And as for the dolls, it seems that stands to reason. Eccentrics with unlimited expendable income I suppose sometimes do things that we mere mortals can't figure out! Hence their eccentricity and "odd" behaviour, as perceived by many. She certainly was a very interesting character!

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