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Red Sally is the main residential building in the Chicago Ghetto. An ugly behemoth of a building, it earns its name for the red bricks used to build it. It houses about 150 individuals.

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Natalie quickly jogged into the light of a streetlamp, knowing that behind her, two new recruits followed. She was still skeptical of them, wary and unsure if she could trust them or not, but she'd find out soon enough. Even though she didn't have her whole crew (namely, Zachary) she knew how to get information.

The trio of subhumans were now visible, not that it mattered. No one would go out here this late at night; it was basically suicide--if you weren't accompanied by an occupant of the Sally. Everyone knew everyone in there, and their main line of defense was through recognition of other Sally residents.

The dark red-beige-bricked building was garish and off-putting, but Natalie motioned the two closer and continued toward the door. The main door was a front for police officers and V.O.L.K.E. (there were so many things that they didn't know about the building, the passageways being one of them), but was necessary if you wanted to bring newcomers into the building. A quick rap on the door and a momentary pause was all it took before the door swung open, revealing two seemingly innocuous girls, maybe twelve or thirteen. They didn't need weapons because they were weapons themselves.

Nat leaned in, her voice inaudible to Wren, muttering something about "recruits" and "Zach." The girls nodded, glancing at the two behind Natalie and motioned for them to come inside. Natalie strode in like she owned the place (she didn't) and yanked Wren in after her like he was a prisoner (he kind of was) and didn't flinch as she tapped into his head and emitted "static" to the boy. The other girl--his sister, she assumed--looked furious, and that was exactly what Natalie wanted.

"This is protocol. Nothing seriously harmful will happen, I swear. But if you're going to get into the Sally, I've got to make sure that the two of you are...clean."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Renae's nostrils flared, a sudden urge to dart forward at the flaunting witch beside her brother and drive a dagger into her simpering smirk causing Rae's fingers to curl in restraint. Nails biting into her skin, she folded her arms in an attempt to control the fire bristling inside her. That comparison was ironic, she thought, with a glance at Wren.
He moved with a slight cockiness to his gait, an eyebrow cocked in amusement but otherwise without hesitation. He seemed content to let this witch walk all over him... or maybe it was him pulling the strings. You could never be sure with Wren.
For a brief moment the thought crossed her mind that he was probably just as sly, and as utterly uncontrolled as this woman appeared to be. However, thinking about that didn't do any favors for her already rising blood pressure, so she let it slip by; instead focusing on the issue at hand.
"What do you mean by, clean?" Renae asked, her tone fully expressing her exact state of mind on the implication of the witch's words.

Wren smirked, cocking an eyebrow at the exchange between the two girls. He felt Renae's annoyance, and her dislike for Natalie. His words from earlier might not hold off her building temper for much longer. Without waiting for an explosion to take place, he turned to Natalie, offering his consent to whatever she had in mind.
However, inwardly he couldn't help but hesitate. If it had anything to do with mind reading, or sensing what he was feeling; that would be another matter entirely. What he showed to the world around him, was just an imitation of what he felt he should be. Deep inside, Wren knew that the darkness wrapped around his soul was enough to crush the life from not only prying eyes, but himself.
Out of nervousness, he raked a hand through his hair. Moussing the already untidy bleached mess.

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Natalie had a large amount of self-control, surprisingly enough, and tried her hardest from keeping them incapacitated until Zachary got back. If he ever gets back. She let go of Wren physically, not mentally, and tied her hair back in a deft movement in case an.. altercation ..ended up breaking out, and turned to Renae. "By clean I mean free of trackers. Free of bugs, mental, physical, or otherwise. Free of anything that could tear this place to the ground." The girl said, her voice clear and unwavering.

She glanced at Wren. He seemed just fine for now, but if he or the other girl made a threatening move, she was sad to admit that he'd probably be on the ground, out of his mind. That was how things worked around here; the subhumans in the Red Sally couldn't risk, well.. taking risks. They had to stay safe.

Focusing on Wren and Wren alone, she dove in. Almost immediately did Natalie want to back out, to get the hell out of his head, but she forced herself to keep on keeping on. Getting into someone's head.. that was a discomfort. Poking through his thoughts and secrets and memories.. that was nearly torture. Natalie pushed through and did this for a few more minutes, jaw clenched and teeth gritted. A look of discomfort was on her face, but was subtle and hardly noticeable.

After about five minutes, Natalie and Wren were free of each other. She sucked in a breath, nodding slowly. "You--" The girl wavered a little bit, holding him for support, "You're good. You're clean." Nat felt light-headed and dizzy, putting more and more weight on Wren. A ringing filled her ears and she winced, not knowing what the noise was or where it came from, or if the others could hear it as well. From what she saw of the others, none of this impacted them at all. This must be the rebound. The price I have t--oh, shit. Natalie felt herself beginning to black out, instantly regretting the amount of manipulation she had done in the past hour or so.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren felt her presence inside him, like emaciated fingers teasing at his seams. She was strong in her persistence he realized, but there were parts of him that were stronger.

Abruptly, a convulsion hit Wren; causing him to step back as his footing became uneven. He heard Renae's panicked voice in his ears, but he was unable to reply.
Natalie didn't realize what she was doing; what she was prying open in his head. Bones, Wren didn't entirely understand it either. All he knew was that his brain was splitting, pain trickling down his spine and sizzling across his body. As she wormed in deeper, images began to spark to life behind his closed eyelids. Scenes of blood; of tears; of screams... his screams?

