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What concepts did you like in A Game of Thrones, and the other books in the series?

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Tommy Jammer Thanks.

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FM Richter I liked the ensemble cast, especially how it affected my loyalty to the characters. In the first two books, before I was really rooting for anyone in particular, I'd hate the Lannisters in a Catelyn chapter, but end up hating the Starks on the subsequent Tyrion chapter. It was jarring at times, but something about how I could see through the eyes of each and every character really helped me immerse myself in the world.

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Holly Dire wolves!

Myranda The fact that no one in this series is actually obligated to do anything for anyone other than themselves was a good change of pace from most of good versus bad archetypes I run into in most books I've ever read. It was never a matter of right from wrong, or the sake of the world is at stake, it was a matter of what each individual wants and surviving as long as they can to keep it. It is always a fight, always a struggle, and always filled with the unexpected which makes it seem more like real life than any other book I have ever read, granted the series is much more awesome and tragic than my life personally. Also the fact that it is written through the thoughts of each character shows perspective and lets me get to understand the way each character thinks much like I would expect to get to know someone on a deeper level in real life and makes me love or hate the character even more.
Especially the female characters since I have never seen so many female characters that are all different from each other and are so well developed just as much as the male characters. I can honestly say I have never liked female characters in a story as much as I do in this series. Most books have women that are so great or so special or so strong but when it comes time for them to demonstrate what they are made of it seems like it all just falls flat when they don't really do anything I find astonishing. I don't feel that way when reading this series though. I can hate Cersei because of the person she is. Not the let down the author created just to attempt to up build a regular character.

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