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Cillian was in the library - like he always was - with a book crammed into his face and piles of other books surrounding him at all sides. They were all thick tomes by famous and intelligent authors, and all of them were about Mathematics and technology. Cillian loved everything about those two subjects and being the son of Athena only made him crave for every bit of information more.

Sitting at a table with his shoulders hunched and nose in the book he was reading, Cillian paid no attention to everything around him. Not that there were many people in the library. Most of the other students only took whatever they needed and left the place in a hurry. They all thought the short - and very, very old - librarian was scary, but Cillian never thought so. She treated him kindly - or so he liked to think - because of his love for books apparently.

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Etta was practically dying from the weight of the heavy books. She dropped them at the nearest table with a relieved sigh but let go too quickly. One of the thick and ancient books fell down. She rolled her eyes and carelessly picked it up, earning a scowl from the librarian hovering.

"Sorry not sorry." She muttered under her breath, flipping her long dark hair back. She liked books, but not these ancient, fat ones she had to read for her studies.

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Cillian barely moved even when he heard the loud thud and the librarian's hisses. He just ignored it and continued scanning the pages, translating the words from Greek to English with lightning speed. Flipping the page, his hand reached out to his calculator sitting on the table and punched numbers into it, his eyes darting back and forth between the book and the calculator. He was practicing the art of Mathematics Manipulation, and a mere thud wasn't going to distract him from it.

After a minute of rapid reading, calculating and flipping pages, Cillian closed the book and slid it across the table and over its edge. The thick tome fell and landed at the top of the stack of books beside the table which Cillian had created after spending thirty minutes in the library. He moved on to the next book which looked even more thicker and older than the one before. Without hesitating, he flipped it open and began scanning the pages once again.

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Etta rolled her eyes and glared at the guy next to her. She didn't like people around her when she was reading. She tried to concentrate but she must've been in a bad mood because the mere sound of him flipping pages so frantically annoyed her.

"Oh my god, can't you, just, like read quietly?" She exclaimed.

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Cillian finally looked up from his book to raise his eyebrow at the girl who'd dropped her book moments before. "I'm sorry," he said, rolling his eyes from behind his spectacles, sarcasm dripping from his words, "I didn't know my mere flipping would be enough to distract you. Maybe you'd like me to breathe once every five minutes, too? I mean, my breathing is so loud." He then returned to reading his book, not bothering to slow his flipping.

He tried not to glance back up at her from in between the stacks of books on the table, but he couldn't help it. She really did look pretty. Like some of his sisters, who were as beautiful as goddesses - and who he'd killed.

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"Yes your breathing is quite loud, funny you should notice." Etta flipped her hair behind. "Also, staring at me won't give you the ability to look through my clothes."

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Cillian scoffed, turning away from her and back to the pages of his book. He breathed in once and immediately said, "Oh I'm sorry that must have bothered you very much." When he breathed out, he said again, this time with more sarcasm, "Oh look, I can't seem to stop breathing. So maybe you should start dealing with it." He ignored her second comment, slightly embarrassed that she noticed him looking.

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"Or maybe you should stop being an asshole." Etta shrugged, trying to open the belt of the book.

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"If breathing makes me an asshole, what about fishes? Mice? Shrews? We breathe at twelve to sixteen breaths per minute. Mice breathe at ninety-five to one hundred and sixty breaths per minute. Shrews breathe at one hundred and forty to one hundred and seventy breaths per minute. So mice are - what? - ten times more asshole-ish than I am?" Cillian asked, faking a curious expression as he held his breath. "Oh look, now I'm breathing slower than you are. I guess you're a bigger asshole then." He shot her a sarcastic smile.

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She rolled her eyes. "Breathing doesn't make you an asshole, asshole, your attitude does. That's how idiotic you are. And I don't mind being an asshole to other asshole, thank you very much." She grinned right back

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"Well, I guess there are more types of people in this world than I thought. There are people who think how you act shows your attitude. Others think that your appearance reflects your attitude, if you look like an asshole, you're an asshole. Then there's you. Who thinks if you flip your pages really quickly, breathe really loudly and is smarter than her, you're an asshole." He said, grinning as if he was proud of himself. "You know, if I were to pick someone to make my decisions, I wouldn't pick you 'cause your judgement clearly sucks." He shook his head, giving her a smug look.

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"And I guess scientists were wrong when they said that the world is made up of only neutrons, electrons and protons. They forgot MORONS." She rolled her eyes. "And who says you're smarter than me? Also, you seem to be so stupid you need others to make your decisions. How immature."

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"I'm glad you finally acknowledge your own existence. That's awfully important for something as small as you. I'm sorry the scientists left you out because they thought you were too inferior. But down let that get you down, one day you'll be half as smart as I am and finally be considered a decent being," Cillian gave her a fake sympathetic look which got switched for another grin when he replied to her other remarks, "You're still trying to open the belt of your book - pull it harder, dumbass, you had it on the right side on your first try - so it'd be some time before I start to take you seriously. And is that jealousy I hear? It doesn't mean that because you didn't win the race, they're stupid for holding it."

