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The Healing Ward is inside the White palace. The room is quite large and circular. The dome which covers the room is also circular but as it spirals upwards it goes up into a point. The room itself has a calming affect; scented candles hover in the air above the heads of the patience, they even seem to hum. The beds are wooden, but the covers and pillows are made out of the finest wool and stuffed with feathers. Since this place has been built, almost every patient has come out alive and well, almost.

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Warren raced into the white palace carrying a paralyzed princess in his arms. The guards were puzzled for a moment as the White Rabbit raced past them. "GET HIM!" One of them yelled and started to chase after the two. Warren surprisingly knew where to go, heck, he had disguised himself as one of the workers that built the place.

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Lights danced around Farrah's vision as she felt Warren speed down wherever they were.
"Woah, slow down bunny. Did you forget the time again?" she giggled deliriously, the world spinning before her eyes as she squirmed a bit in Warren's arms. Gosh, Farrah acted worse than drunk right now. But she just didn't care at all for the time being.

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"You shut you trap woman!" Warren snapped as he paused, breathing heavily as he looked left then right. He started to run again, his muscles screaming for a break. But he couldn't let Farrah die, he just- couldn't. He raced down the halls, up the stairs and through corridors, causing more and more guards to go after him. The Assassin's gaze fell onto the princess and saw a small green leaf sprouting from the end of a strand of her hair. He growled in annoyance and continued to run until he saw a familiar doorway leading to the corridor which lead to the Healing Ward.

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And shut her trap she did. Just 'cause she somehow inhaled a goshdarn plant that made her act out of character doesn't mean she would ever forget her fear of the man. Farrah could feel the harsh beating of Warren's heart against his chest, a sign that he was tired. She rested her head against on his shoulder and put a hand over Warren's heart, as if she could calm it down with just one touch. Sighing in content, she didn't even notice the changes happening on her body. Her skin was turning a light brown and her hair green.

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Warren raised an eyebrow at her but let a very faint smile spread across his lips. But the smile soon faded and he ran harder, faster. Soon he was in the healing ward. All the healers turned to him, eyes wide with surprise, and fear. "Don't just stand there, help the lady!" He growled. One of the healers dared to come froward and took Farrah out of Warren's arms and placed her on one of the beds. The rest of the healers surrounded the blonde princess fussing over everything then trying to cure her, running here and there to get medicines, potions and all things imaginable.

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Farrah groaned at the commotion around her. She wanted to tell them to be quiet and leave her be but she found only the strength to look at Warren, who was still and watching. Please don't leave me, was the unspoken plead to be found in her eyes. Farrah, still unable to move much, could only observe the fuss over her. When the healers finally took a last resort, a needle, she closed her eyes tight, scared of the sharp object about to pierce her skin.

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Warren met her gaze and tilted his head at her. Then, he found himself next to her, he took a hold of her hand. He held it tightly and gave her a reassuring smile, even though Farrah had her eyes closed. Then the guards came in and started fussing about where 'The White Rabbit' was. When they saw him they immediately got defensive and yanked him out of the ward roughly, but Warren didn't complain, he let himself being pinned against the wall outside of the ward.

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((Leh will reply tomorrow cuz it's almost midnight here O.O G'night Mollie ^o^))

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((Wow! Get your rest young lady! Lol, see ya tomorrow! ^.^))

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Farrah felt a warm hand envelope hers and she gave a soft smile, feeling safe when suddenly the hand was torn from her grasp. Her eyes opened in alarm only to see Warren being dragged out of the Healing Ward by guards. She wanted to get out of the bed and stop the guards from hurting him but felt a sharp pain inside her elbow, causing her to gasp a bit.

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Warren just stared at them blankly as they started asking questions. "Why are you here?!" "Why were you carrying the princess?!" "What happened to her?!" The guard kept questioning the tall man, as if he were a criminal, which he technically was. The healers scrambled around and then finally stuck the needle in the side of Farrah's neck, injecting a serum that makes the affects of the 'cruse' unravel.

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Hearing harsh shouts from outside that was probably directed to Warren, Farrah weakly beckoned the guard stationed inside the Ward with a finger, still reeling from the painful needle stuck in her neck.
"Please tell them that Warren did nothing wrong, okay?" she told the guard in a whisper, nodding to the guards outside ganging up on poor Warren. The guard gave a nod of his own and headed outside to tell them the message.

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Warren eyes the other guard and raised an eyebrow. Once the guards had heard the message they backed off reluctantly, still glaring at him coldly. Warren only smirked then entered the Ward and leaned against the wall, looking at Farrah. "Even in your state, you still look like a lost little girl, how adorable." He teased, chuckling lightly.

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Shaking her head in mock disbelief, Farrah looked at Warren incredulously.
"After I kept the guards from beating you up this is what you replay me?" she said, holding in a laugh. Then she turned serious.
"So, am I alright now?" Farrah asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

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Warren shrugged, smirking. "Ah, princess. You of all people should know by now that I am an arrogant man." He chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. "No, your hhave a twig sprouting from your foot." He said knitting his eyebrows together. His shoulders shook slightly from holding in a laugh. One of the Healers glared at him, but quickly turned away. "Your fine princess." The elderly man said softly and patted her hand.

