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E M M A  | 2243 comments Mermaid

Girl A- Baa
Girl B- Heather

Malibu, California
Zuma Beach

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criticaster | 908 comments
Name :: Nixie
Age :: She looks fairly young but numbers don't exist to her
Appearance :: joana gröblinghoff

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Personality ::
- gullible
- curious
- hesitant
- selfless
- childish
- intelligent
Likes ::
- fish
- water
- watching the humans
- collecting rocks/shells
Dislikes ::
- boats
- sharks
- receiving orders
- her merpeers/family

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E M M A  | 2243 comments [Name] Carter Drew O'Neill
[Age] 17
[Date of Birth/Place] July 26; Malibu, California

[Gender] Male
[Occupation] Student, Life Guard
[Ethnicity] American
[Languages] English


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FACE CLAIM: Sean Patrick O'Donnell

{Eyes} blue
{Hair} brown
{Weight} 187 lbs
{Height} 5'10


- food
- cute things
- imagination
- school

~ loyal ~ genuine ~ happy ~ sweet ~ understanding ~ active ~ determined ~ independent ~


# the ocean
# surfing
# beach volleyball
# family
# soccer
# California
# friends

*cloudy days


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E M M A  | 2243 comments Since I'm me and i love to narrate from the beginning, ill start from when he gets to the beach and then end off when he starts to drown and then your post can be her saving him!ill start on this post and you could start on the other one, if you want xD

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E M M A  | 2243 comments It was a gorgeous weekend in Malibu, with the sun high up in the early summer sky, the waves crashing down with salty sprays on the golden beaches. Seagulls circled the air and perched in the sand, eyeing visitors picnics hungrily. It was still early in the day, only nine in the morning, and Carter set out for the beach from his house just down a small hill and around a corner to his beloved beach. He was raised on these sands, practically lived in the surf. Every Saturday morning, he'd "sleep in" until eight, then head out for the beach at nine with his buddies. Today was no different. After a quick breakfast burrito, Carter grabbed one of his beloved surfboards propped up in the side yard, hopped on his bike, and made his way slowly down the road. Carter sat expertly on his bike seat with his white surfboard hugged to his side with one arm, while his other hand steered his handlebars without too much trouble. The gentle breeze whipped through his brown messy hair, and the arms of his black Billabong wet suit dangled from his waist. He was efficient and traveled only with his board, not caring for petty things like cell phones or his wallet. No towel was necessary, neither was footwear. In a matter of five minutes, Carter was coasting into the beachside parking lot cautiously minding the cars, heading for the usual lifeguard station.

At lucky number 13, where all the surfer kids from his school usually met up, the sands were still bare and there was no sign of anyone yet. Carter had come down early this time to the beach for a little time to himself, an opportunity to just relax and take in the sights. His bike had been walked on the beach leaving a tire trail behind, before he left it on its side in the sands. "Waves aren't too bad today... should get a little higher later," Carter observed, murmuring to himself as he stretched and yawned as he looked over the turquoise ocean. There was a small riptide, but nothing he couldn't handle. In his mind, today would be the perfect day out, finally as summer had rolled along. Endless days of being out on the beach, and he was ready. Carter tucked his worn surfboard under his armpit and trudged slowly onto the wet sand, finding the waters still a bit cold. Soon he was in ankle deep, knee, then chest. As each wave came forward, Carter naturally floated over them, avoiding the breaks. The waves were very mellow, only a few feet high. As soon as he couldn't touch the floor any longer, Carter hopped onto his surfboard belly first and paddled out to sea. When the ocean evened out enough, Carter sat on his bottom om his surfboard with his legs dangling in the water. He wasted no time and zipped up his wetsuit, scooping a handful of water here and there into the suit. The water layer inside his wetsuit would keep him warm later on. The cable was strapped to his ankle securely to ensure that he wouldn't lose the board to the sea, and then carter was set.

He hadn't noticed that the riptide had shifted directly down the coast to him, and swirls of dirt broke in the waves back at shore. The waves had gotten a little stronger, but he took it as the oceans pull lulling him along. The coast seemed to grow a bit more distant, and as Carter lay on his stomach just relaxing in the gentle toss of the ocean, and it wasnt until the buoys became more largely visible that he knew he was being pulled too far. Now, being that far out to see didn't mean too much for Carter, as he was quite experienced with the ocean. He had been deep sea diving, he had jumped from the boat and swam for fun a good three miles off the coast. The buoys wasn't a big deal. It was the riptide. It seemed to be that the ocean took a sudden turn, as he bobbed over the larger waves before they crashed dangerously heavy more inland. Carter paddled in a inward direction while going at angle, so as not to be sucked out further. Every swimmer knew that part. He was strong swimmer, hardly felt any fatigue. But after 15 minutes of struggling to get more inland? Nothing. Carter had drifted down shore to station 3, almost a mile away from where he had begun. He could see small dots in the distance, probably his friends wondering where he was. This wasnt good.

