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2014 Books > November 2014 (Additional): Towards Zero

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message 1: by Mark Pghfan (new)

Mark Pghfan | 95 comments One of Christie's best books, at least of the ones without one of her usual detectives.

message 2: by Ecem (new)

Ecem I don't want to spoil people who haven't picked this one before but i can easily say that the murderer and her/his back story was incredible. This was my first Christie and it was awesome.

message 3: by Sarah. B (new)

Sarah. B Just started this one. Am enjoying it so far :-)

message 4: by Mark Pghfan (new)

Mark Pghfan | 95 comments If it is the character I'm thinking of, he was introduced very early in the book, though, admittedly not very prominent through the main part.

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