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Katie E Katie Nov 04, 2014 08:12PM
Why did Summer sit next to August on the first day of school ?

because she thought august was new so she wanted to help him

Because there was no space at here girls table.

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I have a better question:
Why am I the only one here with a profile picture?

I don't think it's a matter of space, she choose to get up and leave the girls table. She was kinder than the other girls and acted as Auggie's good Karma, balancing out the whispering and staring. She choose to be empathetic, curious, and friendly. She sat with August, because SHE wanted to. She chose kindness.

Because Summer thought that August was lonely since everyone was staring at him and because no one was going near him.

Because there was no space on the girls table.

Because she felt sorry for him. This is because people are talking behind his back and she felt very bad.

She felt sorry for August.

Because August was lonely and the girls table was too squishy, so Summer sat next to August to cheer him up.

Because Summer was empathetic and pitied August. The fact that it was too crowded at the girls table is mainly an answer for the other people.

Because there was no space on the girls table and she thought August was nice.

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