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Is Voldemort human? Is Tom Riddle? (say why if possible)
Shanti Shanti Oct 31, 2014 04:41PM
I think Tom Riddle stops being human when he decides he doesn't need love. Voldemort is not human.

When I read Voldemort's death in the final book, the moment he fell and was just a body on the ground, I felt like it really humanized him. I thought the point JK Rowling was making was that he was, even after all the atrocities he had committed, still just human.

That was actually one adaptation I didn't like in the movie, when he kind of came apart into the air and became nothing, it felt like it took away his humanity and made him some non-human creature. I loved how JK humanized him in death.

Tom Riddle is extremely human. He hides his feelings, just like some of us do, and cuts himself off from the world. Once he turns into Voldemort, he turns to be more creature than anything else.

I meant you know the diary, Tom Riddle. I didn't read carefully enough to evaluate.

Voldemort is part Horcrux right?

No, neither of them are 'human', as you say, because they do magic and shit.

he is gay

I don't think he decides not to love I think everything he did destroyed his ability to love.
As for if he was human or not yes he was. However after all those horcruxes (hope I spelt that correctly) I think he was less human. I think after spliting his soul that many times he was no longer human (your very less human).

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He was born human, but he stopped being human.

Human? Yes. You can be human without having a soul.

Tom Riddle is human but cannot love or experience most strong emotions because he was conceived under the effects of love potion. Thus, he is a human physically, but mentally he doesn't really understand human feelings. This leads him to killing to stay immortal, until he is no longer even a human physically because his already tainted soul is split.

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Voldemort was technically human- he had a soul, and a body- but that isn't to say that he was humane. He was incapable to feel any degree of love since birth, and in that sense had no genuine sense of progression. All he had was desire and ambition, which only left the world happier without him. It would have been better- both for Voldemort and everyone around him- if he had never been born.

There are two ways to look at this:
Is Voldemort human as opposed to another creature
or is Voldemort human, as in he's evil?

For me, I think Voldemort turned into something strange and not entirely like an actual human being because he used weird and dark magic to split his soul. Then he half-died and was kept alive by the horcruxes. This either made him even less human or just in another form.

On top of that, because he committed such horrendous crimes, he's evil and inhumane as well.

Tom Riddle is a Horcrux so he can't be alive, he is only a remnant of Voldemort. But, Voldemort is alive, but only just, because he ripped his soul so many times.

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