He saw a boy, much like himself, looking hollowly into a mirror. He was older than Wren, but had an unnatural resemblance to him. The boy looked down at himself then, his focus torn away from the mirror. Blood decorated his chest, oozing down his arms in an eerily silent manner. The boy glanced back up, just as his eyes went milky and the world around him was dragged into darkness.

What had she seen?...

Wren gasped, his eyes flickering back open. He heard distantly Natalie's voice, then felt her hands on his arm. Slowly, he looked over at her, taking in her pale appearance.

What had she seen?...

Wren caught her as she fell, slipping an arm around her waist and pulling her up from the ground. Getting his other arm underneath her legs, he held her like that for a moment; unsure of what was to happen next.
All the while he remained deathly silent, his expression devoid of emotion. He could feel Natalie breathing against his chest, her hair soft against his arm.

The truth was, he didn't know what she had seen; and it was for that reason he now felt inexplicably bound to the woman held against his body.
In the end, he would either be the one to end her life... or spend the rest of his protecting her.

Because she was now one of the two people on this earth who had an inkling of who he really was. What he really was.


Renae stood frozen, as she watched Wren physically struggling against the witch's power. In the following seconds she was tempted more than once to race forward and do something, but had no idea what would happen to Wren if she were to interfere. Glancing around, she gauged the room deftly. Using the time the witch was taking to examine Wren by figuring out possible escape routes. The room was crawling in teens and young adults who looked like they'd just crawled out of a mutant den. They cast suspicious glances her way as they moved about, clearly not at ease with newcomers. Not that Renae was either.

It didn't take much time for the woman to do whatever she was doing, and Renae was glad of it. Twice, Wren's physical state seemed on the verge of collapse. As the witch pulled away and cleared him, Renae hastily moved forward, still hovering at a distance from him. "Wren? Wren, are you okay? WREN? What did she do to you??"
He stood there, his natural expression replaced with one of solemness. Or was it blankness?

She barely had enough time to watch him catch the woman who'd just been prying through his mind, before a few subhumans moved towards them in alarm.
After finding Wren was apparently clear, they moved over to her.

"You haven't been cleared yet." It was more a statement than a question.

"I haven't but he has. Ask him if I'm clean." Renae responded, gesturing towards Wren.

The subhumans didn't seem to buy it however, and after conversing briefly with Wren, they came back. "We'll need to get you cleared with another subhuman, if you'd come this way, we'll take you to him." She looked over at Wren, her fist tightening still more. She felt blood rising to the surface of her skin where her nails bit into it. Wren nodded, still without expression. "We'll take you back to your friend once you're through," one of the subhumans volunteered, seeming more than a little impatient.

"Fine then, lead the way." Renae conceded, moving with the group. She glanced back at Wren, to see him watching her leave. He forced a weak smile, evidently trying to assure her that things would be okay. She couldn't help but feel he was wrong.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Sorry, that's like a book.... I got carried away!))

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((Haha! No problem. Your writing style is awesome and that post is just gorgeous *o* I've got to hurry with my reply, so sorry about the length and if it feels rushed!))

Natalie's vision was blurry and all sound seemed distant, as though she was submerged underwater. This always happened when she pushed herself too hard; Zach was always the one to catch her when she would stagger and fall, and help her recuperate. Now Zach was gone, and Wren was in his place. For a second she almost called out to him, almost asked the question on her lips.. "..Zach."

It was a small, barely audible murmur, involuntary and the last word she said before her legs gave out on her. Wren had scooped her up fairly quickly and held her, his arms nearly clutching her.

Nat kept her eyes closed, her headache ripping through her head. It's proven that the brain can't feel pain; that it doesn't have nerve endings and ergo can't feel anything at all. But the surrounding area can, and became so much more sensitive every time she used her ability that by the time she was done with about an hour of constant manipulation she could barely stand the pain. A small groan escaped her lips and she shifted in his arms, breaths ragged. The tables were turned; Natalie was now the incapacitated, vulnerable one.

One of the subhumans came over to the two, holding two pills--one white, one blue--and some water. "They're pain meds," the subhuman explained, motioning to Natalie's seemingly-permanent grimace. "If you could follow me over to the infirmary--it's right over here--you can hang out and give these to her when she's actually..functional" They pointed to a slightly ajar door. "There's a couch; just lay her down or something."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Totally fine, and thank you!! That's super sweet! ^-^ Doesn't feel rushed at all! I love your writing as well! (Like, so much!) xD *I'm like such a fan of this RP*))

Wren nodded as the subhuman finished her explanation and handed him a bottle of medication. He took it in his left hand, then walked to the indicated door.
The room inside was sparsely decorated, with merely a couch and table to provide any practical function.
Nudging the door open with his side, he moved to the couch and gently lowered Natalie onto it.

