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Splinter of the Mind's Eye (Star Wars)
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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Greetings Space Opera Fans!

Just in time for the big, year-long ramp-up for Episode VII, our READER PICK for November is the Star Wars tie-in novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean Foster.

Splinter of the Mind's Eye (Star Wars) by Alan Dean Foster Alan Dean Foster

"Luke Skywalker expected trouble when he volunteered to follow Princess Leia on her mission to the planet Circarpous. But he discovered that hidden on the planet was the Kaiburr crystal, a mysterious gem that would give the one who possessed it such powers over the Force that he would be all but invincible. In the wrong hands, the crystal could be deadly. So Luke had to find this treasure and find it fast...."

Are you reading Splinter of the Mind's Eye? Shout it out in the comments thread below to find out who else is reading it and discuss what you think about the book. Just remember to be kind ...use the spoiler .html (view spoiler) or open your own spoiler-filled discussion thread in the Book Buddies Club folder located w-a-y at the bottom of the main community page where you can discuss the book in spoilery goodness.

message 2: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) I remember reading this many, many moons ago. I remember little about it but for one thing... it captivated me and I stayed up until the wee hours to finish it! Looking forward to refresh my memory.

Another note, I don't read a lot of Star Wars novelizations. In fact, this is the ONLY one I've ever read.

message 3: by Ronnie (new)

Ronnie (ronnieb) | 321 comments Good lord... I haven't read this in YEARS.

The great grand-daddy of all original Star Wars fiction.
One of the first, if not THE first spin off novel.

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) This was my first foray into strong women sci-fi characters. Princess Leia was so much more of a pace-setter in this novel than in the Star Wars movies. Have to dig through my collection, but I think I passed this along to a friend like 17 house-moves ago :-)

Conal (conalo) | 143 comments This book has not really stood the test of time. While I had good memories of the first time I read this not long after it came out, my current re-read has surfaced quite a few glaring inaccuracies in this book. This was kind of a disappointment... I wouldn't rate this more than 2.5 stars and probably lower if I let myself think about it some more.

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