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((This is the 50 mile long expanse of pure field in front of Hyrule Castle. It also stretches out to the east of the Castle. This is a role playing location.))

Hyrule Field

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Horace walked along the trail, his armor clanking with each step as they hit the dirt road. He had been travelling for quite a while, and it had been a long time since he had reached a source of water. He was parched, to say the least.

Hearing the sound of water, his spirits lifted, running at full sprint, he reached the river in no time. Kneeling down, he took off his helmet and began to drink.

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Call me Random | 58 comments ((Mind if I bring in Hideaki?))

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((Go ahead.))

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hideaki had just wander into this new field. He had been nearly a lot of places but haven't written them down on a map. He found a nice shaded tree and sat down beneath it. He glanced up at the clouds floating above his head.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer was sitting against a large rock, writing in his log, he liked to keep track of his activities on each day. he soon heard noises of armor go by him and down the hill, he slowly stood up and turned to the other side of the rock to see someone down at the river.

Mercer picked up his stuff and stood on the hill top, looking at the new individual, wondering if he or she was a cultist or not.

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Horace stood up, wiping his face off. Looking around, he saw someone sitting under a tree off in the distance. Quickly, he shoved his helmet on. Somebody seeing his face was the last thing on his mind.

Turning around, he noticed another individual on the hilltop. Horace kept his hand on his sword hilt, but did not draw.

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hideaki started to feel sleepy, and he rested his head on the tree trunk.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer noticed when the armored one looked up to him and when he moved his hand to his sword. He still didn't notice the person under the tree yet, but he he did put his hand on his sword and slowly walk down the hill. putting his mask on as he walked and his hood up.

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Horace saw him put his hand on his hip, and saw the shine of the sword. What was going on? He thought. Horace decided to test and took his hand off his sword.

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki flinched, thinking he heard the sound of a sword unsheathing. "Maybe I'm just tired," he muttered to himself. "Yeah, yeah, that's what it is. I'm imagining things. I mean, this field is so vast. Who else would be here?"

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Diź (dimal) He continued his walk, taking his hand off his sword as he saw the other person had done. he stopped a few feet away from him and just watched, wondering if he would do anything

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 47 comments Lelouch sat at the bottom of the stream as he watched the situation above him fold out. The only one who would have posibliy noticed him was the one in the helmet. If it was to break out into a fight he would break it up. The only thing that caught his attention in the first place was the knight's face.

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Diź (dimal) mercer stood there for about another minute before speaking up, "ahem, who are you?" he asked, "some wondering knight?" he said in a almost mocking tone. walking a bit more closer to this armored man, his arms crossed behind his back, he stopped a few steps in front of him

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"One should introduce himself before asking for the name of another," Horace replied. The man looked polite, as he had taken off his sword when Horace had, but Horace still didn't want to take any chances.

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Diź (dimal) he simply shrugged, "sure, my names Mercer" he replied, giving a slight formal bow. he may have been a pirate but he still had manners, "now it's your turn" he said

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Call me Random | 58 comments ((Updated Hedeaki's profile, and if you're too lazy to look at his profile, he's my profile picture.))

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Diź (dimal) ((cool :) ))

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"Horace Volaire," he said, returning the bow respectfully.

"What brings you across Hyrule Field?" Horace asked.

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Diź (dimal) "I'm on my wat to the castle, Hyrule castle" he said, "i stopped to take a rest for a few hours and now im here" he replied to him.

he figured he would the guy that much information and that much only, he still didn't know if he was a cultist or not and he didn't expect him to just tell him right out if he was, so he decided to show a bit of casual trust but too much of it

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Horace noticed that this man was going to the same place he was, but the fact was, he didn't even know if this Mercer was a cultist or not. He was about to ask up front, when he noticed somebody running towards the two, coming from Horace's right. Distracted, he looked at the figure, but as he got closer, Horace's eyes went wide (of course, nobody could see it).

"Cultist!" Horace shouted, tackling Mercer to dodge the incoming fireball the cultist had just launched.

"For Kovos!" The cultist shouted.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer was a bit disoriented, he didn't exactly expect that. he turned his gaze on the cultist, then he shoved Horace off of him a quickly rolled backwards to stand up.

The cultist continued to shoot fireballs at them, Mercer took out his sword and countered some with it and dodged the others.

The cultist was a ways away so Mercer couldn't get him with his sword, so with a movement of his arm he moved the water in the river next to the cultist in a wave to cover him and with another movement the wave dragged him into the river.

Mercer relaxed some but was taken by surprise as another fireball came out nowhere and hit him, sending him flying a few feet, but not unconscious.

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Horace leapt up quickly. Taking account of the situation, he noticed there wasn't just one cultist.

"Damn. There's more of them."

Running towards a cultist and dodging his fireballs, he leapt up and brought his sword, cutting deep into the man. Switching targets, he ran towards the river and shoved his sword into the river, impaling the man's head.

Spinning around, he threw his sword and killed another. Retrieving his sword, he got into his ready stance and waited for what was to come next.

