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ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
The Beecher Building is an abandoned warehouse located in the Chicago Ghetto. While perfectly safe in the day, at night, the old building transforms into a veritable black market.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren plucked the phone from her jacket without much trouble, and glanced up in the direction Natalie was looking. He smirked again. "Funny, what money can do, huh?" Tossing the jacket back at her, he began to riffle through the phone.

The driver then pulled up beside a curb, the hammering of the rain against the roof a foreboding omen of what they were about to walk out into. Without looking up, Wren spoke in a calm voice. "We're here, and in case you're tempted to try and pull something--I'll just let you know now, that electricity is another form of heat, one which you might find a tad annoying if it were to suddenly appear out there."
Running a hand through his bleached hair, he grinned over at her and tugged the handle of the door open. Stepping out into the street, he straightened up. Eyes appearing shifty in the murky streetlight, he moved catlike to the drivers window---handing him a wad of cash. After a brief exchange, he crossed to the side walk and flipped Natalie's phone closed, slipping it into his pocket. "Ready princess?"

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Nat caught the jacket without any trouble, slipping it back on. "Creep." she muttered, glaring at him as he sifted through the contents of her phone. There wasn't anything majorly useful on there, just some texts to station guards of the Sally and maybe a promiscuous picture or two.

The cab halted and a sinking feeling resided in her for the briefest of moments before it was quickly replaced with sullen defiance. "I find you a tad annoying; Electricity is tame compared to the likes of you, Decrepidine."

Natalie slid out of the car, unfazed by the rain, and set her jaw. "Don't call me that."

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ɯɐɔ (camalama) | 127 comments Mod
((Jake Abel for Zach, or is that too cliche?))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((NO. My goodness, he's just like what I pictured Zach would look like! Perfect.))

"Why?" Wren asked blatantly, a smirk crossing his features. "Strike a chord does it?"
Moving forward, he led her down into a shadowy alleyway. Almost as though bored, he held up his hand and watched it from the corner of his eye as it burst into cracking flame. They licked his face, making his angular features appear sharper in the contrast.
Slipping a thumb into his pocket, he maneuvered them down the following alleys, eying the shadows they past while only half paying attention to Natalie. Had this been a good idea? He didn't know if Neo would still react the same to him; after all, he was bloody eclectic in his moods... and Renae had been with him last time.
Of course, Natalie would know that by now. If she had looked far enough. In fact, if he were to tell her who they were about to meet, Wren was sure she'd probably shoot herself now rather than face him.
Absentmindedly, he wondered if Zach would already be at their rendezvous. He'd sent him a text this morning, but had no idea if it would get to him before he reached Neo.

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ɯɐɔ (camalama) | 127 comments Mod
"No," Natalie retorted back, keeping pace with him. "It makes you sound like a douche." She glanced around but wasn't able to see much-- the only light source was Wren's hand. Every time his hand made contact with her she couldn't help but tense up, waiting for what would happen. Natalie had no idea of what was to come-- she didn't look that far, not finding a huge need to. It was one of his more protected memories, prompting more work from her to dig it up, and that was too much to ask of a half-conscious mind reader. Nat remained silent as they walked, rain drizzling down onto her.

((mmk, good. should have him up in a little bit-- I'm going to make him with the default template bc aint nobody got time for that))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "I'm glad you're so concerned about how I look," Wren replied as they approached a fenced off yard, leading to a visibly deteriorating warehouse, with a slightly Victorian era feel to it. Flipping open the lock to the fence before them, he pushed open the gate, which let out an ear piercing keel as it slowly opened.
Moving forward, the soupy mud sloshing around their feet, for a moment Wren thought he caught a gimps of a tall, darkly clothed figure watching them from the corner of the yard. However, when he turned his head sharply to verify what he'd seen, the image vanished.
Shaking off the chill which now physically crept underneath his skin, he stepped up to the metal walkway door and was about to rap sharply on it, when it abruptly creaked open. Wren stopped dead, fist hovering in the air. Clearing his throat nervously, he glanced back at Natalie. He knew there was nothing he could say that would make her feel better, but for a moment, his pity for her was almost enough to omit a brief word of encouragement. He didn't though. Instead he braced himself for what was to come.

