A Hathaway Wedding (The Hathaways, #2.5) A Hathaway Wedding question

Please help :-)
Janandjohn Western Janandjohn Nov 04, 2014 03:41PM
Hi everyone,
I am trying to find 'A Hathaway Wedding' (The Hathaways, #2.5) by Lisa Kleypas. I believe that it is a 'free' downloadable novella. Unfortunately the link to it on the Goodreads website does not seem to be working? I am in the UK maybe this is why I am having problems finding it? I would be so grateful if someone could help me find it please.
Many thanks, Jan.A Hathaway Wedding

Hi there! go to lisakleypas.com...you can get the free ebook there.

Hiya out there. I'm sitting im Denmark, and I'm trying to find the FREE edition of Lisa Kleypas' "A Hathaway Wedding" - I want to be able to find it, print it on paper and reed the story holding it in my hand. But I can't find it. Please help me if you know how. Thank you! c",)
My email: x.moruch@yahoo.dk

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