Straightening up, Wren watched her for a few moments. He knew she wasn't sleeping; but the vulnerability painting her features was one he was accustomed only to seeing during slumber. The minutes stretched on, and Wren found a chair which he pulled up across from the couch.
It felt like eons since he'd properly sat down, and he welcomed the relaxation that flooded though his muscles because of that.
Leaning forward, he let his head drop down; pale hair falling around his face, shielding it from any onlookers that might be watching from the open door.
It was only then that he let the trauma of what had just occurred flicker across his skin; trails of vibrant orange burning into sapphire blue flames that licked his arms and face, singeing his clothes.
Soon, the smell of burning cloth pressed against him, perforating the air. He knew they wouldn't burn completely-- he'd made sure of that by soaking all his clothing in flame resistant chemicals. However, nothing was strong enough to defy the heat radiating from his body.
That was something Renae's shriveled arms would always remind him of. He remembered her screams that night-- the night he'd lost control. He remembered her fear as she tried to run forwards and comfort him, to tell him everything would be okay. His little sister, trying to comfort him.
Wren bit his lip, the shame tangent in his mouth. She'd kept coming towards him, even as the flames engulfed her skin, burning her arms raw to the point where the exposed bone and sinew had no more blood to give.

Wren had left her then. Because Renae would never have a normal life so long as she was with him.
Yet, she found him again.
At night, when the fear came crashing back down upon him, she would press her small face against his shoulder and softly sing him back to sleep. She would whisper that he wasn't a monster, that she wasn't afraid.

-But he knew she was. He could feel it, every time she forced herself up from her bed and came to quiet him. He felt it as she trembled beside him, clutching onto him as though by somehow gripping with enough force, she could stop the explosion that was doomed to happen one day.
Her love for him was more powerful than her fear.

And he hated that. Wren wanted her to be selfish, he wanted her to hate him. He wanted her to treat him the way he felt, not with compassion. Not with tolerance.
The truth? He hated her. Because she was the one person who defied everything the world had taught him. He hated her because she loved him, and he couldn't love her with that much fervor back.

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The girl was carried and it was such a surreal feeling; all of this was so similar to how Zach carried her, how Zach set her down, how--no. He's not here. Get over yourself, Nat, she mentally chastised herself. Wren was here. Wren, the new recruit. Wren, the subhuman. Wren, the boy she just picked to pieces and sewed back up like a drunk surgeon.

She should've waited. She should've had them in solitary with a guard at least overnight until she got stronger, then check them the next morning. Natalie cursed herself. Stupid. So stupid. She groggily blinked a few times, squinting at the boy above her. "Wren," Nat croaked, then again louder. The ringing in her ears was still there, and she couldn't hear herself clearly. She assumed that he couldn't hear her, either. She was wrong. "Wren. I need the blue pills." They were technically not even prescription, manufactured and given to her by VOLKE to help with the drawback of her abilities. She had loads of them.

Natalie pushed herself up into a semi-sitting position, then regretted it. The room spun and she sunk back down on the couch, letting out another soft groan. "Wren. The pills. Please."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Natlie's voice broke Wren from his consuming deliberation, and he glanced up to see her propped up with an agonized expression clouding her features.

"Wren. The pills. Please."

Watching her with an unreadable look, Wren reached to the side and plucked the bottle he'd been handed earlier from the floor. Unscrewing the top, he dumped about a dozen pills into his hand and proffered them to Natalie, extending his arm across the short distance between the chair and couch. He was silent as he did so, refraining from asking if she needed water, or any other such necessities. Let her be the first one to speak, he thought, staring at her with an intensity that would unnerve even the dead.
Wren felt a soft confusion buzzing from her; but other than that, there was only pain and irritation. Clearly she either hadn't noticed the rather pungent sent of burning fabric, or she just wasn't clear enough in the head to care yet.

After she took the pills, Wren leaned back, his violently azure blue eyes glittering in the overhead lights. Still, he said nothing.

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Natalie's hand shook as she took the pills from him, tossing them in groups of two or three into her mouth and dry-swallowed them. A minute or so passed and she met his eyes, the headache almost instantly subsiding. It was amazing how these pills worked; she could take as many as she wanted and wouldn't overdose... she didn't know how that was possible, but then again she didn't know how she was able to sift through people's thoughts, either.

The girl sniffed, glancing around. Funny, she thought, Is there something burning? Natalie swallowed down a small lump in her throat and looked warily at Wren. It was him; it had to be him. "Wren. Wren, calm down. It's alright. Renae will be alright."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments The only noticeable sign that her words had effected him was the slight twitch of his fingers against his legs, as though somehow she had prodded him with a small electric volt. "So, you saw her then?" Wren asked, his tone flat. "What else do you know about me then? What else did you take from me?"

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The girl swallowed, thrumming her fingertips against the couch. Natalie noted his body language-- tense muscles, jerky movements, lack of eye contact-- and flinched when he raised his voice and sharpened his tone. Every word he spoke was like a shard of glass, small enough to not hurt her permanently but sharp enough to sting. "I--" Her voice broke off. Natalie didn't know how to respond, how to react. She decided that lying was the best way out. "I didn't. I don't know anything else other than what l saw back in the vestibule."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren let out a snort, looking her straight in the eyes. His lack of amusement was evident in the blatant expression he lay bare to her, his eyes cast into shadow as a lock of hair fell across his face. "We both know I wont buy that for a minute; I can feel when you lie. I can feel everything you experience right now--so, maybe we should settle on the truth." Wren gave her a crystallized glare at this point, "okay?"

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Natalie felt a sinking feeling in her stomach and she clenched her jaw. Right now, despite the pills, she was still vulnerable. She had no mental defenses up. She was normal.