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki's eyes widen when he heard some shouts. He stood up and peeked from behind the tree and saw the battle unfolding in front of him. He wasn't sure what to do. He wasn't a fighter.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer stood back up and rushed over to the last two cultist on the battlefield, he ran past the first one and ran the second one through with his sword then turned around and pulled his sword out of the man to decapitate the other.

he then used his magic to pull the other cultist back out of the water and as he squeezed his fist locked him in a block of ice, his head out to get air, and he walked over to him.

"i can get some nice information out of you, if not that you'll be good prisoner to the Hyrule nobles and they can get the information out of you" he said in a cold grim tone as he sheathed his sword

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki gasped as he witness one of the swordsman dragged one of the cultist in the water and freeze them.
"Ok get it together, man," he sputtered as he ducked behind the tree. "You-you're just dreaming, OK?" he smacked himself in the face.

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Horace rushed over to Mercer. "So you are Resistance?" He asked Mercer.

Sheathing his sword, he put his hands on his hips questioningly.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer just continued to look forward, turning his head slightly to Horace, "yeah, yeah i am" he told him and went back to his prisoner. he then used both of his and slowly lifted the block of ice into the air, after leaving it there for a few seconds he walked with it to his stuff and picked up his pack, "im guessing your resistance too then" he finally said, not in the way of a question but more like a fact

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"Yeah, I am."

Looking around he noticed a figure moving by a tree not far off.

"Hey. There might be another cultist," Horace said, moving towards the figure by the tree.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer had picked up the rest of his stuff and decided that he would let Horace handle this if it was another cultist hiding around. but he did follow a bit behind him, letting the ice float next to him as he walked to see what was behind the tree

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Looking around the tree, he saw a man smacking himself in the face, which made Horace question the man's sanity.

"Uh ... Mercer? I don't think this guy will be much of a threat," Horace said confusedly.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer sighed i announces, "disappointing, but oh well" he said, he always liked fighting and that fight earlier put him in a fighting mood, but now he was calming down from it.

"looks like he's either a child or he might be Kokiri" he said, a little interested but not too much "and with that, I'll be on my way to the castle" he turned around and started his walk

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"Wait a minute," Horace pleaded. "That was some exceptional fighting from you, and even though I usually work alone, I was wondering maybe if I could accompany you to the castle, at least until then. It would be a very good idea if any cultists decide to show up again."

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Diź (dimal) He stopped and turned back around to face him, yeah he was a member of the resistance but that didn't mean they were friends. he thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that since he was a member too then he was probably already headed to the castle anyways and he would probably follow behind anyways.

he decided to bring him then, "sure, come along" he said, turning back around to walk again

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki froze a bit. He thought he heard voices. "He...hello?" he squeaked.

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Diź (dimal) Mercer heard the little voice from the kid and turned his head to look over his shoulder, "and would you look at that, the kid can talk" he said

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Call me Random | 58 comments "Well of course I can talk," Hedeaki sighed. "I mean, can you name someone who can't talk? I certainly cannot. Wait. what am I doing? you might be evil."

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Diź (dimal) Mercer groaned in annoyance, taking off his mask to rub his temples then putting it back on and ignoring his earlier question. "evil huh? oh I'll show you some evil" he said in a menacing tone but also joking

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki winced at the warrior's answer. He tried to run but tripped on a root and fell on the ground.

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Diź (dimal) All he could do was laugh then went back to his walking, figuring that the encounter was done and over with so he could get back to work. lifting the ice to float next to him as he walked up the slight hill headed towards the castle town

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hedeaki stumbled back up and realized the figure was leaving. At least I'm safe, he thought to himself. He leaned on the tree. "OK so that definitely wasn't a dream," he sighed. Hedeaki watched the figure carefully as he saw the warrior walk towards a castle. Should I check that place out? I've never been there before...

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All Horace could do was laugh along with Mercer. "Clumsy kid."

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 160 comments ((I shall invade!! Lol))

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Call me Random | 58 comments ((Go for it.))

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Rue Fluer wrote: "((I shall invade!! Lol))"

((Go ahead.))

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Diź (dimal) Mercer looked back over his shoulder once he got to the hill top to see if Horace was still following him or if he had decided to stay behind with the kid. he crossed his arms behind his back as he looked, the block of ice still floating next to him

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 160 comments Lin rode out into the field on her horse, she looked around smiling before getting down and pulling out a violin.

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Call me Random | 58 comments Hideaki thought he heard the sound he'd never heard. He peeked from behind his tree and saw a young lady beside a beast playing some unusual instrument. He reached into his cape and pulled out a wood carved ocarina he made himself. He sheepishly played a few notes.

((Due to him traveling a lot, he's not familiar with the sound of a violin, nor that the "beast" is a horse.))

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) | 160 comments Lin paused hearing the ocarina. Smiling she played on a familiar tune played by mostly the ocarina.

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Horace reached the hilltop alongside Mercer. He didn't know why, but Horace believed that this man was different from the rest, so he decided to be kind.

“Shall we be off?”

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