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Wrong author

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message 1: by Mladen (new)

Mladen Trpčevski (mladen-trpcevski) | 49 comments Somehow this guy became a Goodreads author, but he modified an already existing author with the same name! He is NOT the author of "The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy" - the true author is Joshua Holland from AlterNet!

message 2: by Nan (new)

Nan (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments I've made another profile for him. He is Joshua^^Holland, ^= 1 space.

message 3: by Mladen (new)

Mladen Trpčevski (mladen-trpcevski) | 49 comments Wrong. There are already two people who were fans of the AlterNet author, but have thereby become fans of the Goodreads author. The point is to make a new profile for the Goodreads author and return the AlterNet author back to his original profile.

message 4: by Nan (last edited Nov 01, 2014 05:16PM) (new)

Nan (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments The thing is that that author already claimed Joshua^Holland as his GR profile. I can't do anything about this, and the only solution that I am capable of doing is to make an entirely different profile for Joshua Holland from AlterNet.
I think we should wait for a more experience librarian opinion.

message 5: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Because a claimed profile is involved, only an employee can do anything (if there's even anything to be done at this point).

message 6: by Mladen (new)

Mladen Trpčevski (mladen-trpcevski) | 49 comments OK, I will then send a message to those two fans and tell them to change their favorite author.

message 7: by E.A.G. (new)

E.A.G. E.A.G. (eagodwin) | 2 comments I have just added my book and there is another author with the same name. E.A.G. I wrote Clans of Tafackar: The War Begins. I was wondering if that could be fixed and only connect the specified to my own profile. Thanks!

message 8: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments #7 - Done.

Moved the other book to "E.A. G." since it is the only way to differentiate when everything is initials.

Also, added the cover to your book that amazon had.

You can claim your Author Profile by following the link below.

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