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would i like this book if i didn't care for wheel of time

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Benjamin i'm on book ten of wheel of time, and I just can't read it anymore. I heard the sanderson WOT books are way better so I bought the way of kings to see if he's a good writer would I enjoy this book if I thought most of wheel of time sucked

Johnny Du if it is the concept and world u didnt like or want more of, this is very different and the books are great.If its the way he/it is written i guess u can figure it out urself.

Dimitar Tosevski How do you not care about series if you at 10th book i would stop after the first book , Way of kings and words of radiance are great and it won't be as long as WOT 14 books i recommend reading it .

Benjamin lol I liked the first few books in wheel of time. but now i'm on cross roads of twilight and I just can't stand it really anymore. i'll still finish the series i'm sure, it's just at this point I need a break. the story is dragging so slow it's grueling. so far I love the way of kings i'm on page two hundred.

Raptori Actually Stormlight Archive is intended to be 10 books long. Not sure how long all of the WoT books are, but I think they're a couple of hundred less than the SA ones - which are 1200 and 1100 pages for the first two, with the sequels supposed to be similar - so actually it'll be longer than WoT in total.

I've never read WoT, since it never appealed to me for some reason, but SA is great imo, well worth reading :)

Vicki I've finished the first two books in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight series. Excellent! Now it is the waiting game for book three. Just like George R.R. Martin. Think I gave up on that series (song of Ice and Fire) though, not gonna re-read all those books. :( Sanderson is awesome so far and the Mistborn series is definitely worth a read also.

Beverly I recommend you read The Way of Kings. I read it and Words of Radiance. They are excellent.

I felt the same as you concerning WOT. I would not have finished the series had I not purchased all the books at one time based on the many rave reviews. After about the 4th or 5th book I wondered if those readers had read the whole series. Just to justify my purchase by finishing the series I started skimming pages and pages of long boring redundant scenes of braid pulling and man bashing and unimportant secondary characters in their own side stories.

However, Sanderson's books 12 and 13 picked up the story and made me interested to check out Sanderson's other works. Warbreaker was offered as a free download on his website. I like it and went on to purchase the first 3 books in the Mistborn series, then The Way of Kings followed by Words of Radiance. I loved them all.

Book 14 of Sanderson's WOT was a huge disappointment, by the way. It didn't seem like his writing and I later found out that most of the scenes in the last book had been prewritten by Jordan.

Arbré Écorce Warbreaker and Mistborn really help to set his world. They are great for eirly immersion in how he builds his worlds. You can tell that he knows how things are happening and they will make sense when he cares to explain how. He doesn't use as grand a scope as Jordan does but he does it way better than Jordan worked with his giant world where you never bothered to learn who most of the characters were.

Neal Simmons Completely different type of works. He finished Wot, sure, but all the magic and characters were determined by Jordan. The only Sanderson books I have been disappointed in were his non-Cosmere YA books, but that is probably just because his Cosmere works are that good. Most people I have read consider either Elantris or Warbreaker to be Sanderson's weakest Cosmere. I actually loved them both. Elantris is not as polished, but his weaker work is better than most other's strongest, at least from what I have read.

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Dimitar Tosevski RaptorSaur wrote: "Actually Stormlight Archive is intended to be 10 books long. Not sure how long all of the WoT books are, but I think they're a couple of hundred less than the SA ones - which are 1200 and 1100 page..."
But after the 5th book it will be other story with other characters as i read somewhere so it will be 5 books
And i read all WoT books and i liked them all if you ignore the braid pulling Nyneve was like 3rd fav character after Mat and Rand

Benjamin OMG I fucking loved THE WAY OF KINGS.... I want him to now write Thee Way kings book that's in the book

Tammy I really enjoyed the WoT however there were whole chapters I some of the books that Jordan could have left out. I found Saunderson refreshing as his writing is beautiful but more to the point. He moves the story at a better pace in my opinion. You should give Way of Kings a try, an amazing series so far.

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Jeff Brown Sanderson's non-WOT books are fairly different than Jordan's WOT books. I'd say the only similarity is that they are both REALLY LONG epic fantasy series. I don't think you can use Jordan's WOT books to judge Way of Kings. Way of Kings is still an unfinished story at this point, buy excellent so far - I'd say better than the first two WOT books. Sanderson's Mistborn books might be a better place to start - a bit shorter, and a complete story arc.

And as far as WOT goes - pretty much everyone agrees that "Crossroads of Twilight" was by far the worst WOT book. Check the goodreads ratings. It really was an awful book - really long and nothing happened. But it started getting better again with the next book, and I think Sanderson's books in the series were all pretty strong. I get taking a break, but it DOES get better again. If you are like me & started reading it in 1992, not finishing was not an option. The quality was spotty books 7-10, but CoT was the one book that actually felt like homework while reading. So - don't give up, it does end and things DO start to happen again!

Stephanie Once you read The Way of Kings there is no return to sub-par fantasy. He has ruined me for other authors.

Theodor Ammerind I did not like WOT. As you said, they are way to slow. 300 pages of nothing, then 200 of something, then 10 accually worth reading.
The Stormlight books tho, they are a beast! Took me 4 days to read them both. Great books, alot of lore, one of the most well thought thru magic systems, cool world to say the least and interesting characters.

Kevin Lombard Both Stormlight Archive books are excellent; Words of Radiance is amazing. Sanderson is unapologetic regarding Jordan's influence on both him as a writer, and his desire to write his own epic 10 volume series. That said, the 2 series have very little in common. Sanderson is, for my money, an unmatched world builder and has the most creative and intricate magic systems in modern fantasy. I personally can't recommend anything by him enough, but if you haven't read either Stormlight volume yet, put The Way of Kings at the top of your to-read list with confidence.

Alicia The Wheel of Time suffers from an over abundance of characters (TOO MANY Aes Sedai) and desperate need for plot consolidation. I am currently listening through WOT for the first time (I'm on book 11) and I KNOW I would not have made it through the 4th book had I been reading it.

That said, The Stormlight Archives books are EXCELLENT. If you like audio books, listen to these as well. the voice actors do an excellent job and listening keeps thing moving faster.

Sanderson does not have an issue with slow moving books.

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