If panic hadn't instilled in Carter then, the main larger lifeguard tower could be seen by station 1. A man in red shorts displayed the warning to the public that today would be dangerous to be out in the water due to strong pulls and choppy waves. Even surfers as experienced as him didn't dare enter the waters when it was riptide hour. It didn't matter how strong of a swimmer you were, if you were out in the tide, you were toast. "Shit," Carter muttered under his breath as his heart rate picked up again. He was feeling rather exhausted and made the poor decision to slide into the cold water again, his elbows and forearms bracing himself on the board. The stupid lifeguard failed to see him as he waved an arm to let the dude at station 2 know that he was in the water, failing miserably as a rather rough wave pushed him under. Now, he was starting to be pushed back into shore by the wave, then sucked deeper as the water receded. What was he supposed to do? Wait here until the riptide stopped? Until the boat came around on its patrol? Until someone noticed? Carter, who was rather concerned about the swirling waters, fought the current for a while going up shore back towards where station 13 was, although the tide was moving south. Leaning on his stomach om his board and paddle kicking while trying to avoid the waves didn't seem to a work out so well, and within the first five minutes, Carter wiped out.

Waves usually came in threes, and Carter had already counted the third one. The fourth in succession came as a brutal surprise, as Carter was knocked sideways off his board and head first into the water. In the shock, it took Carter longer to become oriented right side up again, and when he resurfaced, all he could feel was sharp pains. He had thrown out his side eith the sudden blow from his left, and his nose had inhaled sea water. Spluttering and coughing, Carter whimpered as he reached under for his ankle. The velcro wrapped cord was still there, and his surf board was still under. It tugged him along as it sank at an angle, slicing downward through the water. Again, Carter was dunked back under as much as he fought the weight of his board. If Carter wasn't worried before, he was certainly done for now. His ankle was twisting with the forces, and the water all around him jostled and tossed him into somersaults in the salty cold ocean. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut and his fingers desperately grasped at the velcro around his ankle, fighting to undo the bond. At this point the expense or Attatchment to the board didn't matter. He just wanted to be back on land. Just when his lungs were about to burst, Carter was able to strip the velcro and pull himself free. He floated upwards very quickly with the help of flailing limbs, his blue eyes bulging open in panic as bubbles escaped his lips.

With a sudden splash, Carter was above the sea again, and hope was back. His chest burned so much that he could hardly breathe for several moments, almost blacking out without oxygen. His skin was pale from struggling and being in the cold for so long, and his normally red lips were turning purple. "Help-! He-elp! Please, somebo-" Carter was sharply interrupted as another wave crashed directly over him. It seemed to be that the sea wanted him dead. He shouldn't have underestimated the tides that morning. For a good while, Carter was convinced that it was because he had somehow sinned and offended god. He prayed silently in his head as his arms and legs sloppily failed at performing the simple swimming tasks, the waves disorienting him. By now, his energy had been drained and depleted. This was the end. It was painful to think of his sweet little sister, his brothers, his parents, his friends, his bulldog, and think of never saying goodbye to them. This thought, despite the icy temperatures that bit at his skin and the salt that fried his eyeballs, instilled a push of strength in him that helped him to regain some elevation, before mental exhaustion completely gave in. Carters body went limp, and with eleven feet below him and seven feet above him, he slowly bounced along in the waters push and pull. His eyes closed, and Carters lungs began to drink in the sea. His hair was a brown messy array, and his tanned face expressed nothing but an angelic peace.

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Nixie wasn’t supposed to be so close to shore that morning. Right now she should’ve been down in the caves, staying far away from the shoreline for it was much too dangerous once daylight strolled in. But what the others didn’t know was that the sun wasn’t a foe but a friend. Sure the night made it easy for her people to disperse and hunt without worrying as much about oncoming boats or the possibility of fishnets not that they approached those. And perhaps the moon reflected the waters in a way that made it nearly impossible to see through the blackened seas, but it was no match for the warm sun’s gentle caresses on the waves.

But the blonde wasn’t stupid; she remained under water and gazed up at the rising ball of fire from underneath the water’s surface, distorting the rays. It was so incredibly beautiful. She vowed today, as she did every other day, that one day she would touch it. She wasn’t able to reach now, but one day she’d be able to reach her arm through the sky and hold the sun in the palm of her pale hand. In the distance she could her Arabella, her sister, call out her name, no doubt searching for her. Nixie pretended not to hear, instead treading slowly through the waters, doing her best not to give away her position through the vibrations of her fins. Although she knew there was a slim chance they’d find her this close to the ocean’s surface.

The thin layer of small hairs covering her arms and back of her hair prickled uncomfortable as a surge of cold waters passed through. The ocean wasn’t peaceful this morning … what a shame. Nonetheless, she dared trek a little further upward, her heart pounding nervously at the thought of any oncoming boats; she’d learned that not all of them made noise and some even resembled debris when looked at in a certain light. Humans, master illusionists and crafters, they were. But the girl liked to think that she’d outsmarted them; she heard the boats before she saw them, giving her plenty of time to flee down in the ocean. And when there wasn’t a motor, she could often hear them speaking their language, a clear indicator that she needed to scurry back home into her cave in the ocean’s bed.

