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message 1: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (yllia_wrightwind) Ultimately that's a personal decision, of course. To give a slightly more useful answer, here's some things to consider.

At the heart of your book is a work of art, and changing the ending is changing the essential nature of that work of art. Also, anything you write on this same series/in this same world has to agree with the change you made here. If you're ok with that, more marketable is always better for new authors.

On the other hand, some people live to read books with darker endings. There's an audience out there for the original ending, even if it's smaller than the audience you originally conceived of for your book. niche writing is not just an option, it's often a very profitable option. It's also worth re-evalutaing your beta group and making sure they enjoy the type of writing you're giving them. Some people can read a genre they don't generally like and be objective, but some people don't realize they're letting bias into their suggestions.

All of that said, I'm pretty attached to the integrity of my artistic works, so I'd keep the original and see how it does. Good luck!

message 2: by Ruby, Just plain Epictastic. (last edited Nov 05, 2014 02:40PM) (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Hmmmm I'd say that I agree with Chelsea; it is your decision in the end.

BUT, there might be a few factors to think about that will help!

Like, if you want to take that risk of getting negative feedback and such, go for it I suppose - if you are steeled and ready for it if it happens to come your way. Or, if you want to stay within the borders and play it safe, just in case, by all means. But if you do that, you might not feel completely satisfied with the book you've written, or later wish you had tried a little different.

I hope that helped, even if a tinsy bit! :) Hope it works out!

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