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message 1: by Lance (new)

Lance (carbuncle) | 2 comments My short story, It's Always About the Monkey, has been turned into an incredible audio version by the Reading Out Loud podcast people. It is free to listen to online, or you can download it for free on ITunes.

It is worth checking out. The narrator, Brandon Paul Eells is a very talented voice actor and the production is top-notch.

Reading Out Loud is a very cool podcast that produces audio versions of short stories. Check them out. They are great.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Gebhard (marycatherinegebhard) | 7 comments Mod
This is cool. How'd you find them? Did they contact you or vice versa? Do you know what kind of genres they're interested in?

message 3: by Lance (new)

Lance (carbuncle) | 2 comments Brandon Eells is narrating the audio version of one of my books, Grundish and Askew. He asked for a short story for their podcast. Check out their website, I think they have something about submissions and what they're interested in.

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