However today everything was particularly silent. Aside from the tides pulling her along gently, there was absolutely nothing and eventually Nixie was led to drop her guard. Her lids became heavy as her body was lulled into a light slumber, the faint heat breaking through the water all the more relaxing. Eventually she was awakened by a strong wave, the water’s pressure pushing her down rudely. With a flick of her tail Nixie was swimming upright, a frown etched firmly between her brows. Why was the water so moody today? It was annoying, especially when she’d come up near the surface in order to obtain some peace and quiet from her rude and demanding family.

It was the sound of urgency in a foreign voice that had Nixie panicking. Her eyes shot wide open and out of instinct she began barreling for deeper waters in quick tail strokes. However she found herself glancing upwards, catching sight of someone – a human – being kicked and pushed by the tides. What was he doing? Never had she seen a human dare to swim in these conditions before. Gradually she began swimming back up, completely aware that she was asking to be caught. But there was something about the way he was swimming that didn’t seem quite right; he was frantic, desperate. She watched him struggle at his foot that seemed to be connected to another limb or extension of his. Surprised by the sudden detachment, Nixie dared swim a tad closer until the boy began to fall closer to her. She began to retreat, thinking he was after her but she realized once more that he wasn’t chasing her but rather floating.

It wasn’t normal. Nixie approached him almost immediately after that, circling him multiple times before she finally dared reach out and touch him. It was a gentle touch, the very tip of her fingers brushing against the odd skin he was wearing. She hadn’t known humans could change skins. A sinking feeling in her stomach warned her that it wasn’t right for him to be this low in the waters; humans belonged on land and her specie were the ones meant to swim in these depths. Without much thought, she closed the distance between them and wrapped her slim fingers around his wrist and began pulling him along toward the shore. That was the right thing to do, right?

At one point she peered her head out of the water, pulling the boy up with her and made sure no humans were in the vicinity as she grew closer. When her tail touched sand while her head was still peering out, informing her that she was dangerously close to the shoreline, a soft gasp escaped her. She looked back at the boy who was still sound asleep and she let go of his wrist in order to wrap her arm underneath his arm and around his shoulder in order to haul him up on the shore. When she was close enough, she pushed his body as hard as she could. Luckily his body seemed to adhere to the dry sand, keeping him in place there.

Once she deemed him in a safe place, Nixie quickly retreated back to deep waters; however her eyes never left him. She stared at him intently, her skin tingling in the places where his skin had touched. She couldn’t believe she had just touched a human – a human.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Carter was unconcious to any movement, unaware of the mermaids gentle actions of heorism. A few times he was able to just open his eyes, and he could of sworn... a mermaid? Nah. He was going crazy. He was defunitely dead. He felt in his delirious state the sensation of being lifted upwards, of his ears popping multiple times till he thought they were bleeding, he felt all that- yet he couldn't quite place the out of body situation. He was rolled back onto shore minutes later, laying limply on the wet sand as the tide pushed him in in the gentle frothy bubbles. His body lay at a weird angle, his ankle completely bruised and a few others on his ribs and forehead where he hit his head on his surfboard. Noone was immediately visible, as in the morning, the lifeguard stations were occupied every five over, and guests didn't come this early in the morning when the beach was at its prime. Back at station 13, four of his surf mates were calling his cell phone repeatedlt, searching the waters for signs of their best friend.

His bike was there, and all of them knew that Carter never backed down from the waves. The riptide had to have gotten to Carter, but where was he? They all believed he still was somehow alive, floating somewhere down the shore... but where? A lifeguard taking a patrol down the beach caught sight of the pale boy washed up on shore, and chaos and calamity ensued. Backup was called, an ambulance was called, his parents were called. His friends had come to see the spectacle and wept in fear for their friend, who was reported to be slowly dying, that he wouldn't last much longer. Too much salt water had entered Carters lungs, and if he had been in the water for a minute longer, they literally would have exploded. Helicopters flew over the air, a news caster reported the scene, and public warnings were shouted all down the beach. Carter remained Unconcious for several more minutes, loaded into the back of the wailing ambulance as his friends looked on somberly. His closest buddy, Alec, rode along with them to the Malibu Creek Hospital in a flurry of lights at ten am. The nurse in the ambulance set to work to trying to pump the water from his lungs with some compressions and injecting fluids that would make him vomit the water in his stomach, hoping and scrambling for every last attempt that would bring the blue eyed boy back.

In the hospital, the doctors tweaked with Mr. O'Neill as they called him, before Carter shot upwards in the hospital gurney and choked up large masses of sea water. His eyes were wide as he sputtered like a fish out of water, hyper ventilating and spitting and coughing. His face was cold, clammy, and pale, and only minutes after being revived, he vomited. His body shook uncontrollably with the threat of pneumonia and what other illnesses, and the doctors quickly bundled him in blankets. Alec embraced his friend tightly and murmured soothing words to Carter that he didn't hear, his eyes distant as he shivered.

