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message 1: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments It's not a space opera. More of a post apocalyptic technothriller. If you like character-based stories, it's worth checking out.

4.3 stars.

What people are saying...

'The literate, intelligent version of Heavy Metal Magazine's disenfranchised space warriors and their alien lovers.'

'A thrilling debut'

'Darker than dark'

'Hard to come up with a completely new creature feature but Mitchell manages it with ease'


message 2: by Richard (new)

Richard | 490 comments Mod
Downloaded it Glenn, looks promising!

message 3: by David (new)

David Schick (davidschick) | 14 comments 2/3 finished and hooked.

message 4: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments Thanks guys. The promo is going amazingly well. Currently number 1 in two subcategories of sci-fi and #5 overall in Sci-fi. Looks like it's still moving up so it's very exciting. Thanks for the support.

David, I'm about 30% of the way through your book. I've been exhausted so missed a few nights of my one chapter before bed ritual. Settling in with the characters nicely though.

message 5: by Micah (last edited Nov 05, 2014 08:03PM) (new)

Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 563 comments I'm only 6% into it (purchased it a while back but only just now got my first Kindle eReader).

Loving the story so far and the writing is excellent.

Only problems I have with it so far have nothing to do with the story, writing or editing:

1) Minor point: I really don't like the cover and never would have given it a second look if I hadn't come across a conversation w/you here. For one thing, the design looks homemade and uninspiring (not BAD, but just kinda meh). For another, the Kindle Paperwhite (Voyage actually) is black and white. So the yellow of the title comes across as muddy gray, very difficult to read.

2) Major(ish) point: No table of contents at all. That makes navigating the book hellishly difficult. If someone searches the text or randomly skips ahead for whatever reason, but doesn't have a bookmark set where they last stopped reading, it's going to be REALLY difficult to find where they were.

In all cases, even short stories, I'm of the opinion that there should be 2 TOC's in a Kindle formatted book: the hyperlink one embedded in the actual book's contents; and the .ncx file one that sets up the TOC in the Kindle device itself.

As it is, when I look at the TOC in the Kindle for this book I get 3 options: Cover, Start, End. I can't even tell how many chapters are in it. All I know is there are 3,656 locations. I'm in chapter 2 right now and that's at location it's a fairly long book not to have TOC.

Both of those would really help make the product more attractive and professional.

BUT...the writing is professional grade. So, people should still get this book!

message 6: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) | 1213 comments Mod
I've grabbed a copy and added it to my ever increasing list of books to read very soon.
Great job with the promo too! I've got my fingers crossed for you to break the top 100 overall.

message 7: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments Micah, thanks for the compliments and criticisms. I get more out of the criticisms so they're very welcome. I'm glad you're not afraid to be critical because I'm a newbie when it comes to preparing an ebook.

The point about the table of contents is totally out of the blue for me. That's how ignorant I am of that stuff. And I must have a pretty simple Kindle compared to yours because I don't have a cover at all. I'll check that stuff out.

I love getting feedback on the cover because I'm parked at the opposite end of the scale. I love it and it was designed perfectly to my specs. I think it represents the book well and when I see it on a search/chart page, rather than fading to the background due to its simplicity, it stands out straight away for the very same reason. But I'm very grateful to you for pointing out the rendering issue. That will have to be addressed.

I know we decided to read each other's book and there are no conditions, but I will review it when I get through this wonderful but hellish month which includes finishing the new book, promoting the old one, selling all my worldly possessions and moving overseas(!). One thing I must say in advance is that after we had that discussion about dialogue, I was expecting the chatter to be good, and I wasn't disappointed. A-grade dialogue.

message 8: by Micah (new)

Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 563 comments Glenn, let's be clear...I bought your book because I liked what I saw. There was no implicit agreement for like-kind read/review! So take your time. As I tell my beta readers: no obligation to read it, finish it, or like it.

On the cover and the criticism: take it with a grain of salt. Tastes vary and I'm not usually very representative of the general public's likes.

And if you need/want any help on the TOC thing, let me know. I build my Kindle eBooks in HTML after writing them in Word, so I take control of the whole process. Others do well just working in Word. I can't help much with going direct from Word to Kindle, but I could probably help you with the TOC stuff if you're HTML savvy at all. (Probably best to take that off line.)

And, yeah, I'm pretty much a noob, too. Been dabbling in writing for decades, but only seriously working on completing and publishing over the past few years. Blind leading the blind. ;p

message 9: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments Thanks Christina. I'm hovering just outside the top 100. It's like playing a video game. But yeah, very excited... and exhausted. Haven't slept for two and a half days!

message 10: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments Micah, in this game, those with partial sight are welcome guides for the blind.

And yes I agree with your opening statement: I read the blurb for your book out of curiosity and thought I'd like it. No dramas there or expectations either way.

That's very nice of you to offer help. I know basic html so that may work out well. My issue will be time. This promotion has knocked the stuffing out of me, but it's been really rewarding. I'll contact you directly when I'm ready to tackle the issues you've flagged.

Now, finally off to bed. I've never been so happy to say goodnight!

message 11: by Micah (new)

Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 563 comments **thumbs up!**

message 12: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Maltman (jamiemaltman) | 156 comments Mod
Picked up a copy on .ca

My free run went pretty well for book 1, now have to see what comes of it in terms of reviews and buy through.

message 13: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Mitchell (glennhmitchell) | 46 comments Congratulations Jamie.

What are your thoughts on pricing after the free book promo? I'm going to go low for a while and see if I can keep the numbers rolling. Also, it's my first book so I'm starting to view this novel as a method of introducing myself to the audience rather than a major revenue opportunity.

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