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The Borrowers (The Borrowers, #1)
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Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I have to say, I'm really excited about this one! I have seen the movies a couple of times, and found them delightful (if the graphics a bit cheesy in our more modern world), but I can't recall ever reading them, though I have several on my shelf. Looking forward to this fun children's adventure!

Melanie (mjnettle) I read the series in grade school but somehow never ended up reading this to my son when he was younger. I'm looking forward to the re-read of this classic.

Pallavi (bookfetisher) I finished this.... and i loved this. I had seen glimpses of the cartoon but never saw it completely. I am planning to watch that too. And also read the next books in the series :)

RachelvlehcaR (charminggirl) I never read the books but I have watched the movie a lot of times. It was my son's favorite for a while. I did see a few episodes of the cartoon but I never liked it. I'm half way through the books right now.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments I think that I may have seen this as a cartoon when I was a child. I recently moved and cannot find the book to finish it. So much unpacking to do.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I just picked this up and read it in a day. What a fun, imaginative read! I like the ambiguity of it: are they real, or aren't they? It's like the gremlins in electronics that are supposed to mess everything up, or that toys come to life when we leave the room. We love the idea that there really is something hiding those little things we lose, and what if they all ended up in the home of a little family under the floor? It's an adorable story, and I look forward to reading on in the series.

I can't remember, are there cartoons/films/tv series about the later stories, or just the first one?

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