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((eek! sorry-- had to eat dinner.))

"I'm not," Natalie said back, irritated by the banter. She trudged on, only a hint of fear within her, not wanting to let Wren win. The duo made their way to the warehouse entrance and Natalie couldn't help but shiver, feeling as though the building would collapse the second they walked inside, if they walked inside.

The door opened and Wren looked at her. She glared back and pushed the door open, half inside the warehouse. Natalie mentally sensed people here-- maybe two or three in close proximity, then various people throughout-- and knew that she had a slight advantage, the advantage being that she could fry them all (except Wren, who could physically fry her) and run.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((No problem! And I loved that last part, I didn't think of them like that xD))

Judging from the exterior of the warehouse, it wasn't what Wren had expected. As Natalie stepped across the doorway, his eyes raked over the den-like rubble sweeping forward into the interior of the warehouse. The cracked marble flooring stretched into an enormous room, lined in corridors and thick wooden doors. Intricate pillars lay shattered or propped against various staircases, ascending upwards into a purpley-haze hanging overhead.
Candles covered the room: on the staircase, littering the floor, hanging from the ceiling. Thousands of them, flickering throughout the hall, casting a ghostly glow on the wreckage they nestled in.

Wren tore his eyes away from the bewitching gloom, as the sound of clacking heels echoed across the room. A tall man approached them, pale hair spilling down his velvety black suit. "Bienvenue , monsieur et madame. Ce est un plaisir de vous accueillir dans ma conception intérieure--- oh," the man suddenly halted, his face the picture of innocence. "Forgive me," he began again in a heavy french accent. "I forget to transition between guests. But oh my," he moved forward with a lithe that was so unnatural Wren's primal instinct was to take a step back. "I must say, I really didn't think I'd see you again... Wren. Have you considered my proposition in your time away?"

Finding his voice, Wren replied in haste---cursing himself as he did so. "No. I'm not interested."

"Shame..." Neo replied in an overly dissapointed voice, his pointed teeth reflecting the candlelight glowing softly around them. "She really is a jewel; so much potential. However, you allow her to be so boring. If she were mine, she would excel."

Neo turned to Natalie then, eying her at first with a curious look, but then stepping forward, a crooked grin springing to his lips like a firecracker set off too soon. "Ahhh, the black moon. I've expected you for quite some time my dear, though, I did not expect him to garnish you in your wake." He motioned towards Wren who stood with a removed expression guarding his features. "They bring you here to..." he fell quiet, smile waning. Then let out an eruption of cackles, which sobered into a frozen smile. "-but you know this yourself, mind reader. Welcome, to my den of thieves. May you find them as familiar to you as your own black heart---which, I admit... is rather fascinating."
He giggled, reaching a hand into his jacket.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((AND BEHOLD. A NOVEL FOR YOU TO WORK WITH.
lol, I'm so sorry!))

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((Don't be-- that post is gorgeous omfg))

As the door opened wider, Natalie caught a glimpse inside. The space was larger on the inside than it looked on the outside, and far more elaborate. She had to blink a few times to get used to the mixture of checkerboard marble and dripping candles, head held high. The man before her was odd, to say the least.. he was a francophone and seemed like he was stuck in ages past. Nat made sure to keep her mental blocks up, sensing danger.

Nat, however much she wanted to, resisted the urge to look back at Wren, to say "Sorry, how about I just turn myself in, and we can deal with this in ten years," but that's not how fate planned things to be. Right now, she was potentially in danger and how she would handle the situation would be up to her, and only up to her. "Here to what?" Natalie heard the words escape her lips before she even knew she was speaking, unbeknownst to what was going to happen. Back at the Sally she didn't reach that far into Wren's head, she was too weak and too exhausted to even attempt going into 'protected memories.'

Den of thieves. Natalie thought, bemused. A quick glance around revealed a few people, one she even recognized from somewhere... she was thinking about where else she had seen them when a voice from off to the side caught her full and undivided attention. "Hey there, Nat. Fancy seeing you here."

