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Course! Ok so Lady and the tramp for one...and then...hmm we could do another Disney movie or something??

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Ohh that too!! What if made the Lady and the other girl cousins?

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Ohh yeah! I like that one!! :) The one with the girl being a friend of the tramps! Which one would you like to be??

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Hahaha Ok!! :) So how old should they be??

message 6: by [deleted user] (new) college age???? ;) Ah I'm so excited!! :)

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Yeah!! Totally! Lemme find the perfect lady and wing man! ;)

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Ok for the guys I reccomend Theo James or the first one...they are just so dang attractive!!
And then the girls are all beautiful choices, but I think my favorite is Vanessa hudgens...hahahaha :)

Umm For the girls I think I'm gonna go with the last one! :) And then for the's a tie between guy with dog and Zac...haha

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Shes a youtuber!!! ;) And I think I am gonna do Zac!! hes just so beautiful

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Yeah, that sounds great to me!!!

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Ok, sounds good!! Good luck

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Hey!!! Ok so for the lady and the tramp I was thinking we could keep it kind of like the movie but like modern. So maybe she has a stepmom and she gets pregnant and um her dad ignores her and then she meets him and he makes fun of her because shes so naive and innocent?

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Yass!!!! I love that idea! So shes always the center of attention until now! And then maybe she could be like really upset one day and he decides to take her to a place that girls like her shouldnt go to get her mind off of things and she like...gets hurt? And he feels all bad?

Any ideas for the second one?

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Lady tells tramp to take her home?? And yeah, she did!!! So maybe my guy is one of the friends and he meets Um Trampette at like a party or something?

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Ohhh yas!!!!! And then Lad shows up to get Lady and shes already gone so he talks to Trampette and its like perfect!!! Ah I love it!!!

Haha thanks! :) It just like popped into my head

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Hahahaha thanks!!! :) Ok so heres what we got

Lady and Tramp:
-Lady finds out her mom is prego
-Meets tramp
-They talk and he teases her
-She leaves and gets upset when her dad blows her off..again
-He finds her and takes her to a party w/his friends
-Friend makes Tramp take Lady home

Lad and trampette
-Lad finds Lady missing from school
-gets worried about her
-leaves school and goes to the party
-meets trampette
-stays and talks

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Awesome!!!!! :) I am so excited!!! So how detailed should our characters be?

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Sounds good to me!!! :) I'll get started now!

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Oh my goodness I love them!!! :)

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Hahaha thanks!!! Do you wanna start tonight?

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Aw im sorry. Do you want me to post first and then you can reply when you can?

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Oh yay!!!! :) Hahaha of course!!!!!

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Yup!!! :) Gonna work on it now!

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Hey sorry I havent been able to get it up!!! It should be done by tonight hopefully!!

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Okay so do we want Hudson to come in later or from the very beginning?

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{and take your time! I took forever on mine..and I promise they will be better than that!}

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