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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Michael | 26 comments Hi Ingrid,

I'm looking for beta readers for my book before it goes to my editor. Would you be interested?

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Horsman (graylorne) | 16 comments My present novel ‘Queen's Lioness’ is ready for beta-ing (ca. 128k. words). It is a fantasy romance / adventure, in an alternate world-setting, with magic and 17th century technology. It is an adventure story with strong romantic elements, with a mostly colored cast and some gay MC’s, though neither has much to do with the plot itself. There isn’t even a grunt of erotica in it.

The story revolves around
- Maud, the towering lioness-cadet who is to find a certain young man, Jurgis, the double of Basil, son of the mighty prince-warlock.
- Basil has been summoned to appear before the warlock council. He won’t go and flees by ship. Here he runs into Yarwan. During a naval battle they meet Jurgis and Maud, and from then on the plot widens till the fate of three nations is in their hands.

People of color, gay people, tropical islands, pirates, fire-breathing wyrms, flying brooms, a Black Warlock, are some ingredients of this adventure.

I’m mainly looking for people to tell me how it reads, what bits jar, funny sentence constructions, where they lost contact, etc. I spellchecked the whole manuscript, what is no guarantee at all, but I have an editor for the little things that escape me.

Fast turnover would be appreciated :)

message 3: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Kisak | 9 comments Hi Ingrid,

It looks like you've had a big response already, but if you are still interested, I'm looking for a beta for a legal thriller I have written. It's not erotica, but does involve sexual harassment in the legal world and how both sexes can misuse sex to control. It is not explicit. but, I thought you would be an appropriate reader with your legal background. Feel free to e-mail me at

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Michael | 26 comments Hi Ingrid,

It falls under erotica and some themes of bdsm haha.

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Horsman (graylorne) | 16 comments Ingrid, this is a standalone book.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Horsman (graylorne) | 16 comments Done :)

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Kaswell (crystalkaswell) | 22 comments Hey Ingrid,

Would you consider beta reading a trilogy? I am still working on the third book, but I would love to book a slot if you're interested. I know the holidays are busy, so I'd want to give you plenty of notice.

It's an angsty, steamy contemporary romance. It's not erotica--it's definetely romance--but it has a lot of heat. About 75k words per book.

If you're not up for an entire trilogy, I'd still love a beta read of the first book.

Thanks so much!

message 8: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Kaswell (crystalkaswell) | 22 comments Yes! That would be great!

Shoot me an email or a private message whenever you're ready

message 9: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Kaswell (crystalkaswell) | 22 comments Yes! That would be great!

Shoot me an email or a private message whenever you're ready

message 10: by Paul (new)

Paul Horsman (graylorne) | 16 comments Hi Ingrid,

My condolences. I understand you didn't manage it. Another time, then. All the best.

message 11: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Blue | 17 comments A Car Ride to Nowhere by Bonnie Blue


My condolences as well. I'm dealing with that myself, death of a friends son.

I have an erotic romance that I'm looking for a beta reader on. It has been edited and it's 364 pages printed. Click on the link above for the blurb. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can download it for free from Amazon, and/or I can send you a .PDF.

If you are interested, please send email to


message 12: by S. (new)

S. (scopperstone) | 9 comments Hi Ingrid,

I have a cute little (60k word) novel "Bittersweet Tavern," which takes place during the beginning of the American Revolution, about a widowed barmaid and a privateer ship captain. I have a deadline for beta reading by the end of December 2014 though, as I plan on publishing in January 2015. If interested, or if anyone else is interested, please let me know.

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim | 7 comments HI Ingrid,

I have just finished a contemporary romance with paranormal elements and am dying for some feedback. Please let me know if you have any room in your reading schedule and I could send you a few chapters to see if it's something that would interest you.



message 14: by Tina (new)

Tina Ellery | 5 comments Hi Ingrid, I have 50 pages I am looking to have read, with possibly more if you would be interested. All Betas will be mentioned when the book is published. Query follows. Thanks, Tina

Summer has come early to Minnesota and plucky Tova Hudson’s quiet cul-de-sac is sizzling. Her marriage is burning up—and not in a good way. A hot new neighbor is testing her morals. And someone is trying to kill her. She’ll have to face it all in order to claim the happiness she wants.

Tova shouldn’t be flirting with the curly-haired Mr. Handsome at the DMV. She is married after all (although she and her absent husband haven’t done the horizontal mambo in nearly a year). The jewelry designer longs to create the family she never had and for her life to progress. But she is fed up with having to set aside her needs and desires so her husband can attain his.

Complicating Tova’s dissolving marriage, Mr. Handsome, Neil Hamilton, moves in two houses down and has the audacity to run around half naked. When her husband gets physical and she finds out he’s been cheating, she gladly packs him up. Neil plans to help her move on — even if she’s vowed to never go near another pixie stick.

When her estranged husband’s true character comes out, Tova finds herself being hunted. GREED & JEALOUSY lay at the end of this midwestern cul-de-sac. But as secrets — and deeply held desires — become known, will Tova survive to claim what’s waiting for her?

My book explores the disappointment of a failed relationship and that determination alone doesn’t make a marriage work — all mixed with angst, suspense and a hot love story. It also touches on infidelity and its effects. But the heart of Greed & Jealousy is personal growth and learning to trust again.

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