Natalie turned and almost did a double-take. There, ambling over to her, was Zach. She swallowed and shook her head, feeling the rage and frustration build up inside of her. She looked back at the person from earlier-- it was Lila. She had cut off her hair, dyed it... she looked completely different. Victor must be around somewhere...things happen in threes. "Zach..?" She began, eyes soft and full of hurt. Nat started walking over to him, pushing past Neo, ignoring Wren. Zach looked just like he always did-- smirk permanently etched onto his face, blonde hair messy and unbrushed, teeth perfect and white...

Without another thought she punched him, staining his teeth with crimson.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Why on earth he let her walk anywhere without a straight jacket on, Wren couldn't help but think as he lunged forward and pulled Natalie back. His nerves were on edge, and Neo's laughter from behind him didn't help. It was hard to think that at one point they had been friends.

"Pull yourself together, woman." Wren hissed, yanking her back non-too gently. Heat warmed his fingers, and he hastily pushed it back into his skin. His emotions were getting the better of him, he had to regain composer. Letting go of her, he stepped back and nodded to Zach. They didn't know each other beyond a few texts, and a chance meeting, but he could sympathize with his pain at the moment.

"So, before we all get out of hand. Zach, here's Natalie. And Natalie, meet Neo. God of the underworld, as I like to think of it."

Neo grinned, watching them now in silence. His gloved fingers twitched at his sides, as though he were playing an unseen instrument. He caught Wren's eye, but still said nothing. Just stood there with his unnatural smile plastering his carved features.

"Zach, I have some things in mind but let's here yours first." Wren finally added, after a few tense moments.

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Natalie felt herself be yanked back roughly, uncomfortable warmth spreading across her back and upper arm. She watched with satisfaction as Zach put a hand to his mouth, and almost smiled when it came back red. He deserved it, he deserved it so badly.

Wren let go of her and she grounded herself, balling her hands into fists as Zach scowled. He didn't meet Natalie's eyes, just smiled his trademark smile--blood and all--with a glint in his eye. The gleam was soon gone, extinguished, however, and replaced with something darker, something more sinister. He nodded and looked at Wren as he spoke.

"I think Natalie needs to learn what it feels like to have her ability used against her. That, or.. hm. I haven't made up my mind yet; your turn, Wren."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Leaning back on his heels, Wren cocked an eyebrow. He was still nervous; but being his usual cocky self was just to natural for him to do away with. "Her mind is what we need," at this he turned back to Neo, trying to reign in the sudden lurch that throttled his stomach. "You can do that for us, can't you? You know why we need the information she keeps, you can see it in my head."

Neo stepped forward, a giggle rising again from his lips. "Of course, monsieur---But can she?"
Somehow he had crossed the room, and now stood beside Wren, fingers squeezing his shoulder as he eyed Natalie with an owl like intensity. Neo's movements were jerky, almost as though he possessed a strength he could barely control.

"Can she what?" Wren asked uncomfortably, stepping away from Neo.

"No-no... I don't think she can," he said moving closer to Natalie. Blatantly ignoring Wren's question. "So, what do you dream of child? I see the black moon, but what else? Do you know that V.O.L.K.E. dreams too? No... you don't."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((OH, BTW, I know that swearing is apart of your character, so I wasn't gonna say anything, but you seem awesome so I thought I would just ask if you use these thingies---> **** when swearing for the sake of my eyes? xD I'm sort of a prune like that. I would really appreciate it though! Your like my TOP favorite roleplayer ever. I LOVE your style, and how you really take control of each of your characters without letting them fall into a predetermined plan. AHH. Yes, I love it. GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!))

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Nat swallowed, backing up. Her mind is what we need. struck a chord with her and her mouth went dry. Zach was eyeing her the entire time, arms crossed, smirk etched onto his face. She hated him more with every passing second.

"Don't touch me--" Natalie warned, backing up further, closer to the door. She had heard of mind manipulators and readers going insane, and this man, Neo, was a prime example.

"I don't dream," Natalie said simply, mentally strengthening herself. She glanced at Neo and attempted to tap into his head, only to be left with a searing pain in her own. Nat stifled a scream, face contorted in pain, one hand grabbing her head and the other balled into a fist.

