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eBook Miner (ebookminer) | 544 comments Mod
Hello Members,

Here are the rules for our groups book of the month program.

1. The author of the book submitted must be a member of eBook Miner on Goodreads.
2. The submission synopsis/teaser must be <500 words and contain a link to the Goodreads listing.
3. Under no circumstances is the submission to contain any links to other sites such as Amazon/Barnes & Noble/iBook store/Smashwords etc...
4. All submissions must meet a minimum expected standard, this includes ensuring the book has been edited. We want the winning title to represent our group to the highest standard possible.
5. If you are selected as a finalist it is not acceptable to contact our members to leverage votes or persuade them to vote for your title. You are encouraged to invite non members to join and vote, however any self promoting to the existing membership is unacceptable and will not tolerated.
6. If your book is chosen as the winner it is your responsibility to supply the eBook Miner team with three formats (ePub/Mobi/PDF) within 48 hours of the poll closing.
7. In line with rule #5, it is unacceptable for the author to contact any voters directly regarding their review wording or score. By submitting your book for this program you accept that you are offering your work for free, in exchange for honest reviews from our groups members. Any reports of harassment or unprofessionalism will be swiftly resolved by the persons being removed from the group. No exceptions or negotiations with this rule will be entered into.

We take our programs seriously and we want all of this groups members to be comfortable in taking part in them. Any antisocial behavior, whether listed above or otherwise, will not be tolerated.

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone submitting their books!!!

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eBook Miner (ebookminer) | 544 comments Mod
Hi Luke,

Thanks for feedback. Ultimately it's not up to us as moderators to specify what should or should not go into a review, however in a situation whereby a review is posted and the content concerns the author we would encourage them to raise the concern with us so we can contact the member who posted it. Gross misconduct by the member would put that person into the same position as outlined for the author. We are about building a community of like minded, supportive people here and anyone that doesn't compliment that vision simply should not be a member.

EBM team

message 3: by Rose (new)

Rose | 2 comments I have some questions...If I want to vote for a BOTM do I wait until after the short-list? Can I vote before the short-list? How do I vote?

Sorry for being an idiot if these answers have already been provided. I've enjoyed being alerted of cheap and free book from eBook Miner and I would like to try reading/reviewing a BOTM.


message 4: by eBook (new)

eBook Miner (ebookminer) | 544 comments Mod
Hi Rose,

Voting takes place via a poll we setup after the shortlisted titles are announced. Typically we would broadcast a newsletter to the entire group with a link to the poll. If the title you vote for wins you are obligated to read and review it for the winning author however if you didn't vote for the winner, but you would still like to read and review the title you are welcome to!

message 5: by Rose (new)

Rose | 2 comments Thanks, that clears it up. I'm looking forward to giving a BOTM a whirl.

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