The girl looked away, exhaling heavily. "Everything. I saw everything. I have everything." She braced herself for his reaction, knowing that it probably wouldn't be a positive one. "The downside of my ability, other than the crushing migraines, is that I basically make copies of every single thing I sift through. I don't do it intentionally. It just happens.

"Wren, you don't know how much emotional pain I'm in right now. I feel what you felt. I know. I know everything, about your sister, about the fire--"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren got to his feet, his breath becoming laborious. Putting a few feet between himself and Natalie he paced the floor, his hands shaking.
Again he saw the older boy in the mirror--Wren felt the flood of horror at the blood gushing from his chest as he looked down at it.
Him. It was him. The boy whose name wasn't Wren; the boy who had no sister, no family. He'd lived that life a long time ago, despite how violently he wished to shove it into his sickened heart.

"That pain isn't yours to feel," Wren finally spoke, his voice coming out in a raspy tone. A tired tone.
He reached a hand up and pressed it to his brow, shielding his features from her. He didn't want this. He didn't want her. He just wanted to be whole again--he just wanted... the boy to leave his head.

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She watched him rise, watched him pace and watched the pain etched into his features. Natalie knew he was in pain. She could feel it, and there was something off about it. He was trying to stay in control, but in control of what? Of himself?

"Wren..." Natalie started, pushing herself off the couch. Her first few steps were shaky and she crossed the room with only slight difficulty. "I..I can make you forget." She hated herself for saying it, but didn't particularly enjoy the fact that he looked like he was going to explode at any second. He needed a break. Wren deserved a break. "If you want to, I can make you forget."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Natalie's words washed across him like an ice cold bucket overturned above his head. Wren's body became hyper aware of his breathing, heart rate--even the pounding of own thoughts as they exploded from within.

Wren turned, his distress leaching away, and looked at Natalie with hard eyes--cold eyes. "I can never let myself forget," he replied in an unnerving tone. Without these memories, I would become the monster I know lurks within myself. Even she wouldn't be able to control who he had the potential of becoming.

He breathed out, letting the heat from his breath warm the space around him.
"Zach. Who is he to you, Natalie?" He took a step closer, not relinquishing his icy gaze. "You said his name earlier; you thought he was me." Wren didn't leave room for misinterpretation, he wanted her to feel his intensity.

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Natalie saw shock flick across his face for the briefest of moments before it was replaced with the same steely, impassive expression. "I can never let myself forget." Wren's words echoed within her and she stepped closer. She reached out, hand extended, about to grab his shoulder when his next words made her freeze in her spot despite the warmth emanating throughout the room. Natalie's hand fell slack against her side. The sinking feeling returned and she took a shaky breath, for once actually intimidated by the boy in front of her. "Zach. Zach is my..." Nat broke off. "He's my partner. He's my best friend, nearly my brother.

"He's the one that picks me up when I fall, figuratively and literally."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Sorry, this will be SHORT. Hate RPING on my phone. By the way, do you have anything against nicknames? In other words, I keep calling you Camzi in my head. Do you just go by Cam, or is my rendition okay?))

Wren cocked an eyebrow, leaning back on his heels. Her posture changed, slipping from an almost desperate openness, to a defensive guard.
"Where is he then? If he means so much to you, why isn't he here now?" After a breif hesitation, he added, "Why did he send me to find you?..."

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((Haha I feel you and sure, call me whatever! I've been called sooooo many different nicknames that any name is fine by me.))

Natalie clenched her jaw, muscles tense. "I don't know," she admitted with a snap. "And I don't have time for your bullshit, Decrepidine." Nat was recovering quicker than she thought she would, and her mental defenses were already up. They had a few mind-readers in the Sally and her mind wasn't sacred. She got closer to him, less than a foot away, eyes meeting. "I'd ask what Renae means to you, but I already know, don't I? And I know what her death, or, say, incapacitation, would do to you."

Nat was done; she'd had enough of him trying to get in charge, to get the upper hand. It wasn't going to work. She'd make sure of it. "Can you picture it, Wren? Renae, unable to speak, unable to think, unable to do anything unless I allow it? It wouldn't even hinder me any; it would be as simple as snapping my fingers." This was a bluff, of course; she'd never be able to carry out such a task for that long of a time. It would kill Natalie slowly, sapping her of everything she had. She'd heard stories of people with her ability having aneurysms, seizures, even going into a coma because they pushed themselves too hard.

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((I am an awful person natalie is such a fucking bitch oh god please do some jamie campbell bower kickass stuff and sMACK DOWN because I give you full permission))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Yayyy, I'm glad you're good with it! BTW did you get my message?? AND OH HEAVENS.


Wren looked at her, his expression closed. Almost imperceptibly, his fist tightened as she spoke--as though to restrain himself from leaping forward and ripping her heart, out as she was doing to him.
Abruptly, he let out a soft snicker, which quickly escalated into an outright guffaw. "You know Natalie," he began, his laughter dying down into a broad smirk. "For most people, I would just blow that speech off. However," he said--and as he spoke, his demeanor changed completely; eyes darkening, and crimson flames flickering beneath his tongue. "You aren't most people anymore, are you?"
Wren asked the last question with a deadly silence leaching from his aura, in that moment--he had no idea what he would do next. He had no idea if he wanted her blood running across his fingers, or if he wanted to watch her break just as hard as he was now.
Stepping forward, he slammed a fist into her stomach, shoving her against the wall. A hand shot out and grabbed her throat, banging her head against the peeling alabaster paint behind them. He leaned in close to her ear, his lips grazing her cheek. "You know who I am now sweetie. No matter what you do to me; or Renae, I will never let you go. You are mine, in every way you now assume I am yours."