The doctor prescribed Carter on medication and declared that he'd be staying with them for another day just to make sure his systems were in function, and his parents and family arrived within the next twenty minutes of his awakening. All the while, Carter felt too ill to say much at all. His body burned, his ankle was wrapped in a cast, and he just felt too cold. A headache constantly pulsed in his temples, and he couldn't shake the sensation of being tossed in the waves over and over and over again. How could he have been so stupid to not notice the riptide? Why had he rushed into the water, gone so deep, failed to pay attention to the shift in sea? Most of all... how did he survive? Carter kept seeing that girl in flashbacks of his, and his empty stomach churned uncomfortably. That girl... could she have...? He did remember an arm lifting him from the sea, and then that mermaid had been there as well, so it only made sense in his nind. Then again, the salt water could have been going to his head, and he was mentally gone. Carter constantly contemplated what saved him that day as he sat surrounded by family and friends, all crying that their beloved was still alive in such a circumstance.

Carter could go home the next day even though he still felt a little funny. His mother absolutely refused to let him go out to the ocean anymore while he recovered for another two weeks, but her words couldn't stop him. Cast or not, surfboard or not, sick or not- he needed to be where he felt most at home. The second morning home, Carter had snuck down to the shore limping at six am, huddled up in sweatpants and a blanket as he walked along the peaceful foggy roads. He found himself at the beach and sat in the sand for hours, staring listlessly over the water. Who was she? Would he ever see her again? Was she really a mermaid, or was he just crazy? It only made sense the more he thought about it. Maybe he just wanted it to be true. The lifeguard proclaimed in the case that he found Carter washed up on shore, that he was simply laying there in the tide, with no one around for miles. Any decent human who rescued him from the water would bring him to help, not just leave him there. A mermaid couldn't leave water. Maybe- Carters thoughts were cut off at nearly eleven am.

"Carter Drew-! Honey, I told you to stay home! You had me worried sick, young man!" His mother's protective and shrill voice mixed with tears and worry sounded behind him, and soon a pair of arms enveloped him. "Are you okay, love...?" She murmured agaisnt his forehead, embracing her son lovingly while his father looked on from the car a few hundred feet away. "Im fine, mom, really..." Carter answered with a sigh, feeling heavy in spirits. He had cheated death, and it was rather difficult to overcome such a trauma. He wasnt afraid of the sea, he wasn't afraid of drowning. He just wanted to know... what happened. "Come on baby, let's get you back home, it's still chilly out," she offered apologetically, hating to see her son so dejected away from the waves he loved so much.

The next several days were miserable for Carter, and his health seemed to maybe even disimprove, rather get worse, as he was kept inside to recover from a mild case of pneumonia and a cold. He missed his surfboard, and even cried over it. The thing hsd been his since he first started surfing- he'd never get it back. Ever. Not in one piece, anyway! His friends attempted to console him by bringing food and playing video games with Carter, but nothing could quench his desire for the sea. When his cast finally came off and the doctor deemed him cured from illness, Carter wasted no time getting back into a wetsuit. He fell back into his usual routine of morning surf, except he always waited until he was with a group, and asked that the lifeguard move down two stations to watch over them. It was another peaceful morning, and this time there was fewer of them in the water. One had some kind of family camping trip, and another two had been grounded for sneaking out to a party. Three left including Carter. Today, the sea was mild again, and the boys spread out on their own to be allowed space to think and relax. Of course this time, Carter was more vigilant. He looked back to he tower often to make sure the lifeguard wasn't signaling them to come out, and if the tide so much as shifted the slightest, he was back on the shore. Carter often thought about the mermaid in his flashbacks, sometimes even willing her to appear in the water beside him. He drifted on a new surfboard that hardly could even compare to his older one, a sleek black one with white designs he wasn't sure he liked. He was in a black wetsuit with neon trim so maybe it would be easier to find him if something happened, and Carter stayed relatively close to shore.

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Nixie had stared at the boy right up until she spotted another human. She’d fled as fast as she could then, all the way back down into the depths she called home. However she’d quickly wished she’d remained up in the shallows because the sight she was greeted with was nothing short of unpleasant. Arabella raced toward her, a cold glare glazing her eyes. Her sister wrapped her fingers around Nixie’s wrist and wrenched her downward further until they were home. Their other sister, the eldest, wasn’t back from the travels she’d gone with two other mermaids but she wasn’t the one to be feared.

“Where were you?!” She demanded, speaking in her native tongue which couldn’t be picked up by any current underwater recording devices. Nixie crossed her arms across her bare chest, unable to keep from rolling her eyes, as if her sister was acting dramatic.

“I was fishing,” She replied easily, the lie almost as natural as swimming. She held her sister’s gaze intensely, refusing to be put down; she’d grown out of her child phase many moons ago, she wasn’t to be treated as such.

