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Let's start of with What topic?

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Ok, do mind thinking of some plots?

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Any ideas?

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Sounds good, may I be the princess?

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What do you mean? If you mean doubles, I'm sorry I can't do doubles...too complicated.

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Thanks, can you start off, please! :)

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Ok, got it.

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((Oh, sorry, can you put who's who, and who he's talking too. Ya know.))

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Princess Taevin roamed around the abandoned castle. She was a lost princess that's for sure.

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She bumped into someone startled.

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She was instantly scared but fell into his kiss. She had no idea who this guy was but kiss seamed natural.

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She pushed him away. "Are you an animal!!!?" She screamed. "What is wrong with you!!"

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"Fine....do as you wish!" She replied.

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Princess batted her eyes...a flash of innocence and shook her head 'yes'

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She walked up her room, her dress trailing behind her and lauded on the bed, her dress coming up.

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"Come get some..." She said and smiled.

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She waited for him to do something

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She groaned in response and loved it, she pulled his shirt off.

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((i think this is getting a little serious, I'd like to stop here!!!))

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Princess was exhausted, she was driven hard.

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"Yes..." She said.

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