Pushing back from her, he stepped away. Gaze still holding hers. "Don't forget it, Easton."
Wren let her stew in how he figured that out, as he crossed to the door and threw it open.

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Natalie watched with a perverse joy at his reaction before a flicker of shock crossed her features. He was laughing; why would he be laughing? Did she say something else? She held eye contact until it seemed too dangerous, too hazardous. "You aren't most people anymore, are you?" made Nat stiffen. Her lips were parted, ready to reply when all air was roughly shoved out of her.

The punch to her stomach caused Natalie to keel over, but Wren wouldn't allow her that. Her head slammed against the wall behind them, making her groan and struggle against him. Every word he spoke sent a spike of dread to course through her and Natalie's heart pounded. Nat was too winded to reply to his remark, his breath tickling her ear. Natalie slid down the wall after he left, the words "Don't forget it, Easton," replaying in her mind. She caught her breath but still sat there, in shock. Why the hell would Zach let them here? Why did she let them here?

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((AWWW, I'M SO SORRY!!! That is the absolute worst!! :_( ))

Wren didn't waste time once he left Natalie. After introducing himself to a wide variety of subhumans, he made sure to get acquainted with the so called, "top dogs" of the nest. Whenever questions were posed his way, he successfully evaded them by pulling out the Natalie card. Surprising how effectively the name of a superior could shut some inquisitive mouths up.

After staking out the areas of the Red Sally he was allowed permission to as a newcomer; he asked around and without much difficulty, found Rae. She seemed fine; if not shaken. Finding someone who could take her to a room, he left her with the convincing promise of joining up with her later once he had taken care of some loose ends.

Wren found himself leaning against a concrete wall, overlooking the buzzing city beneath him. From atop the Red Sally, with the bristling cold air of the night stinging his eyes, he watched his arms as they coiled in blue flames. It was beautiful; in a morbid way. He left it at that, ignoring them for the moment and closing his eyes--breathing out into the steely air.

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Natalie sucked in a few breaths before standing, then strode out of the small, claustrophobic infirmary. She was shot a few pointed glances but dismissed them, her top priority being to hunt down Zach and the rest of her crew. If she was going to...manage... this situation, she'd need help.

Nat grimaced at the dull ache that sat itself below her ribs. If anything, Wren was a good puncher. That could come in handy, I suppose-- she thought idly, striding quickly through the halls she learned to love to hate. Natalie flagged down a boy-- probably around fifteen, with photographic memory if she remembered correctly--and asked him about Wren and Renae. "Oh, those two? The sister is in a room already... not sure about the brother."

She quickly thanked him and moved on, less concerned about Wren and more concerned about the wellbeing of her fellow Sally-mates.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren stood there, weight propped against the concrete wall, before taking further action. Why had he come so far to find these people? As he'd gotten to know the subhumans below, he only felt desperation moistening their skin. Their grim expressions; sober whispers; and paranoid glances, only hinted at the life they had led since joining this band. From the looks of it, the leaders were missing; and Natalie was the only one who remained. That cold be a problem.
When he'd met Zach, it was under the dim lights of a bar in LA, a distant state as of now. Zach had seemed to know him, or at least know of him. Without explaining much, he gave Wren Natalie's name and location, followed by the brief words that if he were to get in trouble with her; all he need to was to say the name Zach, and things would be fine.
It had worked. However, not in the way Wren thought it would. Zach apparently had roots digging into places here that no one from the surface could pick out.

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Natalie jogged through the dark, empty hallway (lights out was a couple hours ago), occasionally peeking in on rooms and such. For others this would be a "crime," meaning extra time working as a cleaning service or food runner, but she had the authority. She was the only one with authority, really. Zach's gone, Lila's gone...they left. They left me. Granted, she was detained, but that was no reason for her team to abandon her.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Looking out across the city had done wonders for the chaos inside Wren's head; for one, he'd decided on his next route of action. Finding his options limited, he understood that this was indeed the only course for which he could set himself on. Weirdly enough, it started with the girl he'd crossed the planet to find; and eventually had ended up parting with his soul for. If all his memories, feelings, and emotions weren't a hefty enough price for her cooperation, he didn't know what was.
Pushing himself away from the concrete wall, he made his way back to the trapdoor leading to the Red Sally's interior.
Now, to find Natalie then.

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Nat winced as she passed by a room, hearing two subhumans (they might have a lot of space, but also a lot of people) get into some sort of fight. She opened the door and they immediately froze-- two teenagers, maybe sisters, with things in mid-air poised to hit the other. Natalie didn't need to give them any more than a stern look and they cut it out, carefully placing the stuff back in its respective place. "While I like that you girls are...practicing... I don't like the noise. It's past lights out. Go to bed."

Since her crew left she sounded less like a leader and more like a mother. She hated it.

