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Meghan L Answer Two Questions Of Choice:

1.) What would you do if someone like August came to DC? Why?

2.) Which wonder character describes your personality best? Why? (It doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl.)

3.) If Julian came to DC how would you treat him and why?

4.) What would you do is August was your younger brother and why?

Connorb 1) i would try have him as a friend because no one will like him because of his not appealing face, i would hang out with him because he is a good writer, speller and is funny.

2) i would say Jack describes me more because he is a normal guy who likes video games and is very friendly.

Antoineay 1.) Hmm, I would have him as a friend for sure, because making friends is the best, the more friends, helps your socialising skills. ^.^

2.) Well I would go with Jack as usual, mainly because he plays video games and etc and so do I, he plays sports and stuff and it turns out he can be bullies friend but he then changes and be friends with other new friends. ^.^

3.) If Julian came to DC, I wouldn't like him for sure due to his perpetually immature bullying behaviour.

4.) I would basically not let anyone hurt August's feelings?

Isabella 1.) If august came to DC, I would go up to him and, introduce him around the school instead of making him feel lonely.

2.)I think I am like Via, because I can shout at people sometimes, ok, maybe most of the times, but it is also because Via always wants to protect august from getting hurt.

3.)If Julian came to DC, I would just ignore hime or talk to the school council about to him, to help him in a way.

4.)I would try to help august from getting hurt from anyone, and try make him happy all of the time, so he wouldn't feel sad.

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