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Appearance [use image]:






All characters must be approved by moderators!

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Just use links if there's an error image, and here's the format, just in case: <.img src="put link here"/>
Without the period

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Just, give us the picture and then it'll be approved ;)!!

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Name: Archer Black

Nickname: -

Age: 18

Appearance: description

Powers: spell casting, telekinesis, teleportation, levitaion, conjuration.

Careers: Owns the Local Gym and is a rapper. Owns a couple of restaurants.

History: He's been through alot, everyone around him being killed as he watched. His mother was the only one left and instead of protecting him and being a mother she became a drug addict. She one day disappeared and she hasn't been back since. No one's seen her and everything that went on affected Archer more than he let on.

Family: Dead.

Other: He's rich, from inheritance and he's an arrogant jerk.

Likes: rapping, money and girls.

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I thought he was a demon...

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ohhhhhhh ok

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Yeh xD. I switched the names xD.

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Ok, so now Archer's a warlock?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Yeh xD.

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