“Where’s your catch?”

“I didn’t catch any.”

“You were by the surface, weren’t you?”


“Don’t lie to me!” Arabella reached across and shoved Nixie angrily, jabbing a finger against her chest soon after. “You know how dangerous it is and you know what could happen if they see you.” If the rage couldn’t be heard through the soft voice, it could be see in her face; he normally green eyes were black as stone, her pale skin had taken a pinkish tone and, if Nixie looked hard enough, she could spot the beginning of what she was sure were scales peppering across her cheeks; defensive armor. “Need I remind you what those monsters do to our kind?”


“They snatch us,” She began, uncaring that she’d interrupted her. “They’ll snatch you in their deadly nets, pull you up and there … well, you know how the story goes.” Despite how ridiculous Nixie thought the story was, she couldn’t but shiver at the thought. It was an unpleasant one, to say the least. She’d heard all about the horrors humans had done to fish and turtles, there was no doubt what they would do to her kind would infinitely worse. She wasn’t going to lie, the horrors her older siblings had told her as a youngling had once scared her to the point she refused to leave the cave; the good days those must’ve been for her siblings, but those were no more.

See, Nixie liked to think that she knew more than they did. She knew that the humans weren’t exactly … aware of their existence and if they did they were hardly interested. Staring into her sister’s stony eyes, she wasn’t able to help a gentle smile from lifting the corners of her lips. The gesture had Arabella snarling and turning away but it didn’t bother her. Nixie wanted to tell her sister so badly that she had touched one of the humans that he hadn’t fought back. She wanted to tell him that he’d fallen asleep in the water and she had helped back onto shore where he belonged. She wasn’t hurt; she’d made it back safe and sound. But somehow the words couldn’t quite roll off her tongue, probably because she’d never be allowed to wander alone without supervision ever again.

In the following days, Nixie stayed away from the surface as to keep her sister from becoming suspicious. However on the fourth day she wasn’t able to help herself anymore and, one night, she ventured off to the surface once she made sure none of her sisters were trailing behind her. That’s when she found it; the boy’s third limb. It was floating right above her head. In all honesty she hardly knew how she’d even deduced it being his exactly. She simply seemed to know.

Nixie swam up eagerly and prodded her head out from under the water to marvel at the extension. She dipped back under and searched for the attachment she’d seen the boy wear around his ankle and soon found it. She cupped it in her hands gently, fingers running over the fabric with fascination. Fingers wrapping around the handle, she soon found herself resting her torso on top of the limb, a feeling of giddiness coursing through her body.

Did the boy miss his third limb? She had to find him and give it back! After all, she couldn’t claim it as her own, now could she? A little saddened by the thought, Nixie dragged herself off of the platform and slowly began dragging it back to the closest shore seeing as the object floated, thus unable to come down with her. She pushed it up on the sand before swimming away.

The days seemed to blur by until Nixie found him again. Every once in a while she’d wander back up to the surface and spend a small amount of time searching for him, only to give up and return home. But today was different. There he was, sitting on another limb which had her wondering just how many these humans had in the first place. However she was much too excited to stay and dwell. She raced back to the shore where she’d left his previous extension, faraway from most human activity. And then she forced it down under the water and raced back to him, struggling to keep the limb from floating back up.

But eventually she did, and the surfboard peeked through the water and splashes quietly on top of the surface. Nixie carefully poked her head out, fingers barely touching the limbs – it had to be a limb, right? It had been attached to the boy, after all. She wasn’t sure if she had the boy’s attention but she pushed the thing in his direction, watching the waves do the rest of the work as it glided in his direction. Nixie stayed where she was, unable to keep her eyes off of him. All she could think about was the black skin she’d touched last night, the one he was wearing right now and how it had felt against her own.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Carter was oblivious to the mermaid who appeared in the waves coming towards him, his eyes partly closed as he drifted along on his new stiffer surfboard. He hated it. He just felt nothing but sorry for himself, now alot quieter than his normal self. That drowning had changed him somehow, for some reason it had made him angry inside. He wasnt supposed to live through that. He was a miracle case, but Carter still was in slight shock. something like that would never happen again, God couldn't be that gracious. Today the tides rolled along underneath him alot more clearly, and no riptides were visible in the waves. It was an actually pretty relaxing day again, only Carter felt extremely uptight and worried about every little jostle of the sea. He wasnt sure he could surf anymore, be out here on the very waters that brought him under, strangled him. His ankle was still a little sore, and he never forgot how the ocean looked from ten feet under. Nature wasn't a force to be reckoned with, it wasn't one you could take for granted. One moment it was your friend, buoying you up, then the next, it sucked you down into its dark abyss.

