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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
Derek has been on his craze on talking about this character, and I know he really wants a thread to just spill his theories to everybody. So here it is! Anyway, this is not just for Derek, spill your theories, doubts, and opinions. I'm going to do it! So why not you? I will really like to know! So, c'mon type away.

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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
I'm terrified, to say the least. This can go horribly wrong, and then, again, it can go perfectly right. I can see how it can go horribly wrong, but I cannot see how this can possibly be done right. I wouldn't have doubted a second if it wasn't for Blood of Olympus. And how much I ended up despising that book.

Really, the only thing I want from Rick Riordan right now is CLOSURE! And it seems like it's not going to happen with Magnus Chase. I'm not excited for this book. I'm nervous, scared, and anxious. TT-TT I really hope this book isn't going to be like The Blood of Olympus.

message 3: by Derek (new)

Derek | 55 comments Ehh, I'm kinda in the same boat. While I liked BOO, I think there could have been a lot more to make the story better.

I really have no interest to read this book, just posted the links and the info for everyone else.

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Mya | 1562 comments Mod
Really?!?! How aren't you interested?!?!

message 5: by Derek (last edited Nov 09, 2014 11:35PM) (new)

Derek | 55 comments I'm strange like that. I loved Percy Jackson, but wasnt really interested in reading the Kane series at all. (Too much StarGate growing up I guess. I liked what I had thought of as current Egypt gods and didn't want to change) the moment I learned of a cross over book, then my OCD part yelled "Hey! New Percy book, but I'll be damned if I will read it until I know all characters!" Suddenly Kane was the next on my list. Plus I don't like waiting for things on cliff hangers anymore. Maybe if there is a Percy Magnus cross over, or maybe once they are all out, then I will read them.

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 8 comments They actually referenced him in BOO
They were talking about annebeth's father who had a brother and they didn't get along very well.

I actually didn't hate the ending of BOO but I didn't like it . It was.... Ehhh... I did like the ending with Leo.
Though seriously you don't have any chapters with Percy. The character that made ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!! This ending could have worked but Rick was rushed(( he had a year but that isn't always enough time.)) by us so he had to hurry his ideas into ink. Well that's what I think. The idea was good but it's finished product was so-so.

All I know about Magnus chase is that it's a older person who deals with the gods of Asgard. Am I correct or I am incorrect.

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 8 comments If it is that Magnus is a adult who has adventures with the asgardians then... OH GODS NO... Or OH GODS YES... See it will be great if Rick does a good dark serious character who maybe is also witty and sarcastic but still dark. I do not think Rick is capable of that.

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 8 comments With the characters he writes and the flaws in Reyna and the utter utter TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION OF NICO in BOO I do not think he can do it

inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 8 comments He does.

He lives rather close about an hour maybe an hour and a half to me maybe I should hitch a bus ride to his house then teach him how to write dark.

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inactive account (supernerdgavin) | 8 comments Then 2 minutes later my out of shape pale skinny self will collapse

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BlackStar103 {Lost Track How Many Coffins I've Bu} (blackstarytc) | 3 comments Super Nerd Gavin wrote: "If it is that Magnus is a adult who has adventures with the asgardians then... OH GODS NO... Or OH GODS YES... See it will be great if Rick does a good dark serious character who maybe is also witt..."

I liked it when Nico snapped, but honestly I was expecting more DEATH. More venom. More of the dark side of Hades.

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