Natalie continued, rapping lightly on doors if she heard talking. They respected her, right? She deserved respect, didn't she? I started this group with nothing but three other friends and a half-loaded gun. I deserve at least a little respect. Reaching the end of the hall, the girl entered one of the four stairwells in the behemoth building, taking the stairs two at a time. She needed to make rounds since everyone else was preoccupied.

Climbing the stairs, Natalie paused. There was a noise above her, a squeak-clank-thud type noise, the one that only could happen if someone came in through the roof. Last she checked, they didn't have any scouts up there. The weather was getting colder and it was more slick, making it more of a risk to have people up there.
She ducked down in the stairwell, crouching on the middle of the stairs, ready to apprehend whoever went up there...or whoever was coming in.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((So sorry! Not sure how I missed this!))

Wren felt her as she hid; the slow pulse emanating from her body pressing into him, was it stronger than before? Or was that just his imagination?
Dropping down the latter, he moved slowly forward, eying the spot he presumed she was. Just because he could sense her feelings, didn't mean he knew exactly where they were coming from.
"Natalie, you don't exactly have to creep around just to get my attention. You could have just waltzed right up and said hello like a normal person."
Was he being sharp? Probably. Wren couldn't help the sarcasm leaching from his words; he wasn't someone who played games with the world the way she did.

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((Nah, you're good!!))

Nat was tense, waiting and expecting someone from V.O.L.K.E. to storm down the metal staircase. She swallowed and only a few moments later did she hear a voice, a very, very, very familiar one. Natalie relaxed and rolled her eyes. The girl stood, climbing the stairs until she was a few away from him. "Hilarious." Nat then glared at him sharply. "It's also past lights-out, and the rooftop is prohibited for anyone not with the proper clearance. That includes you." Her stomach still ached, a dull pain settling in her midsection, and she seethed. "Now explain why the hell you were up there or I'm in my jurisdiction to see that you are punished accordingly."

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((boo boop))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((So sorry, been away for Christmas. Evidently, I'm great with warning people pre-absence.

Cocking an eyebrow, Wren eyed her in amusement. "Punished accordingly?" He leaned forward, closing the distance between them for a few tense moments. "You? Right."
Without bothering to explain the vague response, he pulled away and brushed past her, heading down the stairs. "If you must know, I went up there to get a perspective on your 'hideout'." Glancing back up at her, he gave her a judgmental look. "Honestly, I'd have thought the lot of you would have chosen something a little more... updated." Wren mused, turning back towards the bottom of the stairs.
Almost as though in afterthought, Wren called up a final response. "By the way, Renae and I will be gone by morning."

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((Oh, how was it? I was sick on Christmas, so it kind of sucked))

Natalie clenched and unclenched her jaw. "I'm not kidding, Wren." The girl followed him down the stairs, the sound of their footsteps echoing in the old metal stairwell. "And we were-- I was planning on updating it. I just needed help. I never got it."

The girl hesitated as he did, and she leaned against the stair railing. "You're a hacker, right? A hacker with a warrant out for him?"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Ehh, 'bout an hour into the drive we all suddenly came down with the flu and a head cold... So, I get you there xD!))

Wren paused a moment, before turning and leaning against the gritty wall aligning the ascending staircase they stood on. "Yes, I suppose you'll know about most of that already." He eyed her with a removed expression, drumming his fingers on his thigh. He wasn't exactly loved by anyone in the technological world; having been proclaimed the hacker of the times. A title Wren was slightly pleased with, though a little annoyed to have to shoulder. It made walking into public places challenging... at least in those areas which sold products that would warrant a knowledge of who he was. He'd lost track of how much money was being offered for his arrest, though he had more pressing matters to worry about.
"Were you planning on blackmailing me with that??" A smirk played at his lips, his shoulder pressing into the bricks of the wall to his right. "I'd enjoy watching you try and figure out how to avoid the same sentence, if that were the case."

Easing away from the wall, he motioned towards the metal door above from which he had come from. "Speaking of arrests, I want to know how I can find Zach." Thrumming his fingers with increased speed, he stared her down intensely. "My intentions in finding you were so that I could find a way to take down V.O.L.K.E., but now that I'm here, I can't help but feel that this is a pen full of motherless children. I won't find what I need amongst you."

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((holy shit I didn't even see it ahhadsfjhdsajkfhlak))

Natalie crossed her arms, eyes flicking down to his very obvious finger-drumming. It started to get on her nerves; she wasn't sure why.

"Possibly. And I'd avoid arrest, you seem to know so much about me that you should already know I still work jobs for V.O.L.K.E., just on my own terms. I was valuable to them, and still am."

His glare was suffocating and Nat could feel a blush rising up her neck and cheeks. "I won't find what I need amongst you." rung in her ears and Natalie stiffened. The girl clenched her jaw and sucked in a breath, trying to resist the urge to mentally fry him here and now. She did a good job at not doing that, but failed to not slap him across the face, watching with satisfaction as his cheek smarted. "Don't you fucking talk to me like that, asshole. You haven't found what you needed because I don't want to give it to you. You can't just waltz in here and decide that you're the fucking alpha dog, alright? I have nearly a hundred of these 'motherless children' to babysit to make sure that they don't shoot themselves in the foot or get captured, and at the same time I have to deal with you and your damn sister. I gave you shelter. I thought about giving you information, but I'm not entirely sure if I want to do that now.