He sat on his surfboard for a good while waiting to catch a wave back more inland s he had started to drift again, but a sudden figure bobbed up beside him. So did his precious surfboard. His baby. The girl, he recognized as the one from his flashback. The girl with a fish's tail. Carter didn't dare breathe as he stared at the girl floating with him in the rolling motions of the sea, his bright blue eyes transfixed in awe. He wasnt sure what more to be excited about, his surfboard or the appearance of who he was certain had saved him. Carter tore his eyes away momentarily to quickly check the surroundingd, fearful that someone would see. "Y-y-you-!" Carter stammered, breathing unsteady as the flashbacks and sensation of drowning repeated again. The girl was beautiful, perfect with her fair skin and blonde locks that hung at her fragile shoulders. By what he could see, this girl definitely couldn't be human. "You saved me... and my board...! You..." Carter babbled helplessly. He was confused, delirious- maybe he was just a little crazy. No! The girl was actually in front of him, alive, in the flesh! Carter reached an arm over to grasp the cord of his old surfboard in his fingertips, sighing with relief on inspection. Not much harm had been done, just a scratch here and there. The girl was still staring at him with wide innocent eyes, too curious for her own good. Looking into her eyes proved it for Carter, it was then that he was assured that the girl was not of his kind.

"Why...? Why did you... save me?" He asked softly, raising his voice to be heard over the waves. It would have been ideal for him to just thank the girl and be on his way, but Carter wasn't that kind of person. Especially not after what had happened, he was so skeptical, he couldnt believe anything. If he even mentioned his flashback tj anyone, they'd book him in to a mental hospital. Mermaids weren't real! It was just an old wives tale, one that helped movie producers quite nicely. Sometimes they were depicted as evil beings, with sharp claws and beady eyes and fangs, but the girl who stayed a few feet away didn't fit the description. She was beautiful, if he had to say, and there was nothing evil about her. She looked on with kind intent, slightly smiling when he had been reunited with his surfboard. He was touched by her kind actions to save what was dear to him and also bring it back, but a bit... creeped out. Had she been watching him from below? Was she just distracting him from the other mermaids, and all of them would attack at once? He'd seen that in a movie before. Yet... nothing but good intent was written in those eyes. It was like... he could trust her. Somehow.

It was about the time that the waves began to pick up, and in an hour or so, they'd be just right for surfing again. For now, Carter let himself drift atop his surfboard, which coasted over the rolls. His other board floated beside him, occasionally tugging him back with every wave behind them. The girl had either swam closer or the tide pulled them together, to the point where Carter could almost touch her. And he did. Ever so slowly, Carter reached out a single hand in curiosity towards the girl, his heart pounding. If his fingers went through and the girl disappeared, he was insane. Insane. Mad. Crazy. To his relief yet astonishment, he felt the girls smooth skin brush under his finger tips. Carter quickly dropped his hand after verifying that this was in fact his mermaid, the one that pulled him up from the ocean floor. His savior. "S-sorry," Carter murmured under his breath, staring at his fingers to see if touching the mermaid had done anything funny to his skin. Nope. Looking back to the girl, he briefly saw the flashing scales of a tale below the surface, before it was hidden again from sight. This was actually happening. He was in the ocean... with a mermaid. A real one.

"Hey- what's your name?" Carter whispered softly, fearful of any of his curious friends swimming over to meet his new friend. Hopefully she'd pass off as another surfer, since there were two boards and all. Carter lay on his stomach to be closer to the water and also to be ready for any wave that pushed. He kept his eye frequently on the oncoming surges, paddling quickly into them and disappearing with the surfboard he was on into the wave before resurfacing on the otherside. Then he'd look around frantically for his mermaid, try to pull his old surfboard close to him again while staying atop the new one. She was always there, watching. Carter adjusted his wetsuit and dragged a few fingers through his hair, the roaring crash of the waves back on shore and the cry of seagulls ringing in his ear.

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Fear-stricken by the boy’s loud exclamation, Nixie’s blood ran cold and she lowered her head into the water until the bridge of her nose and everything below was hidden, leaving nothing but her big eyes and soaked hair in sight. Had she done something wrong? Her eyes were unable to break away from his, almost paralyzed with fear that if she looked around she would find that he wasn’t the only one looking at her. He didn’t look mean or threatening as her sisters had described back when she’d been little. He seemed to reflect what she was feeling; astonishment.

And he was very pretty.

The thought flustered her and she wasn’t able to meet his eye anymore. Nixie’s gaze fell on the waves, feeling a slight warmth churn in the apples of her cheeks. And then he was speaking again but she couldn’t understand him. Though she did realize that maybe it was his way of expressing his confusion? His thanks? To Nix, his words were part of a melody to a song she had yet to learn. It was so beautiful, enchanting even. She didn’t want him to stop making those noises. Maybe it showed on her face because he did it again, and something close to amusement swam in her blue irises.

He was nothing like she’d been told in the stories. She found him quirky and intriguing and incredibly dashing. Even if she couldn’t understand him, Nix couldn’t help but feel as if he was questioning her. His expression seemed perplexed and, like the water did to the sun, she reflected the look of confusion. So intent on deciphering every colour in his eyes, she hardly noticed the tides dragging her closer to him until she could count the hairs on his eyebrows and she could smell him. Well, she could smell that he wasn’t from the sea.