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Farrah gave Warren a small glare. For a second, she actually believed that and her eyes widened to check on her foot.
"Whatever." she mumbled and spotted a glass of water on a table next to Warren. At seeing this, her throat suddenly felt parched and dry, like a sandpaper. Knowing the rabbit wouldn't even hear her request out, Farrah swung her legs over the bed, her small feet padding over to the table, still a bit numb.

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Warren glared at her an stepped in front of her, his big hands were on her shoulders as he spun her around and marched her back to the bed. "The healer said your fine, it doesn't mean your fit to get out of bed! Would you use your brain for once?!" He growled and forced her to sit back down on the bed. "If you want something, ask." He said coldly and stared at her, looking for any sign of comprehension.

((I love these two! ^.^))

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((Haha I do too ^o^ But Warren's still scary lol XD Btw sorry for the late replies))

Furrowing her eyebrows as she was sat back down on the bed, Farrah looked up at Warren, tilting her head to the side.
"What's wrong with getting water?" she asked, pointing to the table where he stood close to a while ago. Then she stood back up and went to get the glass which had started to look like an oasis in a hot desert.
"Besides, my legs were getting numb, it'd be a great exercise to walk." Farrah said as she gulped down the cool liquid rather thirstily, making sure not even a drop was wasted.

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((Lols, thank you. And it's okay. Say shouldn't you be asleep?))

"What's wrong with asking you stubborn dame?" He asked coldly. After she had finished drinking he, once again, grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her to sit down. "Make sure she doesn't get up until she is fully recovered." He barked at the Healer. "I don't take orders from murderers." The elderly man said indignantly. "It's either that or have the princess faint and feel even worse than she already is, and who's fault will it be? Hm?" He asked smirking.

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((And sleep I did lol))

Farrah glared at Warren, a frown on her face. "Don't be so hard on the poor man." she said, glancing over her shoulder to shoot the man an apologetic smile. Geez, Warren is too scary for his own good. If he would just erase the murderous look from his face, surely, everyone would be swooning over him. "I'm fine already, sheesh. Don't worry too much." Farrah said, a small smile on her face at the evident concern the assassin had for her. Maybe he does have a heart after all.

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Warren sighed in annoyance. "Alright." He finally said and leaned against the curved wall. "Why on Earth did you go to Boro Grove without a mask to protect you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "Why is it your bussines?" The healer asked rudely. "Well my good sir, if I told you you wouldn't be happy."

((Good good ^^))

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Farrah sighed and lay down on the bed, still tired from the fiasco that happened a while ago.
"I didn't know that it was the Boro Grove at first, in fact I was just wandering around the castle when I found that garden." she said, puffing out her cheeks and staring up into the domed ceiling. However impressive the Healing Ward was though, it was still plain and white, reeking of medicine.

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Warren rolled his eyes. "Honesly. Don't your parents tell you anything?" He asked feeling rather annoyed. Wonderland wasn't as safe as it had been, to be honest it had changed dramatically. He glared at the floor, burning holes into it. The healer frowned. "I will tell the guards to be on their 'guard'." He said stiffly.

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Farrah gave a roll of her own eyes. This intelligence issue with Warren was getting to her. Plus the medicine injected in her was making her come out of her small and quiet shell.
"Well how was I supposed to know when one, I was being chased down by guards when all I wanted was alone time and two, it was dark and I couldn't see a fracking thing!" Farrah's small outburst even surprised herself so she just turned her back to Warren and pretended to get some sleep. Gosh, I'm not normally like that. I just hope he won't start blowing off at me or something.

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Warren too was surprised. But instead of getting angry and annoyed. He just chuckled, and the chuckle turned into a full hearty laugh. "Well, I did not expect that outburst, especially from such an elegant lady," he said with a roll of his eyes, then he added "The elegant lady that fell face first into the dirt." He chuckled and walked over to where she lay. "Keep surprising me, I might get used to you." He winked. The healer scowlled. "What do you mean?" Warren glanced up at the man, his amused expression gone. Instead, his face was blank. "Well, the Red's sent me here to assassinate the Princess, but since their pay isn't much, I'm going to protect the Princess until they forget about her. All I need is a little bit of coin." He smirked. "Seeing as how the guards did their job fantastically," he said sarcastically.

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With bright red cheeks, Farrah pulled up the paper thin sheets up to her forehead and bit the inside of her cheek in embarrassment.
"Shu'up." she muttered and turned back around when she felt Warren stand in front of her. Why did I have to open my big mouth again? But when she heard her title being mentioned, Farrah shot out of the bed with glaring eyes at Warren.
"Protect me? Oh please, I can do fine by myself." she scoffed. The real reason why she didn't want him to be her guard was because it's going to be harder to escape him than her current guards. Much much harder.

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Warren raised an eyebrow at her. "You? Protecting yourself? Don't, make me laugh." He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "I won't annoy you, maybe follow you around... everywhere." He smirked at her wickedly. "And why don't you want me to protect you, it's only been ten minutes since you were pleading me with those eyes of yours, for me to stay by your side." He teased.