"Also, Zach wouldn't know. The only information about V.O.L.K.E. that you'd need would come from me."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Expression sobering, Wren looked at her in all seriousness. "Did I decide I was the alpha dog, or did you?..." The challenge hung in the air a moment, but Wren didn't give her the chance to reply. They both knew the answer, whether it was compatible or not.
Her angry tirade had been more useful than he could have anticipated, as his cheek stung from the force of her blow; the dots forming in his thoughts began to connect themselves.
"So, they left you because you were the mole, didn't they?" It wasn't a question, he knew a pain when he felt it. "Zach told me to come here, presumably, because he couldn't face you himself. From the sound of it, you two had a past. He couldn't face you himself, because he worried he would kill you... or because he worried you would kill him. That being said, he sent me to find you; because like you said, you are the mole." Wren stepped forward, his face darkening. "He wanted me to find you, so I could do what he was afraid to do. And Natalie, he's not the one you should be afraid of."

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Natalie opened her mouth, then closed it, unsure of what to reply with. She reopened it, lips parted, sharp words on her tongue when he cut her off. I am the mole, she thought. The mole. They didn't let anyone else but me live. Why?

"Zach would kill me? Probably. I'm the mole, sure, just yell it out to the world. I'm the mole," Nat literally yelled, her voice echoing in the stairwell, empty save for the two. She was quiet after that as her heart thudded in her chest, which heaved up and down. Natalie couldn't help but try and swallow down the lump in her throat; she may have been confident then, when she was frenetic and loud and angry, but now she was the prey. "You're right, Decrepidine. I should be more afraid of V.O.L.K.E., the people that are fucking toying with me."

Natalie looked at him, raw and vulnerable, in a way. "They're keeping me alive and I'm not sure why. They know that I know enough and then some. They know that I know the layouts of the buildings, the lists of people and lists of future abductions-- wait." The girl paused, mouth dry. "I was the mole. I'm not the mole here, unless you..." Unless you and Zach suspect that I'm giving away information to V.O.L.K.E.. Shit.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren's lip tugged upwards in a lopsided grin; an expression completely out of place for what was going on between them. Without words, he reached out and brushed her hand against his. A rush of emotion brushed against him: her emotion. Fear.

Stepping back, and turning away from her, Wren spoke to the empty stairwell. "Wouldn't it be nice, if life were less complicated?" He let out a mirthless laugh, "Rather, If we were less complicated?" Turning back to her, he kept himself from losing control. He wouldn't lose control. "Don't you ever wish for that? Peace. No boundaries. No secrets. No fears?" He eyed her, studs glittering in his ears. "Only, you don't do you? You don't wish for that. Because you're not like me, and you never will be. You're what matters to you, and no one else has ever changed that for you." He didn't let her interject there, and instead pressed on---his voice losing it's previous force. "Don't try and tell me I'm wrong, I see into you as clearly as you've seen into me. You don't want to love people, and maybe that's where we can actually relate. Maybe that's what this comes down to. So Natalie, what matters to you more? Your life, or your career for V.O.L.K.E.?"

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Natalie was without words and stiffened as the boy across from her and lightly touched her hand. So many things were running through her head that she couldn't focus, couldn't think, couldn't breathe.. her chest tightened and the once mighty girl felt like she was going to explode. "Zach sent you," she said bluntly, more of a statement than a question. Without another word, Natalie pushed past him, running down the stairs. She actually cared about these people, however many there were, but sometimes in order to save her own life she needed to make sacrifices.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Renae would find the letter tomorrow when she awoke, telling her that Wren would find her a year from now. He explained little, but left her with the promise that she was among good people; people with whom she would be able to rely on. That he'd double checked the area, and knew that the only potential threat was the one he was about to leave with.
She wouldn't understand.
Then again, she never did.
But it would have to do.

She would be the sacrifice Wren would make, to save his people.
She was the sacrifice.

Wren lunged after Natalie, expecting her sudden flight. Grabbing her wrist in his grasp, he yanked her back and slammed her against the wall; angling his body so that even if she were to back kick him she could do nothing. "Just so you know, I've taken the privilege of installing a little device somewhere in my body that will keep you from freezing me like you did before. A friendly chat with your fellow mind reader helped me to acquired that one." Wren left out the part that mentioned he would be incapacitated for twelve hours at some point in the following days, and would likely suffer from alternated chemical blood levels which could harm him in others ways; be it mental or physical.
All in due time however.
"If you make any sudden moves, or try and warn someone, I will light you up like a dry twig and hold you while you char to death. I don't care if I have to take the whole bloody place with you. Got me? Now; we're going to waltz out of this place peacefully, and you're not going to say a thing. We're going to find a friend of mine from hell, and then get you into a place that suits... you."

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Natalie screamed unconsciously, grunting as it cut off with a swift slam into the wall. She gasped to catch her breath and fought against Wren as he spoke. Her cheek was pressed into the old brick, cold and rough. "F-fuck!" She yelled and yanked, completely powerless. Nat knew something like this would happen, she knew that Zach and Lila and Victor were gone for good not because of V.O.L.K.E., but because of her. They left her because she was a liability, and now she'd pay for that.

