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Who Stayed up Late Reading This?

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Nikita The first time I've read it, I finished within a weekend. I really liked it.

Kayla Evans (Scooby Doo) I didn't. I would fall asleep early when I read this book and would read only a little bit at a time. no offence to those who like this book.

Natasha This book is AWESOME! I love it!

Benita I loved this book so much! I got it as a birthday gift and going to start reading the next book as soon as I finish the other books I am going to read x) But omg, this book is so good!

Hannah This book is really really good! Full of mystery love and so much more! i did a book report on it and i am so glad i chose this book! four stars! LOVE IT!

Ashli Barrera I stayed up SUPER late for each and every one of this book series

Celest I read it in snatches since I had to go to the bookstore to read it.

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Hayley Ryan This book was amazing I read in less than a week! This book is amazing!

Lasonia I liked this book but it took me awhile to figure out that it was a series.

Leann Castillo I loved the first book but the rest of the books went downhill for me ,i mean it was just problem after problem after problem of why the two couldn't be together. Don't get me wrong i love the whole story but for me it just went downhill after the first book and by the last book i was grateful it was over.

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Belle i loved this bookkkkkkkkkk! it was so fab! ad i lovbe Damen's and Ever's relationship!

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Stephanie Bernett they are like the cutest! if they were real people i think i'd die of being so happy!

PinkPepper The time I read this I stayed up late and finished this in two days

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