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((Ahhh thanks! And sorry, I completely forgot to ask beforehand. Will do, though. ))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "How would you like to then?" Neo asked, advancing on her slowly, his movements jagged; yet equipped with an underlying strength that made it all the more eerie. "Don't be afraid, Natalie. You and I, we are the same. Meine lieben , haben Sie nichts zu befürchten." My dear, you have nothing to fear.

"Wait." Wren interrupted suddenly, taking a step forward as well. Neo's head jerked around, zeroing in on Wren with a snakelike glare and poised teeth. "Don't hurt her, okay?"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Thank you! And it's totally fine, I didn't say anything so you were fine ^-^ but I really appreciate it))

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Natalie was too stunned by the sudden pain to respond, lips slightly parted and eyes squeezed shut. After a few moments she straightened and composed herself, the pain slowly ebbing away. "Dreams are for people who can't make things happen in reality," the girl snapped cynically. "I don't dream."

Zach glanced at Neo, then to Wren, and back at Neo. "I'll vouch for Neo on this one. As a former friend of Natalie's, I say use as much force as you deem acceptable."

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((No yeah no prob))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren wasn't a wimp. In fact, he was pretty darn sure that apart from Neo, and now Zach, he was one of the most cold hearted people in the room. So, he was utterly bewildered when he continued to resist Neo and Zach, stepping forward yet again and stating with renewed force, "The first person to hurt her in the room, will have me to deal with---including both of you. I may want to take down V.O.L.K.E., but I will not do so at the cost of one of our kind. Regardless of how deep her fingers are into the villan's vaults."

Neo cocked an eyebrow, looking from Natalie---who gave the strong impression of a frantic mouse shoved into a corner, and Wren. Wren, who was going against what Wren was. A monster. "Very well then," Neo replied turning back to Natalie as though the discussion had come to a close. "Natalie, people don't dream to escape reality---they dream, because they are unwilling to accept the truth that no matter how hard they try---pain, and betrayal will always find them. You are utterly alone now." With that, he swept forward, extending a single finger and placing it upon her brow. His eyes rolled back into his sockets, and a stream of incoherent words began to spill from his mouth.

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Natalie was in the midst of a power struggle, a situation where morals clashed with justice.. and she was going to lose no matter what happened.

Neo came closer and closer to her and Natalie felt her heart pick up speed, blood rushing in her ears, and palms become covered with a thin sheen of sweat. He lightly placed his finger upon her face and she wanted to pull away but couldn't, as though some invisible force was keeping her immobilized there.

A tugging sensation began in the back of her head, slowly making its way toward the front, and Natalie could feel herself slipping into unconsciousness.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments A flash of white light burned between Neo's finger and Natalie's brow, speckling Wren's vision in the imprint of the two figures. The air between the two gathered, Neo's pale hair whipping against his face as though a violent wind were tearing through the room.

Wren wasn't quite aware of how it happened, but before he knew what was going on, Neo was stepping away from Natalie as she collapsed to the floor, and Wren was running for her. Skidding to his knees beside Natalie, he grabbed her shoulders and turned her face forward with a hasty tenderness. Yanking her arm towards himself, he pressed two fingers against her pulse---heart racing as he did so.

She was alive.

Wren looked back up at Neo then, whose hair was morphing before their eyes. Dark hues of crimson and gold filled the colorless strands, rich with the color of blood and shimmering rock. Neo's eyes were closed, and his expression vacant. If Wren hadn't known better, he would have thought he stared at the remains of a decomposing corpse. The thought scared him. What had he done?

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Natalie felt as though she was floating, becoming less of Natalie Easton and more of just a jumble of genetic code. She slumped forward, knees crumpling underneath her, and passed out.

Zach looked on, mildly surprised. He'd seen this before, he knew the outcome, and he knew how pissed Natalie would be if she knew what Neo had done.

Nat's pulse was weak and jumpy and she remained unconscious despite the commotion. No amount of shaking or prodding would wake her until Neo chose, and no memory of the event would remain in what was left of her memories. Her breathing was deep and steady as she slipped deeper and deeper into oblivion.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "Will she wake?" Wren asked simply after a while of the ensuing silence. He stayed with Natalie, rocking her gently in his arms. Spreading warmth from his body into her ever slowing pulse, and rapidly falling temperature. He had no idea what had gone on, and no idea if Neo now had the information they needed. If this had all been a waste?... Then what?... Would Wren have passed this up even if he had known what was going on. No. It just would have made it harder for him, just as Neo apparently already knew.

