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What Are You Reading for November, 2014

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Let everyone know what you are reading for November! Post comments and suggestions here.

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Eva Weil (eva_weil) | 2 comments I'm currently reading "The Bookman's Tale" by Charlie Lovett. I'm really enjoying it so far!

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Jillian (jilliemae) | 35 comments I am reading the graphic novel, "My Friend Dahmer" by Derk Backderf. It's a really great novel, and I would highly recommend it if you're never read a graphic novel. It's written/illustrated by a guy who went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer and discusses his high school years. It's not scary or upsetting, per se, but it does delve into his troubled childhood. It would be a great read for an adult, or a teenager because it does address typical issues that high schoolers deal with today. It does a good job of making you reflect on how, as a teenager, he maybe wasn't so different from others of his age, and if changing certain factors, such as parental intervention, would have prevented him from becoming a serial killer.

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