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message 1: by Andres (new)

Andres Torrubia | 1 comments Hi,

My son is 9 y.o. and interested on DNA. As you can imagine his interest is more about how cool it sounds, etc but he's asked me to buy him about it.

Is there any book about DNA / genetics appropriate for a 9 y.o?


message 2: by Barry (new)

Barry Bensdorp | 1 comments Hi Andres
I realise you are probably looking for a non-fiction and science type book but if your 9 y.o wanted a fun read that had a mad professor dabbling in genetics, cloning and some other mad science then try out;
The Moon Boys save the world

Best of luck in the search.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

you might want to check out this list:

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