Because he always knew. He always knew.

"She will wake, in time." Neo replied in a hollow tone, his features had not yet redeemed themselves. His hair was now completely colored, eerily casting his skin into an even more sallow shade than it had been before.


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Zach watched Natalie as she lay there, breathing deeply and evenly. He wasn't fazed, not one bit, and looked over at Neo. "Would you like me to carry her over to a bed?" He asked, but didn't make any move of compassion to the girl. Instead he looked down upon her like he always had, knowing that he had the upper hand.

Natalie sank deeper and deeper, body still like a corpse. She wasn't dead, not yet, but she may as well have been. Any memories she had about V.O.L.K.E., about what happened the night she killed her classmates, about Infinite, about her friends in the Sally and about Wren and Zach-- gone. Poof, gone. They resided in Neo now, and Natalie was nothing more than a blank slate. He could choose which to give back, but it would be out of context, and confuse her more than she would be when she woke up.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "-no," Wren said abruptly, cutting the two off. "I'll take her wherever you've intended to put her." He looked at them in defiance, challenging one of them to disagree.

Neo stared at Wren blankly, and then slowly his lips tilted upwards into a grin. His sharpened teeth glittered, but not as deeply as his eyes did in that moment. As though he knew something, and wasn't saying anything about it. "If that is your wish, then I hold no objection. Her purpose is completed, the girl you knew is no longer inside that body. She's in here," he motioned towards his own head, still grinning that empty smile.

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Zach took a step forward. "I've got it, Wren. You can tag along if you want, but I've got it." With his arms crossed over his chest and his height, Zach was pretty intimidating--this wasn't even factoring in the fact that he had the power to literally suck out all the air in the room without so much as lifting his finger. The boy glanced over at Neo, meeting his eyes. "What do you plan on doing with the information?" He stated, all business.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Derp. I'm so sorry, this must have gotten burried in all my notifications over the weekend! Gonna go find a computer and reply to this rn))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Surprise colored Wren's stoic intentions a moment; surprise that Zach was actually challenging his declaration to take Natalie from the two, and to a different location. The vibe he got from the boy, was that he was all about the information Neo could now provide. Natalie didn't seem to mean as much to him; as he did---did what?... Wren had barely knew Natalie, he'd met her just a day ago. Where he once felt obligated to tie himself to her because of her intimate knowledge of his past; she no longer remembered any of it. She was defenseless now, impressionable. He didn't know what had gone on between Neo and her, but from what he could gather Natalie wasn't the person she had been.
Maybe that was where Wren's odd sense responsibility for her came in. The tables had been flipped, Wren now knew more of her than she did of he. What he did now, would define how her life would lay out now. She didn't have to be the enemy anymore.

Cradling her in his arms, Wren stood--hefting her weight as gently as possible. "Thank you for your concern, Zach. However, considering I got her into this, I'm going to take her out of it too. Lead the way if you'd like, but I'll carry her myself."

Neo rolled his tongue against his lips, focusing on Zach in a way one might zero in on an interesting piece of orange peels left in the skin. A small giddy laugh starting in his throat, Neo replied in a singsong voice that lacked a real answer. "I know what you'd do with it, son of the trickster. What I will do with it? That remains to be seen. I suppose it depends on what you're willing to bargain for it. And how badly it will hurt V.O.L.K.E." With that, he grinned--the paleness of his teeth only enhancing the pale hue of his skin.

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((It's last period, so gimme like 45 ish mins and I'll have a reply for you.))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Sounds good!))

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((well, that was longer than 45 minutes. sorry about that.))

Zachary looked Wren over, and nodded once. "I can respect that. I'll show you over there in just a moment." He cleared his throat and turned to Neo. "I'll bargain two guards for your 'den', all memories from another V.O.L.K.E. agent we have in captivity."

