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Appearance [use image]:






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Can someone remind me what this is. I'm too lazy to look it up and I know, but don't remember

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A Siren can take different forms to lure compels people of the opposite sex to destroy themselves as a show of devotion, or to their death. Sirens are creatures that have two forms, like many other creatures, to be able to deceive typical humans - being their true form is that of an ugly monster with no hair and unhuman features. However, they hide it by transforming into what their victims desire. Through physical contact, they can infect people with some sort of "essence", which is composed by oxytosin, a hormone that is produced during childbirth, lactation, and sex, and called the "love hormone". Victims show a high level of oxytosin amount on their blood. After being infected, humans desperately depends on the siren and would do anything, as if they were controlled by it. The victim will only want the siren's current form and do what it desires as a show of devotion - if the siren wants its victims to kill someone, they will do it. However, the effect of the "essence" does not last too much, as the victim can recover complete consciousness of their acts after hours of being infected.

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Sorry about the language in that above , all I did was copy and paste it!

Name: Dakota Rye Blye

Nickname: Kota

Age: 17

Appearance [use image]:

History: Dakota belongs to a group of sirens who appear to be the only beautiful sirens in the world, no one knows that they are sirens because of they're beautiful nature and looks. Dakota has lived with her aunt and uncle who are both Beauty Sirens and they take care of Dakota like she is they're own. When Dakota began growing up, Dakotas aunt began teaching her how to use her powers, and so did her uncle, Dakota began to go pro with. Her powers and know upholds her duty as Head Beauty siren.

Mother- Julia Cameron Blye {{ Deceased }}
Father- Raymond Harper Blye {{ Deceased }}
Aunt- Charloette Ryan Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas current caregiver }}
Uncle- Joseph Gregory Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas second caregiver }}
- Alex Corner Blye {{ Deceased }}
- Jordan Hamilton Blye {{ Deceased }}
- Nathan Radley Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas oldest brother }}
- Haley Margret Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas younger sister }}
- Dean Volton Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas oldest Cousin }}
- Ray Keith Blye {{ Alive, Dakotas Look alike (( Literally)) }}

Dakota has the power over land, like causing earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, she's also has the ability to Shapeshift into any human or animal.

Other: none

- Damage
- Evil
- Nature
- Destroying places
- Earthquakes
- Tsunamis
- Hurricanes

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Thanks yous a bunches Darlin'!

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