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Let's start by making our topic!

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Hi, what's our topic?

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I girl finds an addiction to drugs and the guy just meets the girl, finds out he's in love with her and tries to help her with the drug addiction? Sound good, or no?

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Well do you want to rp about this or not, if not Ive got nothing lse. It's your turn

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Ok, good start, what about a vampire and werewolf?

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Ok, do you want to be the vampire or werewolf?

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Stupid question, what are doubles?

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Who will be the guy? I'll be guy, you be girl?

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That's just confusing, is it ok if we just play singles...

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Ok, would you like to be boy or girl?

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Yes I'll be the guy. Let's make short bios. Are you vampire or wolf?

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Yes, let's make bios now...

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Name: Seven Thompson
Age: 19

Human Form:

Wolf Form:

Face Claim: Taylor Lautner

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Sounds good...you can start off.

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Seven had seen a flash of long legs walking through the woods. He was in his wolf form and he was hungry. He obviously didn't eat people but animals, yes. He needed to eat and then meet this girl. She was gorgeous.

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The scent, the scent of a vampire. He was wondering where that was coming from. He narrowed his eyes and inched closer, camouflaged with the trees.

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He lets and pins her to the ground. Instantly turning into human, unexpectedly. He lays on her, with nothing on.

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"Calm down!! I have no defense, I won't hurt you!!" He tries to calm her down.

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"I was going to feast on you, until I found out your a vampire." He got off of her and covered himself. "Any chance you have any clothes I can wear?" He asked

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"Well," he said revealing himself once again. "I guess you'll have to see me like this!"

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"Your stubborn!" He explains. "So...what now?"

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"Look, I feel bad! I can't just......" He hesitated, "leave you here!"

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"Fine..." He said, changing back into a werewolf and continuing his hunt.

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Seven sensed fear. At first he thought that it was nothing but then he heard snarling. He raced towards the snarling and tackled the stray werewolf. They growled and he finally clawed his throat.

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Seven sensed fear. At first he thought that it was nothing but then he heard snarling. He raced towards the snarling and tackled the stray werewolf. They growled and he finally clawed his throat in which he was dead.

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Seven finishes him off. He finally turns around and changed into human form. "What we're you thinking?"

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"Does that wolf, look like me??!" He shouts back, angry!

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He stepped closer, still bare. "It's ok, your safe know." He leaned against her, letting her feel everything on his body. "It's ok." He whispers in her eye.

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He calmed her down. "Are you ok?" He asks.

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"Your a vampire for goodness sakes, you could have finished him!" He said, defending her and trying to make her feel better.

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"What do you want me to do, to make you feel better?" He asked

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"Ok, bye then..." He took a step back and turned around getting ready to leave.

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"Why shouldnt I?" He asked, using his super senses to hear.

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"I will guide you out of the woods and that's all I would do..." He picks her up and uses his super speed to get her out of the woods. He sets her down next to her home and starts to leave.

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He transforms into a werewolf and runs off.

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Seven went a few days roaming the forest wanting to see her again, but had no luck. He hd to admit, he like her

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He stopped and watched her for a while secretly. He turned back into human form.

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Seven killed something real quick and walked up to her. Dropping the food down for her.

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"Go ahead." He said.

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"You should come with me...I'll take care of you." He suggests

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He carries her through the woods and into a small cabin in a meadow. He opens the door and lays her on a bed. He asks, "Would you like to bathe?"

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"Are you able to bathe by yourself?" He asks, looking at her with sorrow.

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"No your not, here, I'll help you." He picks her up with strong arms and sets her in the bathroom. He gets her undressed, amazed by her appearance.

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He couldn't help but to touch her body. Her private areas amazed him.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

"Sorry." He says and picks her up and sets her in the tub full of water. He cleans every detail of her body.

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

He wakes her up and drains the tub when he's done. He gets a towel for her and leads her to the bed.

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"Just sleep without clothes, I'll get you clothes tomorrow morning." He says.

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Seven looked at her with a confused face. "It's simple, just sleep without clothes!!" He got angry, he had made it clear the first time.

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"Im sorry." He apologized. He took her hand and led her into the bed. "Get some rest," he said. "You'll feel better..."

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"Are you going to sleep?" He asked.

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