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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Tada

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Isis | 6033 comments Yay!

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments =)

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Isis | 6033 comments Alrighty, so, characters?

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Yep simple or detail?

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Isis | 6033 comments Totally up to you.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments I like do simple because I can discover the character as I go along.

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Isis | 6033 comments Sounds good to me, you start and I'll follow?

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Okay mine will be up asap

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Name:Aaliyah

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Isis | 6033 comments Name: Vik
Age: 18

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments So do you want to start I can but I'm heading to bed and will post in the morning.

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Isis | 6033 comments I'll let you start, I think. I can wait haha. I've got a ton of homework to do.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Aaliyah was running as fast as she could through the woods. The wind was blowing hard. She had to get out of here. The only light was from the moon but it barely reached it the forest because of the thick over grown canopy. Her heart was beating fast as she stumbled along some rocks. She got up as fast as she could. She realized she was covered in dirt and blood mixture. She looked to where she was. Aaliyah saw that she was at a dead end. She looked behind her to see a pair of big yellow glowing eyes looking back at her. She let out a scream as the beast came running at her.

She heard a loud beeping noise. Her eyes flashed open as she saw her Alarm clock going off. She sighed as she realized it was just one of her nightmares that she had. She put her hand on the alarm to keep it from beeping. Nightmares after nightmares that's all she had since the attack by the wolf when she was a little girl. Her parents thought she was over reacting. She didn't like dogs or wolves. They were dangerous creatures that could kill you.

With that people thought she was weird because of that. She shook it off as she got up to get ready for school. Her car was in the shop because it wouldn't start. So she was stuck with the bus. As she went down the stairs. She ran to where the bus was suppose to pick her up at. She sighed as she saw that she was too late. She was going to have to walk to school.

She slowly turned towards school and started walking. She was upset. She didn't have much friends to call considering they would be still sleeping because they have cars. She would never get to school in time but she had to at least try to. School was about a few miles away more like ten. She didn't want to run because then she would arrive stinky and nasty. Kids would make fun of her even if she did.

No one was going to be nice enough to give her ride. After all no one would because she was a freak thats what people say at least. Unless if they were new but then they would pick on her in the end. She guessed that she couldn't win no matter what she did.

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Isis | 6033 comments Vik got in his truck and started off toward his first day of school, again. His family moved around often and this was about the millionth town he had been to during his life. His father was a military man, never home. His mother was the same. Luckily, he was an only child and there was no one to really take care of anymore. If he had been younger he would have starved to death by now as he hadn't seen his parents in almost two weeks. It was the usual these days. With every year he got older he saw them less. But, he was used to it and he was used to being the new kid This was nothing special.

However, he was driving along just in time to see something unusual. A pretty blonde girl had just missed the bus and was apparently preparing herself for the walk to school. He knew that it was at least three miles to the school from this part of town, if not more. At the risk of being incredibly creepy he pulled up next to her. The worst she could say was no, after all.

"Hey!" he called out his window "Miss! Do you need a ride? I'm going to the high school, if you're interested." He knew he probably sounded like a kid napper, but he gave her a reassuring smile to try and let her know that he wasn't. He had no intention of doing anything except saving her from a very long walk. But, if she wanted to continue walking, there was nothing he could do about it and that was fine too. He had to at least try, though.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Aaliyah looked down a little bit not sure what to do. "Your new aren't you?" She said. It was more of a rhetorical question because she knew he was new. She knew everyone at her school. She didn't want to ruin his chances of having real friends or even a girlfriend. She looked up at him. "No I'm fine I should get going." She whispered. Her feet pivoted and staring to her long journey to school. She did the right thing.

She bit her lip. She looked up at him again. "On second thought I would take that deal." She said with a smile. She wasn't going to let people control her life anymore. It was something she hated. "I hope you don't mind giving the school's freak a ride." She whispered. She walked to his door. She should of been running through the things he could be. She took a deep breath in. She put her hand on the front door and slide in.

"Thank you very much for helping me." She looked up at him now. She got a really good look at him. She looked at his blue eyes. He is really cute She thought to herself. She shudder at that the thought because she knew it would never work out. He would never have any real friends. She would hold him back. She stopped herself from thinking about this. She just meant him and she was thinking thoughts about dating him. She looked out the window.

Even through all this it felt like she was making friend. She knew it wouldn't last long. She would rather have a friend for a few seconds then for none at all.

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Isis | 6033 comments ((so sorry! I never saw this!))

"A girl as pretty as you could never be the school freak. There is no such thing, anyway. It's all in your perspective." Vik replied to her simply, starting up the truck again and heading off toward the school once she was safely in the car. "I'm Vik, by the way, and yes I'm new. I just got in from Arizona."

