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Language & Translation Issues > People who don't read the language go around making edits without even bother checking w/ google translate or librarians who speak the language: this is for you

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message 1: by Sanne (new)

Sanne (sanneennas) | 24 comments I just found out that a Dutch-language book I've separated before from an incorrect merge has been incorrectly combined AGAIN with (different) works in Spanish. It really should be darn obvious that these shouldn't have been combined if you take two seconds to put the two titles or the two descriptions in google translate.

And yes this has happened twice with the same book. I've attached a librarian note after it happened the first time, saying the book shouldn't be combined, not with ANYTHING (because I know the book isn't available in other languages, that's why). But I guess you could just ignore notes like that.

It's incredibly frustrating to see such things happening. The people who did it clearly didn't even take the time to check what the books were about through google translate or by consulting a native speaker in the threads here.
It's enough work for librarians who work on the foreign language books to create a correct and sizable database of the foreign language books without others going around creating havoc.

If there's anything else I could do except the DO NOT COMBINE librarian note on the book to prevent these kinds of things from happening, I'd love to hear it.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 21852 comments I feel your frustration. Is has happened before on other books.

ps: had to change the cover. is a bookseller and not an allowed source for book info/cover.

From the librarian manual:
Acceptable sources for cover images include author and publisher websites, library sites, and various other public archives. We cannot legally use any cover images from booksellers, with the exception of Amazon. Since Amazon has purchased Goodreads, their covers may now be used on Goodreads as well.

An individual user's scans or photos, taken of books they own or have in their possession, are also an acceptable source for cover images.

Amazon did have the cover for this book, so added that.

message 3: by Sanne (new)

Sanne (sanneennas) | 24 comments oh thanks for catching that about the cover. I thought it was an ok source. will be more careful with that in the future!

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 44660 comments Mod
If you are concerned about another librarian's edits, please flag them.

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