He looked at the mindreader and clearly broadcasted an addition to that statement: And a memory from me, just to sweeten the pot.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((I do the same thing, totally fine xD))

Neo paused, his fingers toying with the lapel of his suit coat. Eyes glinting, he replied in an even tone, "That's quite an offer there, Zachary." With a lopsided grin, he added. "I'll take it. Come find me later, and I'll give you a tonic containing the memories you need." With that, Neo swept from the room, his crimson and gold hair seeming to fade in pallor the farther he moved from them.

Wren turned to Zach, nodding to him to lead the way. He was wary of what had just gone on; he hadn't intended for Zach to be the one to bargain for the memories, that would place Wren at his mercy more so that he wanted. Neo, wouldn't give up just anything without a service in return, and Wren no longer had the hand of surprise. He would have to tread more carefully with Zach in the future.

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Nodding, Zach looked Neo in the eye. "That it is, and I'm glad we have a deal." He faced Wren now, and briefly glanced at Natalie. "Let's get a move on, then."

After Neo left them, the two-- well, three-- started toward a hallway. Zach seemed to know where he was going, given that he spent a good deal of his time working in and around here, and opened a door on the right side of the corridor. It was a small room, furnished simply with a twin size bed resembling that of a hospital's, a couple lamps and a small area off to the side with a couch and table. There weren't any windows, but the lamps in the room gave off an imitation of natural light.

Zach motioned toward the bed. "You can set Nat over there; due to protocol we'll have to restrain her arms. She might still remember her ability, but it won't do her any good if she can't touch her temples." He paused for a moment, then continued. "At least that's how I remember it. Natalie's pretty powerful, although she won't remember that."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren nodded, making no other apparent gesture that he understood Zach's command. Setting Natalie down onto the bed, he moved across the room to where a few straps had been hastily shoved in a cabinet placed against the wall. Zach knew like he knew this place well, probably better than Wren even, but Wren had been here a few times before and had grown to expect certain... quirks of the place. After all, it was run by Neo.
"I'll take her from here, thanks for your help Zach. I'll meet up with you later to discuss our next move."

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Zach watched as Natalie was set on the bed. His features were devoid of any major emotion, but he knew that there was a small glint of distrust in his eyes. Above all, though, Zach had the upper hand and could suffocate Wren in an instant-- and his flames. Fire can't start where there's no oxygen, and if there's no oxygen, well.. it makes it quite impossible to breathe.

"Sounds good," Zachary said with approval, bowing his head slightly. "See you then."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((I'm growing more intimidated of Zach for Wren's sake by the MINUTE! LOL. He has no chance.))

Once Zachary had left, Wren tossed the straps back into the drawer. He had no need of them now, it wasn't like she knew who she was---or rather, who he was--- anymore. Grabbing a chair, he pulled it up beside the bed.
Exhaustion hit then, dragging his eyelids closed. Leaning against the wall, Wren propped his head against the plaster, almost immediately drifting into unconsciousness.

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((Haha don't be! He's a bully lol))

Zach left the room and shut the door behind him. Peeking into various other rooms, he looked over the other unconscious people. Most were from V.O.L.K.E., but others were people who needed to stop doing whatever they were doing... according to buyers on the black market. Taking them out of commission for a while by faking their death but still bringing in the cash-- that was how Infinite got the money they needed. Then, when Neo sapped some memories, he'd buy or barter for them, and give them to whoever was the least threatening out of the bunch. They went on with a completely different life, unbeknownst to who they were or why they were here in the first place.

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Fire consumed him. Licking his face, digging its fingers into his hair, and pulling him deeper into its ravenous belly, which---for the first time in his life, raked his skin with a searing pain that blotted out everything he'd ever imagined such torment could exude. Wren felt as though every cell in his body, was repeatedly dying. He tried to scream---to release the overwhelming pain which threatened to overcome him mind. Yet, his lips were seared away---and the voice he longed to release wouldn't come.

Wren jolted himself awake, jerking his head away from the wall, breath coming in rasping gasps. For a moment, he was slightly disoriented. Vision swimming, he mistook the girl lying before him for Renae. He nearly reached out, longing for the touch of her.
She always made things better, with just the soft reassurance of her presence. She was his kryptonite, so why wasn't she here?
It came rushing back then, his hurried note; Neo ripping away Natalie's memories; his own uncharacteristic defense of her. Really, that had never been him. The woman in his life were those you flirted with, maybe made out with, and then never saw again. Nothing past shallow pretense. He blinked, watching Natalie as she slept. She wasn't any different. She wasn't.

