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(Life) Lessons Learned-II

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Illiterate I was compelled to pick up Lewis Caroll's original version after loving the Disney version of the movie for so long.

I am delighted that the original work is remarkably close to the movie...or rather Disney worked to maintain the essence of the book.

What life lessons do you think are essential for kids of all ages, to take away from Lewis Carroll's original tale.... which life lessons does he mock?

Christine There are SO MANY awesome lessons in this book!

One life lesson is learning to roll with what life throws at you. Alice finds herself in a completely different environment, full of strange and crazy people, and she learns to cope with them. Another lesson is learning to stand up for oneself. At the trial Alice realizes they are 'nothing but a pack of cards", a great metaphor for the unimportance of others' opinions, rules, etc.

Lewis Carroll mocks all kinds of authority figures including the British monarchy. He also mocks bad parenting, living one's life by the clock, gossip and rudeness.

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Illiterate Agreed.

Although I have enjoyed Alice in Wonderland. I appreciate Through the Looking glass. I see it as a more mature Alice, choosing to re-enter the ridiculous world. She readily engages with characters that once puzzled and infuriated her. But she does so now with more wisdom

Will post more but here are a couple of my favorites lessons thus far.

1) Keep your temper. ( No matter the most ridiculous of circumstances or people you are dealing with. You shall not win, IF you lose your temper)

2) Be careful of what you ask for. ( Alice wishes for a world of nonsense... and she gets it. She ironically finds herself frustrated with the very things she asked for and goes about in her desired world, wishing for a return to the normal sensible world she knows.

3) When in a cyclical, nonsensical conversation- Redirect it. ( This is a lesson Alice learns in Through the Looking Glass. Now more mature, when she engages with the characters- instead of debating them at length - she finds ways to redirect the conversation. I think this lesson works great in the corporate environment, in marriage, amongst friends, etc)

I think he mocks the idea that everything has a purpose or a moral to it. Some things in life have no purpose or explanation to it- struggling to find meaning to every single thing makes us a bit silly and contradictory. This is best probably seen with Alice's stroll with the Duchess.

Christine Yes, I always thought Alice's stroll with the Duchess was hilarious. When I was a kid reading it, I loved how it made fun of everything. I still love that today.

Interesting ideas on Through the Looking Glass!

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