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"I'm glad that you're at least a few spaces away from me, given you didn't brush your teeth this morning. As for the morons thingy, you seem to be so stupid, you actually didn't seem to see that you're insulting yourself. You're also very stupid to think you're smarter than me, given I've been here much longer than you have and also, if you know just a tiny bit of science, we all have the same size of brains, but it only matters how much we use it."

((sorry I have a horrible headache, I can't think of much comebacks xD))

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(You there?)

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Cillian sighed, shaking his head. "I was just interpreting whatever you said to be closer to the truth that you meant it to be," he said, faking a disappointed look. "You know, you should really stop using the word stupid. Think of something else. Like, fool. Imbecile. I guess even the word idiot isn't even in your vocabulary." He rolled his eyes. "Yeah and I'm pretty sure I'm using my brain more as I read this advanced stuff while you're still stuck down there."

[[ Sorry for the extremely long wait I completely forgot about this. >.< Which classes do Etta take? ]]

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Hayley was in the restricted section, looking for that book her dad wanted. She was making a mess, using magic to take out books and put them back. She suddenly got frustrated and she made all the books on the shelf fall off.

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sage | 144 comments Austin leaned against a bookshelf playing on his iPhone. He usually went here to take kill people because he thought people that went to the library were vulnerable and didn't know how to fight. Easy kill. After he was slapped by a book... He wasn't so sure. He heard a crash behind him and he turned around to see what it was.

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Hayley cursed because none of the books that she made fall off the shelf were it either. How the hell does she even find a book like that? There had to be hundreds!

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sage | 144 comments He walked over to the pile of books that now lay on the floor. "Amazing, a witch tantrum!" He clapped sarcastically. "So I'm guessing you're looking for... a book?" He raised an eyebrow in a mocking way.

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"No, I lost a potion behind that shelf, yes, I'm looking for a d*mn book," the books lifted off the ground and back in there places. If she wasn't quiet again, a librarian would come check on her and no one's supposed to be back there.

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sage | 144 comments Austin tapped his chin, as he thought about her words. "I would ask you what book it is but," He looked up, his red eyes glowing. "I don't care, then again I want, to see where this is going to go so carry on." He said laughing.

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A book slammed into his face before he finished the last two words. She turned around and walked to another part of the restricted section.

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sage | 144 comments Austin groaned as his jaw stung from the spot where the book had hit him. "If I had a nickle every time I was hit by a book, I'd two nickles," He said, rubbing his jaw. "It's not a lot... but that's sad it's happened twice." He groaned as he followed her.

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Another book slammed into his face as one shelf full of books was taken out. She let one fall on his leg, "now you'd have 4 and quit following me. Go away."

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sage | 144 comments ((Just so you know... he can sense danger, and that's technically dangerous so the other two shouldn't have hit him o_o))

Austin touched his heart as if her words had hurt him. "No thanks, I need something to do. This adds some excitement." He retorted, laughing maniacally. He nodded, his hair falling over his eyes.

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((Oh okay xD))

"I'll just ignore you for now," her jaw clenched because she was in a hurry an this guy was just annoying. The longer she took the more angry her dad got and she coudln't waste time chatting it up with some random dude she doesn't even know.

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sage | 144 comments ((Be right back))

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((Tyt[Take Your Time]))

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments Eris walked in and looked at all the books. "I love libraries..." She said as a small smile appeared on her face.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments "Come on, come on, it has to be here!" Eris said as she scrolled her fingers against the bindings of the books.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments "Hey! I need that!" Eris said in a quite voice.

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sage | 144 comments ((Just always gotta still de place...)))

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sage | 144 comments "People can't ignore me," Austin laughed as he turned around, his back facing her. "I'm like a bad dream -- a nightmare." A wide grin spreading across his face revealing rows of sharp teeth.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments ((sorry. :())

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sage | 144 comments ((Nah, I was just kidding :3))

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments ((want to rp here with me?))

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sage | 144 comments ((I only have Primrose now... she's an elf.))

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"That would only be true if I got nightmares," Hayley shot Austin a look. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's scared of anything. She turned her back to him and moved on.

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sage | 144 comments Austin snorted. "Everyone's scared of something," He turned around, catching the look she gave him and returning it with a mocking, seductive smirk. "It just takes some longer to figure it out." His eyes glowed red with amusement as he glanced over at her.

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"I'm not afraid of anything. I don't even feel much, let alone fear,"

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sage | 144 comments "I guess we'll see about that," Austin grinned, now wanting to know more about her. Walking up behind her, he traced the spine of a book. "So, what book are you looking for?" He said, looking at her for a moment and then directing his attention back to the book.

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"That's none of your business," she said when she realised she'd been talking too much instead of look. Her dad will be angry.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod

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sage | 144 comments "People are so rude; I offer help, and this is what happens," He gestured to her. "This is why I eat them." He explained, laughing mockingly. "So what's your name?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

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"You don't need to know that," she walked away.

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sage | 144 comments Austin sighed, then smirked. "You have an unnatural amount of sass I have noticed," He nodded, closing his eyes. "Is there anything you would tell me?" He opened his eyes, now a light red.

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"No," Hayley turned to another rack.

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sage | 144 comments Austin traced the stitches on his neck, as he thought. "Hm, I'll just call you TW for The Witch," He laughed. "Anyway, my names Austin." He caught up with her, sticking his hand out for him to shake it, cutting her off from the books.

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