((Maybe Zach can meet Neo at his den? Just have him go to the door, (top of the wearhouse) and I'll describe the rest xD))

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Zach bounded down the hallway, into the main foyer, and up the flight of twisting spiral stairs. At the top was a small platform and a door, one he was quite familiar with. The boy rapped sharply on it. "It's me, Neo, but you already knew that, didn't you?" It came out more of a statement than a question, words forced. Zach hated losing memories-- Neo wouldn't even take the subconscious ones, the ones from his infancy and childhood. No, he always picked something useful.

"Neo, open up."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments The door opened, revealing the face of a young boy. His pale skin danced in the candlelight flickering from behind him. "Oh, Mr. Joseph." He said monotonously, his voice lacking the emotion one would expect from a child his age. The young one tugged the door open, the room behind him a wash of draping mauve curtains, a mysterious teal smoke, which seemed to linger in the air around them. Endless odds and ends spilled from the many shelves erected throughout the small room, glittering bottles of startling pink liquids; sacks of dull black beads; and even a golden skull were among some of the oddities presented.
The boy led Zachary only a few steps further, pushing aside thick drapes and long cords of exotic pearls, to reveal a small tea table, where Neo reclined.
Before Zachary could study the boy further, he vanished into thin air. A puff of smoke left in his presence.

"Marvelous, isn't he?" Neo asked, motioning to the apparition which had only moments before been flesh and blood. "All smoke, and magic---but especially, science. Funny what a mere elixir released in the form of gas can produce. Wouldn't you say?" Neo's always present smile, revealed itself then. His eyes though, remained serious. "Sit. We have much to discuss."

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Zach was used to Neo's antics, so when he saw the ghost-like boy, he didn't even so much as flinch. The Infinite leader followed the small child, arms hanging loosely at his sides. Zachary had been in here before, he was sure of it, but as usual his memories about anything Neo-specific was hazy.

The curtain was pulled back and Zach stepped inside, sitting down at the small velvet-covered chair. The drapery gracefully fell back, containing the both of them within a semi-circle of heavy velvet-esque curtain. "Let's talk, then."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Neo brandished a small bottle from his coat, setting the sangria colored solution on the table between them. "Everything you need is contained in that bottle; all you must do is drink it." His words came evenly paces, as though they sat at the table discussing world politics and not the memories that had been forcefully ripped from the girl who now lay downstairs.
Reaching into his coat again, Neo removed a needle. "Your men have assured me that a prisoner will be brought to my room after our meeting, so now all that remains is your part in this--" he slipped the needle, with a small container attached to the end towards Zach. "Your blood is all I need to take the memory I desire," Neo grinned, motioning towards the needle.

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(( !!!!!!!!!! SO SORRY))

Zachary reached out to grab the bottle, the scarlet hue like that of pomegranates. He slid it over to his side of the small table, features impassive, and glanced up at Neo. "And drink it I shall," he nearly drawled, smirking slightly. The power was in his hands-- Infinite's hands --now. They didn't have to worry about Natalie screwing up anything for any longer.

The boy pushed up his sleeve, the dark cotton bunched up around his bicep. He extended his arm, slowly, languidly, and swallowed. Zach hated needles. Neo knew this, of course, he knew practically everything about everything, which is probably why he picked it. Zachary had hazy memories of this happening before, but could never place them. They were always out of context, just on the tip of his tongue.

He stared Neo in the eyes and braced himself for the sharp prick of the needle and the hollow feeling he always got, like his life was slipping away before him.

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Neo watched Zach with a frozen smile upon his lips, taking in his slight hesitation and then the seemingly acceptance of the situation. He reached over and plucked the bottle containing Zach's blood up from the table, and then stood---slipping it into his suit pocket. "It's been a real treat doing business with you Zachary, as always. See yourself to the door," he added, as he turned and dissapeared behind a set of curtains obscuring Zach's view of a hidden door.

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