Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy, #1) Fall of Giants question

Lets talk about the ending
Jane Jane Nov 03, 2014 09:01PM
Upon first completion I felt underwhelmed. I had felt the book had an anti-climactic "life goes on" sort of ending, however the more I think about it, the more I realize how very intentional the ending was.

In the beginning Ethel was a lower class house maid, adhering to the will of her lordship. In the end, she was a free women, and Fitz's equal. I feel that this is very symbolic to the change of classes in the true history of the time period. Prior to world war 1 there was a distinctive difference between upper and lower class society. With the revolution came a fear across the world that local nobility could suffer the same fate should they continue to live that way.

Things such a perfume and Politics became available to the working class.

In any event I felt that it was an appropriate way to end a fantastic book.

How do you feel about the ending?

I've never felt so..... let down. There, I said it. I loved every minute of the Trilogy just as Linda has already stated. It's just that he left so many open questions. We only learn the fate of one family in the end. I wanted to know about everyone!!

Linda Nathan, sometimes (just sometimes) I think that Mr. Follett took on a topic that is so huge that it would be completely impossible to have it complete ...more
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Jane Nathan, I am just about to start the third book in the series so Let me say it gets better. He does tell us alot...alot more about the rest of the fam ...more
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I have read the whole series now and loved every minute of it. The Fall of Giants left me wanting more, but it also left me with a feeling of "life goes on".

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