Now, she knew she was delirious. Nixie knew, more than anyone, that this was far too dangerous and that she should be retreating back into the depths of the ocean and never think of resurfacing again. However, even as she watched with wide eyes as his hand reached out, closing the small distance the water between them, she couldn’t find it in her to move. Just like the time she’d touched his skin long ago, his touch left her tingling with wonder. However this time it was different, his skin was warm, he was awake and staring right at her.

“Hey-what’s your name?”

The question resonated in her mind as he dropped his hand back to his side and Nixie frowned. She parted her lips, as if she was about to speak, but she hadn’t the slightest of clues what he’d just asked of her. “Na … me.” The word was terribly unfamiliar on her tongue and it was clear she had absolutely no clue what he was saying. “Na-me,” She repeated softly concentrating on making the syllable flow together but she couldn’t. However the sharp sound of someone’s laughter in the distance startled her out of concentration. She jerked her head to the side and spotted a figure in the distance making their way closer and Nixie was gone in a flash, the shimmers of her translucent red tail disappearing beneath the surface.

“Yo, Carter!” Ethan called out to his friend, paddling closer to him with his board. When he was close enough his gaze fell on the familiar board floating beside Carter and his eye sgrew wide. “Isn’t that the board you lost?” He asked, sitting up on his own surfboard. “Where the hell did you find it? It’s been weeks.” There was a smile on his face, obviously happy for Carter, but there was no denying the curiosity in his voice. He had come to check on Carter seeing as it’d been awhile they’d all separated and, well, it was better to be safe than sorry.

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With clear blue eyes deep and sparkling like the sea, the mermaid was absolutely stunning. She was like a goddess of some kind, with perfect pale blonde locks that hung in wet strands over her shoulders. The rest of her wasn't visible, except for the occasional flash of a shimmery red tail coated with scales. Mermaids. Just the word made his stomach flip, the tales and all the rumors in the news about the mysterious sea creatures. Nobody ever believed mermaids to be true, and those who had actually encountered them had been ridiculed. No, no! Mermaids were real, and this one, she was a real beauty. Carter began to think what he would say, if he would say anything at all about how he believed she was the one who had saved his life, the one who rescued his surfboard from God knew where. Nobody would believe jim, he could see it now, and they'd probably not take him seriously. It was like saying he had seen the tooth fairy, or Santa Claus. It just simply wasn't going to be believed, no matter how hard he tried. The girl would just have to stay in his mind for now, and the word mermaid wouldn't be said. Ever. He couldn't tell anyone. The drastic opposite possibility was that the discovery of a mermaid in Malibu would attract hundreds of hunters, collectors, scientists, fishers- all who would scour the ocean and try to find the girl. What a way that would be to repay someone who had brought him back from the dead! And so it was decided that the girl would remain a secret- just for now.

Carter was mesmerized, lost in his thoughts, when a wave gently pushed him off his new board. He disappeared only momentarily before resurfacing, coughing and spitting angrily off to the side. He really needed to pay attention more. Carter was able to grasp onto his old board while lying face down on his stomach on the newer surfboard, letting the waves carry him down the shore. The ocean was mild, the sky was blue and clear, and the water was warm and kind to him. Water trickled down the side of his face, his dark brown hair messily arranged on his head. His bright blue eyes studied the girl in arms distance with great interstate and curiousity, his body posture relaxed as they just simply stared at each other. As each wave came along, they'd be broken from.their little trance, only to be drawn together once they swam through the other side. He could hear Ethan and Zeke's hollers in the distance, their words muffled by the crashing water on the shore. They were probably calling for Carter and would come looking for him, but he only wished to be with the mermaid. Alone. He had so much to ask, so much to say. So much, that he hardly could speak. Flashes of his drowning came with recognizing the girls face every time, and it only squeezed at his nerves and sanity. He almost died, and this girl had saved him. She had pulled him from the depths of water when he was nearly dead, and put him to shore so the lifeguard could find him. How was he ever going to repay her? Money would never be of use to the sea maiden, he couldnt buy her things that would be destroyed with the oceans elements. He wasnt even sure if she spoke English.

His suspicions were confirmed and his heart dropped, seeing the girls delicate eyebrows scrunch up in confusion over her eyes. Her pink lips moved and mumbled, sounding out words. Carter strained his hearing to listen, eager to hear her voice, something, anything from her. He almost forgot how to breathe hearing her sound out a simple, one syllable word, her voice hesitant yet beautiful. A singing voice, it had to be. Carters own face softened with sympathy as the girl puzzled over the simple question, a small smile on his own lips with her struggling effort. "Y-yes, name," Carter repeated softly, his heart melting. She was so naive... and she couldn't speak his language. How would they ever converse? How would he ever express his gratitude? How would he ever find out more about her? He had to think about the situation in terms of speaking to a young child. Maybe... he could teach her the language. It would take years, probably, but... he was intrigued by this young hero. He had to find out why she had helped him, why she even bothered with his surfboard. Why was she here? Didn't she have better things to do? Friends to... swim with...? How did she find him? In all of his years in the ocean, never before had he seen mermaids, or even any traces of them. No tails, no scales, no mysterious beautiful girls in the water. Just a bunch of seals and sand crabs. Were there more? Were they migrating? What languages could they speak? Carter felt like his head was gonna blow over with questions.

