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Rowan and The Witch

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Audrey (Sorry I forgot the witches name.) Okay I personally think that Rowan and the witch would be perfect for each other. (That is if neither of them die in the next book.) They are boy immortal if the magic comes back, and they would be sooooooooooo awesome together. Excuse me for being a match maker:). This is just my opinion. What do you guys thing?

Kurt Bartling Gotta say, I wasn't of fan of Manon's storyline through most of the book, by the end she kinda got me intrigued.

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Ifrah Alia I picture Rowan being forever single and happy that way. He tells Celaena that the Fae have one partner. He had a partner who he loved very much and then she was killed. I don't think he's interested in another (romantic) relationship.

Nurlely Manon is everything beautiful. She was said to be able to get a king for herself due to her mere look. And she is also the super witch with heart. Even that poor Crochan recognised 'gentlenes or fairness' in her. I think Manon will be the one who bring all the witches out of their merciless life.

Manon with Rowan? I think they will be a good match, but I suppose a fae with be matched with another fae for the rest of their beings. Agree with Ifrah. Rowan has had his partner who died a long time ago, but she will always be his only love for his entire life.

Lindsay Katz Just like Ifrah said, I don't think that Rowan will want to get with anyone. I do think they would be a great pair though, maybe as some amazing badass dynamic duo.

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