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Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death (The Grantchester Mysteries #1)
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David Gooch | 3961 comments Mod

This is a spoiler thread for the November Book Group Read
Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death by James Runcie

Post in here if you wish to comment on the book and discuss details that may spoil or give away important or pertinent details for those who haven't read or finished the book yet.

message 2: by Judith (new)

Judith | 560 comments I have just got this book from the library. I am in Canada visiting my family and haven't read the bookm yet.

Nancy | 3 comments I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the other Sidney Chamber books. Some readers don't like the separate stories, but there is continuity, so not really short stories. I look forward to reading more by Runcie.

message 4: by Judith (new)

Judith | 560 comments I am recording the TV plays based on these books for when I get home, they really are good

message 5: by Bill (new) - added it

Bill Kupersmith | 548 comments Mod
p29 Oh please, let's not have what kind of whisk(e)y Stephen was supposed to have been drinking be a clue & if you hear me saying I'm drinking bourbon, call 911!

message 6: by Bill (new) - added it

Bill Kupersmith | 548 comments Mod
Afraid I'm DNF on this one after 1 story even though I love the setting but despite the MC's profession there doesn't seem to be much spirituality in this one. To be fair, that's true of many stories with clerical sleuths, but for me Susan Howatch sets the bar. As a mystery story this one seems awfully old-fashioned (pre-Dorothy Sayers). The wrong whisk(e)y clue is very dated & Scotch vs. Irish too obvious. If it'd been Jameson instead of Bushmill's the clue would have been subtler. The 'Dear John' letter posing as a suicide note is also common - encountered it in a book I recently finished. The details of Chambers's life as a CofE clergyman were spot on - as you'd expect given Runcie's pedigree - but both the villainess & the victim's other mistress have obviously some serious spiritual issues that ought @ least to be probed further. It's not a bad book & if you've a train to catch . . . but life gets shorter & shorter & I'd best spend my time with books of more artistic & spiritual value.

message 7: by Judith (new)

Judith | 560 comments I'm on my 2nd one The Perils of the Night and enjoying it as much as the 1st. They are delightful books and I think quirky too.

AngryGreyCat (angrygreycatreads) | 558 comments I just couldn't get into this for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe it is just my mood right now? I did set it aside to maybe try again at another time.

message 9: by Judith (new)

Judith | 560 comments They are different I know, I think it is this that I enjoy, there is a quiet feeling about the stories and I really like that.

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