Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General Killing Patton question

Patrice Batyski Patrice Nov 03, 2014 07:30AM
How can you possibly nominate Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Patton" as a best historical book. His book on Lincoln is bannex from the Ford Theater because it is so filled with factual errors. I am sure he hasn't changed his writing operandus.

I have and read over 50 books on Patton
O'Reilly is doing a good job of letting you know the ins and outs of what was going on.
I recommend Wilcox's book TARGET PATTON
To get the truth out of non-fiction you gotta read a lot about the subject.... not just getting one opinion. Read a enormous amount about it and form your own opinion...
Don't just trust one opinionated asshole view on the subject.
Maybe read a fiction book about the subject and get the research a fiction writer's process demands to get the most truth if you are going to just read one book.
I have read biographies about Patton from those who both loved and hated him.
I must say Bill paints a picture of the people who had a lot to loose from Patton writing his memoirs or telling the truth about political decisions which elongated the war and cost lives of the sons of American voters.
We only won 1/2 of WW2... the Russians = as bad as the Germans - had eastern Europe. History proved Patton right... who knows, if Americans weren't tired of the war maybe we could have done the right thing.
I would love to correspond about this == it is a fascinating topic to me.
One non-fiction book alone is not the way to build your opinion.

what really happened: I saw what it was up against and made my choice

*Dugard did most of the legwork...O'Reilly's mostly a voice

I have not read a lot of books on Patton, but I have read a lot of books about Lincoln and O'Reilly's book was pretty accurate for the most part. Yes, in every non-fiction book there are lines that the author adds, because of information lost to the ages or deemed as classified, etc. Either way this was a good read that in about a week.

A good book but very one-sided. O'Reilly has little good to say about Eisenhower and Bradley. For a little balance on Ike, read Ambrose. He is critical of Ike in some cases but positive about him overall. Yes, read more than one book on a subject for a better perspective.
In the end, I suspect O'Reilly invented a conspiracy where there really wasn't one.

Greg Stillwagon I have read 50 + books on Patton... there might well have been a conspiracy (or two) read Wilcox's book "Target Patton". Too many political and OTHER ...more
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Patrice Batyski O'Reilly's book on Lincoln was so full of errors that the Ford Theatre will not sell it.
In his book on Killing Kennedy, he claims he was at the door w
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