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Appearance [use image]:






All charries must be approved by a mod before rping with it!!

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Name: Jezbel

Nickname: Jezzie

Gender: Female

Age/Birthday: 18

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Powers: When Jezzie was resurrected she was left with strange powers of psionic, the ability to persuade someone.

Personality: Jezzie used to be a cheery, bright girl but after she was resurrected she was quiet, depressing as well as very vague.

History: Jezzie died in a car crash when she was 18. However, since her death was untimely, her witch grandmother (foster) brought Jezzie back to life. In return, the grandmother died.

Family: NONE

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Why Tizzy! It'll be sooooooooooo weird for me to Role Play with her!

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xD What?

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You know that's MY name

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Name info

[Full name----] Alexander Hart Huntsman

[Nickname(s):] Alex or Ali


Age and appearance Info

[Age:] 17
[Age appearance:] 15
[Date of birth:] March 16, 1999
[Time of birth:] 3:40 Am
[Place of birth:] St. Paul MIN
[ Hair color:] brown
[ Hair Length:] short
[ Hair style:] jock style
[ Eye coloring:] blue
[ Dressing style:]


Biography info

{Gender:} Male
{Personality:} Hes a very funny, cool, romantic kind of guy
{sexuality:} Straight
- He sometimes bites on his bottom lip (( adorably of course))

Love affairs info

[Crush:] None yet
[Current Boyfriend:] none
[Current Girlfriend:] none
[Current relationship status:] Single
[ Current Wife/Husband:] none
[ Deceased Wife/husband:] none
[Currently seen with:]
- Some of his friends
- Derek Larkson
- Daniel Ryans
[Enemies:] none yet


Family info

{Mother} Hannah Huntsman
{Father} George Huntsman
{ Siblings}
- Keith Huntsman
- Marcus Huntsman


hospital records

[Blood type:] Type a


Additional info

[Species:] human
[Allergies:] none
[Distinguishing Marks:] none
[Race:] Italian
[Religion:] none
[Occupation:] none
[Skills,Talent, and Abilities:]
- he's excellent at everything sporty
- he's also good at singing.

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What about powers?

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Stephanie | 96 comments Name: Emma

Nickname: Em

Age: 19

Appearance [use image]:





History: Dying at 19 in her own birthday party in a car accident, Emma's been lingering around in her normal, witty, smart form, not bothered by the fact she's a ghost.

ella never had a difficult past. Her parents were wealthy antique-collectors and she was always the partying type right until the car accident, where she was driving to her own birthday party, drunk. A siren tried to get her to the institute, but she passed away at the gates which is why she became a ghost.

Family: All deceased And I'm too lazy


None except telepathy



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Can you add a bit more to history, plz?

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Stephanie | 96 comments done

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Okay that's good. She's approved =))

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