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Puddingtalk (Marie) (puddingtalk) If I am flirting with a guy, and he flirts with me back, do not try to make conversation with us. This is me and my future bae. Not me and you. Not you and I. I'm trying to get laid; you should do a little thing called MINDING YOUR OWN DAMN BIDNESS AND FUCK THE FUCK OFF. Are you angry because I'm not giving you attention? Are you jealous? First of all, why would you go through the trouble? You cockblocking me will not make me like you. Quite the opposite actually. It makes me want to cut off your genitals, cook them with some A1 sauce, and feed them to gerbils. Lesson to be learned here?

Don't fuck with me and future bae.

Sincerely, Marie.

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((Hey for the sake of certain people, can you please change the title of this? Thank you,))

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