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message 1: by Ingrid, Just another writer. (new)

Ingrid | 930 comments Mod
Rise and shine, writers!

That's right, it's time. Millions of chariots are biding by the chalkline, glistening erect before a long and wide banner that embosses a gregarious celebration. It's what we've all been waiting for, chests thumped out, brows beating with furious anticipation. NANOWRIMO has officially begun.

Can you believe it? After several weeks of carefully sewing out story outlines, raising astronomical questions, and scurrying for writing companions, our moment has finally arrived! But yet some of you still have some deeply wound-in doubts. The emotions pacing through every individual's mind right now seem endless. Are you feeling queasy for this event? Nervous? Patriotic? Blooming with excitement? If any of these apply, then you are 1 step ahead in the biggest game of November. You are preparing yourself for what might be the most excruciating yet enjoyable rally ever. So draw your pens, fetch that archaic story kit of yours, and start bleeding words. Every paragraph, sentence, word, fragment counts. The veins of hesitation that currently rein through you will slink into their new body of armor soon: Writer's Block. And this fresh, new strain of your returning foe Will be bigger,Will be stronger, and Will lurk in your presence. It may have the will to beat you even. But it cannot impact your willpower to succeed. Before you a long and treacherous trail seamed with fallen debris, poisonous berries, and four-legged fatalities lurks. Before you the banner careening a holiday to remember subconsciously holds your destiny. And before you the chariots that will string together your words, your ideas, and your chapters will also help you tear along this scraggly racetrack, a bed of nightmares, fears, and obstacles of uncertainty. But by helping you tear along this field, you are splitting open the chapters of your new life. And you will uncover a you that you would have never thought possible. So brace yourself, and pump all the strength that you'll need for the ahead.

And just go.

Sent by Your Head Mod, Ingrid, on November 1st, 11:35 AM EST Time

message 2: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments How is everyone doing on the first day? I can't say I have started writing yet *glances guiltily at the blank Word document* but I can say I have a solid plan to. My in-person NaNo group is holding a kick-off party with a write in after later today so I figured what better way to start things than there!

message 3: by Carl (new)

Carl Good luck to everyone attempting Nanowramo '14!

I decided to take part two days ago, spent yesterday furiously scribbling down ideas and dove right in today!

I've written 1200 words of the final scene. I now need to work out how my characters are going to get there!

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) I decided to take part two days ago, and now find myself guiltily staring at a blank word document.
I didn't have the time I thought I would to get down all of my ideas ._.
Tonight will be a long one.

message 5: by Ingrid, Just another writer. (new)

Ingrid | 930 comments Mod
Awesome, and I hope everyone catches up!

As for me, I'm edging towards my writing book right now. I want to log in 1000 words, then slowly kick it up a notch the next day, and the next, till i reach my goal of 1700.

Shaunna McLaren (shaunnareads) Day two, and I'm behind already! I was working all day yesterday, and I'm feeling very uninspired today. I've managed 1314 words so far this evening. Hoping to get to at least 2000 before midnight, though.

I need someone to shout motivational things at me!

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