"Name, you know? Your name," Carter gestured helplessly, fighting to remember how he had helped his sister when she was still a toddler how to talk. Her eyes changed to defensive mode however, hearing Ethan's distinguishable laughter close by. Carters head snapped to follow the girls gaze behind him, and he sighed heavily. Why did ethan have to come at the wrong time? He almost considered shouting at Ethan to go away, or sending him back to shore with his new board so he could ride his old one. Anything, so he could talk to the girl. At least her name! Carter turned back to where the mermaid was, or rather... had been. "Wait!" He frowned, staring down with confusion into the empty water. She was gone. Gone, and he never knew if he'd see her again. Gone. Just like that. Carter, defeated, was on the verge of breaking down and crying, throwing himself in the sea just to make her come back. Ethan whooped a greeting to his friend dodging the waves and bobbing over them, grinning ear to ear. "She's gone, you idiot!" Carter wailed half heartedly, sighing dejectedly. For someone who was normally in high spirits, Carter felt pretty upset and angry. It wasn't Ethan's fault, yet he wanted to blame him. Punch him, smack him. "W-who's gone...?" Ethan asked, puzzled. His green eyed friend looked around warily, nervous to see Carter so upset. "Nothing, just a fish," Carter grumbled without missing a beat.

The two ducked under water with their boards while the wave washed over them, and the two came up for air again. Ethan mentioned his surfboard to bring back the mood, feeling a little bad for Carters loss of his precious little fish. Ethan was dumber than his bulldog who ran into walls, so lies went clear over his head all too often. Carter brightened at his comment, attempting to cover up for his snap. "Yeah, just saw it floatin' round over here, thought I'd come get it," Carter grinned ear to ear. If he felt sorry that he couldn't thank her enough, his face didn't show it. "C'mon, let's get back to 13," Carter nodded, jerking his head back to where they had come from. They had drifted nearly five stations dowm, which was pretty normal. He just was still a little careful that he never traveled too far, so no one last track of him again. With three surfboards, the two boys maneuvered slowly but surely back to station 13 where zeke was already on the sand laid out on his back, a towel covering his face. By this time, a few visitors sprinkled the beach here and there with their boogie boards and umbrellas. Zeke had been ecstatic seeing Carters long lost surfboard, and the mermaid disappeared into the back of his mind as the three ambled on the beach towards Ethan's house. All the while though, every blonde girl had looked somehow like the girl in the sea, with her delicate petite festures, her musical voice...

The next morning, Carter had a plan. It involved him awakening at 6 in the morning during summer vacation, but it was no matter. After a restless night with thoughts plagued with the mermaid and the sea, he realized what he needed to do. He had to go back again, this time alone, he had to find her. She had to be along station 13, maybe her people lived a little further in to the ocean. Carter wouldn't go that far out in the fog, but he'd sit there, wait, hope to catch her eye. Maybe she traveled along the shore often, maybe they'd find each other again. Carter brushed his teeth, slipping into a pair of board shorts and the same gray wetsuit he had drowned in, and slung a towel over his shoulder. His movements were quick and stealthy, and the morning chores were quickly taken care of. The dog was taken out and fed, his breakfast of a bagel and granola bar was inhaled. To his luck, nobody from his family had awaken. And so, at seven, Carter snuck out the back door for his well worn surfboard and his bike, and Carter was off. Nobody knew his plans, which was a hazard, but Carter had left a note on his bed saying that he was out at the beach with his friends. It wasn't unusual for his morning to be like this, the only thing suspicious would have to be why he had woken up early. Carters bike glided easily and quietly on the back streets towards the beach, the roads foggy and dense. Just the breeze and precipitation in the morning air made him shiver. In no time at all, he was at the shoreline, his surfboard tucked purposefully under his armpit. He dipped his ankles in the receding tide and bit his bottom lip, swearing softly under his breath as the water levels rose. It was frigid. Freezing! He had never really bothered to come into the water when the sun didn't shine, so the temperature came as a shock to him. Soon, Carter was belly down on his surfboard letting the mellow waves roll under him. "Come on..... name, na-ame," Carter whispered, his blue eyes searching the water hopefully. He figured saying name would be a familiar word for the mermaid, but then a thought occured to him. She was probably still asleep. Fish slept, all animals did, so it was only natural that she would be. God, he was such an idiot! He would have been out here for nothing! Carter mumbled under his breath and turned his board around, deciding instead to have an early morning surf day. He couldn't do much with the tide at the moment, and he eventually put his board in the sand back at shore and bodysurfed the little baby waves for a good majority of an hour. Nothing still.

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