At his threat--no, most likely a promise-- she quieted, the only sounds being her shallow breathing and occasional muttered profanity. Nodding, she agreed to her unavoidable fate. Natalie tried pushing off the wall so she could at least regain a little bit of her dignity back, but that wasn't acceptable, apparently, as the grip tightened on her wrist.

"They'll find out," Nat said finally, eyes closed and face pressed to the wall, "V.O.L.K.E., I mean."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "I know," Wren whispered over her shoulder, "I'm planning on it." He said the last part with a maddened look in his eyes, one of someone who had been pushed to far. "Maybe you wont see the sense in this now, and you sure wont later, but just for the record---I think we would have been friends if you weren't such a selfish brat." With that he pulled her away from the wall, keeping a firm grasp on her wrist as he lead her downstairs.

Though he had been worried, Natalie didn't put up a protest in the way he thought she would. Despite having an ill temper, she said nothing as they past the guards at the front door. For the most part, they seemed to be bored silly---on the verge of semi-sleepful-consciousness.

It was raining when they fell into the street, the night sky devoid of life. After hailing down a cab, Wren handed the driver a note and then settled into the seat. "We're going to have to get something to eat. I hope you like Chinese."
Why did he eat Chinese constantly? The Asian employees who worked there could care less about American hackers, as far as they were concerned: if you paid, they fed you.

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Wren's breath tickled the top of her ear and she grimaced, straining to get away from him. "They'll find you--" she started, but stopped herself. I don't care about him. I don't give a damn. His words stung, every syllable a stab in the chest. Nat stumbled away from the wall, a little clumsy down the stairs, and kept her face impassive as they walked out of the one place that she would probably be safe in.

The next thing she knew they were in a cab, which smelled faintly of cheap perfume and Febreze. Nat yanked her wrist free from Wren's grip, glancing down at it while he talked. There was a ring of chafed, red wrist, still warm to the touch, and it only further instilled a sense of dread within her. "I don't give a shit about what we eat." Natalie muttered, discreetly looking at the door next to her. She could easily unlock the door and make a run for it, but with the taxi going 40 and the rainy weather, and her apparent ineffectiveness with Wren.. it wouldn't work. There'd be no point; he would fry her in an instant.

Nat made sure to keep her distance, but not make it blatantly obvious. There was a small amount of space between them, enough to keep her from being burned but close enough to not make her seem.. scared? Scared. I'm not scared. I'm pissed, and I have every right to be.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren let her rip her hand free from him; that was fine, he had no need to keep her in line with him now. He couldn't help a sense of guilt that gently prodded him. Even though she wasn't exactly a saint, he felt as though this abduction was somehow wrong. Of course, that would be the human side of him. The one that still cared.
"Well, I'm glad you wont object then. If you don't want any, I'll spare myself the cost." Not that he needed money, Wren had pretty much transferred whatever he needed into various bank accounts he had set up over the last year. The fact that they were untraceable to him made them even more perfect, yet he could only use an account once before he would trash it.

He noted the fact that she moved further away, but didn't really care. Her emotions rolled off her in waves anyway, he would know if she planned to jump. Unless she somehow learned to control her feelings.

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((Sorry for my super delayed replies! School was called off for us tomorrow and I've been studying for finals next week... meaning I'm probably going to end up rping and studying all day tomorrow too lol))

Natalie kept to herself, looking out the window and rubbing her wrist. They had gotten pretty far from the Sally, and it almost seemed as though they were too far. The taxi was still in Chicago, she knew that for a fact, but the distance they had traveled in such a short period of time was astonishing.

"Where are we going?" Nat asked with more than curiosity in mind. She needed to know; she needed to orient herself.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "If I told you that, I would be an idiot." Wren replied in a sarcastic tone of voice, cocking an eyebrow in her direction.

The car pulled into a fast food drive, and the driver exchanged a few words with the employee who popped his head out of the window. Soon the smell of piping hot noodles, and sweet sauce filled the taxi as the driver pulled out of the stop.

Wren offhandedly offered Natalie a box of noodles, holding it towards her. "You don't have to eat, but I suggest you do. You've eaten nothing but meds since yesterday, it'll catch up to you when you're less angry with me and actually start to notice."

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"You're already an idiot," she snapped, grabbing the box of noodles from his hand. They smelled sweet and tangy and was complete with a pair of chopsticks haphazardly stuck in them. Natalie didn't trust him --she didn't know why she ever had-- and eyed the box before hesitantly taking a bite. The flavors were what she expected, noodles soft and slighly spicy, heat dancing on her tongue. "If you were smart, the windows would be tinted and even then, I'd be thrown in the trunk, tied up. I know that I might not have any neurological effects on you but I'm still trained in combat."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments "Honey," Wren began after pausing to swirl a clump of noodles around his chop stick. "If I cared if anyone saw you, I'd burn your pretty face up to avoid questions."
He was trying to scare her, but Natalie didn't have to know that. Wren couldn't imagine burning off her face to avoid speculation, but it was what came to his lips---so he didn't hesitate. If she didn't have a face, who would really care in the end who she was. No one would want her after that. Not even V.O.L.K.E. as you couldn't exactly have an agent with burn marks from their own kind, regardless of the fact that it was to identifiable.
For the most part however, he doubted anyone would be looking for her yet. "I need your coat, hand it over." Wren said suddenly, eying her without remark.

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