He glanced at her as he drove. She really was a pretty thing. Her blonde hair was especially stunning. Her skin looked incredibly smooth. She looked like someone you could really grow to like, and he was sure he would. "How's the school food?" he asked her just to keep the air from dying. "I brought some cash but I can't decide if I regret that or not. Maybe I should have packed something." He had been to schools with great lunch and he had been to some with terrible lunch. It was honestly his greatest concern for the time being.

He really couldn't figure out why she would think she was the school freak. As far as he could see she was perfect. Maybe a little too trusting, but that was the only issue he could see at all. She was pretty and she was polite, two things that already put her pretty high on the list of being great.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Aaliyah was going to tell him he was crazy that all the kids were rude to her and picked on her. She nodded her head some not paying attention to anything going around them other than the fact that they were moving. She wasn't going to listen to his remark that she was pretty. She looked down some. She didn't want to make his life horrible he can start over again and she wasn't the person who should help him with it. She looked out the window.

She notice he was talking to her. "Look I'm the school freak and you wanna know why because of somethings that happen when I was little. People like the girls you date make fun me everyone does because I'm a crazy chick." She said. She paused changing the subject. "I guess the food is okay. I mean I normally go to a dinner or stop at the gas station and find a nice quiet place on the school yard, but today since I don't have my car have to eat in the lunch room." She looked down her eyes widen in shock.

"You honestly think I think I'm a freak? I don't think I get told it every single day of my life." She felt insulted. She bit her lip. "Let me out here I want to walk the rest of the way." She said. She should of just walked to school instead of getting a ride with a complete stranger.

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Isis | 6033 comments Vik rolled his eyes. "Are you serious? I was just trying to be nice to you, but fine, you can go." He pulled over. "All I was saying is that if you stopped constantly telling yourself that you're a freak, maybe the others would too. But if you're going to act like I just did the same thing as everyone else, then you can go ahead and go. I'm sorry for trying to help you. I'm sorry for being nice. I'll work on it I guess."

He looked away from her and looked back toward the road, waiting for her to make her decision to leave or stay. He didn't care anymore either way. She was being the rude one here and he hadn't done anything wrong. She acted like he had slapped her across the face and then she had made assumptions about him. Who was she to assume anything? She didn't know a single thing about him.

Her one childhood issue wasn't what was making people dislike her anymore, it was her personality. She was very obviously pushing people away and passing her own judgments. She was being a hypocrite really. He wanted to just shake her and tell her that she was, but he refrained.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Aaliyah looked at him. "I don't call myself the freak they do." She whispered. "People don't hang out with me because they want friends. The bash people who help me and then the people who help me end up bashing me." She snapped. "So do I think I'm freak no but do they yes." She got out the car and started walking to school slowly. She looked down. She let the tears roll down her face. "That's what they always say." She whispered to herself softly. She didn't care if she was late. She was giving him a chance.

She wiped the tears off of her face. She took a deep breath. She was glad it was spring rather than fall because she would end up being cold. Her parents blamed it on her. Her friends did some things with her but most of the time ditched and her let off easily. She knew she wasn't a freak but everyone called her that. He was acting like it was her fault but it really wasn't her fault.

Thankfully she arrived on time to school. She didn't care if she was late but she was on time. Everyone was looking at her. One of the cheerleaders came up to her. "Awe did you miss the bus." She looked up and nodded her. "Well you know how Daddy owns the company they don't go that way anymore. Are you upset?"

Aaliyah was furious. No wonder she missed the bus. She kept walking passed her. "Wait did you hear about the new student I heard that he was really hot?" She said. Aaliyah looked at her.

"No I haven't but I'm sure he would love to date you." She muttered. She walked to her class and sat in the back trying not to draw attention. She put her head down as she heard laughs. They must be laughing at her.

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Isis | 6033 comments ((should we skip to lunch?))

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((yeah))

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Isis | 6033 comments Vik had spent most of his day so far avoiding the other students who had been gawking at him like he was a foreign creature. He guessed that they didn't get a whole lot of hew students in this area. Upon going to lunch he got in line, paid, and barely listened as a million different people talked to him in different directions. These people were mostly girls, of course, bragging about various things to try and impress him. He wanted to tell them all that he wasn't interested but he knew that would be pointless. Cheerleaders in particular were relentless.

He eventually broke away from the little crowd and scanned the room for a place to sit. Various girls waved for him to join them, but they weren't the girl he was looking for. Then, he found her. Her blonde hair gave her away, as well as her crouched posture over her food. There were some others at the table but they sat away from her like she was a disease rather than a person.

