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Fill out the following form to become a moderator.

Your name

Why you want to be a moderator

Your previous moderator experience

How active you can be

Any ideas you have for the group

Will you or have you invited people to the group

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ImYourWorstNightmare (Call me Night or Nightmare)

Cause im awesome that way! Haha, but seriously... I love being able to watch over the group and help anyone who needs it. I think im a fairly good mod if I say so myself. Also I could contribute ideas!

I have been a mod in a few previous groups, two of witch are still active.

I am on every weekday after school. On weekends im usually on in the mid-afternoon and late nighttime. ((Rocky Mountain Time Zone))

I have some different locations and mini plot type things in my head.

I plan on inviting all of my friends!

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Awesome thanks!

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You're welcome!

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Aurora | 161 comments Mod
Name: Aurora

Why you want to be a moderator: This group looks like it'll be a lot of fun :) A few groups I've been in have died, which really disappointed me, so being a mod would let me have more of a chance to keep groups I love alive.

Previous Moderator Experience: I'm a mod for a few groups, and have created one of my own which has just started off.

How active you can be: I'm on Eastern Australia time and am online a little during school, and after school for a while. I'm usually on every day but of course a few things pop up occasionally.

Any ideas you have for the group: Depends on what you want ideas for. If you ask me something I can get my imagination running and think up stuff. :)

Will you or have you invited people to the group: Not yet but I will.

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