He walked straight over to her and sat across from her. Immediately whispers went up around the school. Mostly they felt bad for him for not knowing who she was, of course.

"Hey," Vik started, "I just wanted to clarify about earlier. I wasn't meaning that any of this was your fault, and yes, I do see that it's true. I was just saying that if you don't let them get to you then they'll move on. I've seen this happen before. It's happened to me before. You won't get everyone to back off, but it's good to have some confidence in yourself." He shrugged and started to eat his food.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments Aaliyah wasn't going to talk. She wasn't going to say anything knowing he was blowing his chances of having friends. She knew that. She figured if she ignored him he would go away and he he would have a chance. She looked up to see the queen of the school Calla walk to her. "I thought you said you didn't know the new kid." She said with a smile of a devil on her face. "Hi my name is Calla why don't you come sit over at our table away from Aaliyah." She smiled sweetly.

"I don't know the new." She whispered.

"That's great because you are a nice person giving people chances of having new friends." She said bright and cheery. Aaliyah was hoping she would go away. "I mean the stories were right you are hot its sad that this girl isn't in the in crowd or you would be allowed to date her." She said.

Aaliyah got up and throw her trash out. She wanted to curl in a ball and cry. She heard the laughs and felt the stares. She knew people hated her because of Calla.

"Thats more like it now she is out of the way we can spend some time together." She said.

Aaliyah went to the bathroom and sat on the floor crying. She wished that he could of stayed away and this would of never happened. He probably didn't even care that this happened to her. No one did the teachers,her parents, and even her friends. You can only take so much name calling before you actually believe the words that your hear. She believed everything that they said because she was used to it. No matter what nothing was going to change.

((Just to clarify we are doing plot three the red riding hood twist one?))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((I honestly can't remember. It might have had something to do with vampires? Awkward haha))

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((yeah um lol we here are the plots that posted pick the one that sound's familiar

(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)))

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Isis | 6033 comments Yeah I think I was thinking the fourth one, but we can do the third if you'd rather that. He's not exactly a jerk, but we can work with this I think.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((Yeah me too I don't personally care we could do either I do this we could work this one. Its up too I kinda setup her being afaird wolves but that change))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((You tell me :P ))

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((hmmmm we could just still with this plot unless if you want to do another one with the vampire))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((I'm fine with this one, though I guess he's not as much a jerk as he should be, just too honest))

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((I'm so sorry I didn't see this I thought I was waiting for you to reply but it was me I'm so sorry. Yeah this is fine so its your turn I think))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Oops! Thought I responded!))

Vik frowned and watched Aaliyah walked away. He felt bad for her, really, with all these people to make fun of her all the time. Unfortunately, there was nothing that he could do about it now. He sighed softly and looked at the other girl, Calla.

"Listen," he sighed. "You're pretty and all but I'm not interested. You come back and find me when you're done acting like a typical high school cheerleader, then we'll talk." He was starting to get mad now, and when he got mad he tended to get mean. "I'm not in the mood for all the drama that comes rapped up with you. Leave that poor girl alone and pick on someone your own size."

He stood, giving her a look that was bordering on disgust, then threw his food away and walked out of the cafeteria. He wasn't in the mood to eat anymore. He was sick and tired of the school drama, especially with the girls. He just wanted to have one relaxing day where people would talk to him like he wasn't new or attractive or anything else. He wanted to go without the attention and without everything else too.

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Cheyenne | 8883 comments ((No thats fine. Thats why I was making sure ))

Aaliyah walked out of the restroom. She wiped her tears off slowly. She didn't mean to start crying. She walked a little fast and slowly bumped into someone. She looked up to see it was the guy from earlier. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stain. She felt bad for crying. "I'm sorry." She whispered. She saw his eyes. She didn't want to move at all. "I'm sorry I did't see you here." She said. She looked down a little bit. She didn't want to get caught staring. She sighed a some.

She should move. "Don't you want to stay in the lunch room?" She asked. Her stomach was growling. "I mean you seem like someone who would go after her but this whole time you haven't seemed like the person everyone thinks you are. I mean thats good." She bit her lip as she caught herself rambling.

"I should be going I'm ditching the rest of the day." She felt sick and alone that the whole world was against her. No matter what she did everyone seemed to be against her. She sighed a little bit and looked down. She didn't know what else to do. She always felt this way and no one wanted to be her friend. "I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble today." She whispered. She couldn't move though.

She wanted to stay and make a friend. She wanted to be normal with friends. She didn't want to be afraid of dogs or wolves. She wanted to be normal but there was never the change of that happening ever. She looked down a little bit. "You never told me your name. I'm suppose you know mine is Aaliayh." She whispered softly. She was talking too much he would go away because of this?

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