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Farrah started playing with her fingers, guilty blue orbs cast to the ground in shame and a small frown etched on her fair face. "I know I did bu-but I couldn't help it! The needle looked so sharp. Who wouldn't want someone by their through that experience?" she babbled on, widening her eyes like it was proof of how horrifying the whole thing was. By the end of her little speech, her voice quieted down to a mumble. Farrah had already forgotten about the guard talk they just had. Oh no, I can still feel a very severe blush on my face. Gaah, cool down Farrah!, she scolded herself in her mind.

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Warren furrowed his eyebrows as he listened. He didn't like moments like these, where he had to listen, he found it made him soft. And in his line of work, being 'soft', was not an option. He sighed and glared at her. "Oh stop your whining will you?" He said before cracking his famous smirk. "Your bright, red. Almost like a ripe poisonous apple." He said and came closer to her, pinching her cheek. "And what do you think your doing?! You are touching the princess!" The Healer growled. "What's the difference between a petty human and a princess pr prince? Nothing, apart from that they have better lives and tiaras on their heads." Warren replied with a shrug.

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Farrah winced and muttered out an "ouch" when Warren pinched her cheek, quite hard too. Her hands flew up to cover her flaming cheeks, as pointed out by the assassin and to which he also made worse. She watched the argument between the healer and Warren, her eyes shifting back and forth on their faces. They were contradicting each other as soon as the other said something and frankly, she was tired, especially after all the events that took place before. And now she just wants to go back to her room and rest but she couldn't without these two bickering and making her head ache. Farrah slowly and quietly climbed out of the bed and hoped neither of them would notice.

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Warren and the Healer kept arguing. In the end the Healer gave up and stalked out of the woods. Warren smirked then looked down at the bed. Farrah was gone. "Sh*t." He mumbled and looked around. He walked out of the Healing ward, a stone cold expression on his face. "Farrah!" He barked, his eyes scanning for the blond princess.

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Farrah had made it out of the Ward without anyone noticing. Well actually, the stationed guard had noticed her sneaking out. But all it took was a hush from her to keep him quiet and acting like nothing happened. She quickly hid behind a wall when she heard her name being shouted. Darn, I have to move fast. Farrah quickly tread down the hallway that lead to her room, as stealthy as a fox when she occasionally glanced behind her shoulder to see if Warren would leap out of nowhere. When she got that silly image off her mind, she was already close to her room when she spotted a familiar flower painted vase on a table. Just one more corner...

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Warren took long strides, ignoring the whispers and whimpers from maids and butlers as hew walked past. His eyes scanned every face, every inch of a person. His breathing was calm, but he was not calm at all. He was the complete opposite. He was angry and annoyed. If he couldn't find her, he would force the truth out of someone. "That selfish little brat!" He growled angrily, balling his hands into fists.

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Farrah successfully turned the last corner and bolted into the safety of her room, not even caring the least bit if it would be heard in the entire palace. As long as she was inside her room where she controls who came in or not, it was okay. Farrah quickly shut the wooden door behind her and locked it. Once, twice, thrice. There! Safe at last. She let out a relieved sigh while sliding her back down against the door. Now Warren won't be able to find me here, she snickered and stayed on the floor for a minute.

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"That's it!" He snapped and walked to one of the butlers and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the wall. "Wha- what are you doing?!" The butler screeched. "Your going to tell me where that no good annoying little brat is." Warren said calmly, but coldness shone in his eyes like a fire does at night. The butler gulped. "I- I'm afraid, I don't know who your-" "The Princess, name Farrah. What's the difference between a brat and Farrah?!" He asked coldly. The butler frowned. "A lot- Okay! Okay. I don't know where she is, maybe her room, or the dining room.." The butler stammered.

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Farrah didn't bother to turn on the lights anymore or it would give her location out. Besides, the moon's light had painted her room in a soft, glowing shade, allowing her to walk to her bed without tripping on anything. She happily threw herself on her soft and fluffy bed, not even bothering to change her dirty clothes. She was already too lazy to get up. Farrah's eyes had drooped into small slits, her consciousness going in and out of Dreamland.

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Warren smirked darkly and let the butler dropped to the ground. "That's all it took." He whispered, then straightened his waistcoat and stuffed his hands in his pocket. He looked for his small knife, and found it. He wondered around the castle, opening every door, creeping inside and looking around. He didn't find Farrah, yet, which was bad since his annoyance and anger were starting to get the better of him. He finally reached the last Hall. He looked down the stretch of marble floor, which led to the last door.

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Farrah was drifting off when she suddenly got the urge to change her clothes in the bathroom. The dirtiness was really starting to annoy her and she just knew she wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully unless she gets into cleaner clothes. Lazily getting up and walking to the bathroom, Farrah turned on the lights this time because there was no window in the bathroom. She closed the door shut and started shedding her forsaken clothes when she forget she didn't bring any with her. Farrah gave out a tired sigh and quickly went to her closet to take her sleeping gown and entered the bathroom again.

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Warren saw the brief light, and a cold smile crossed his lips. He walked over silently. He tired to open the door. "Locked." He murmured. "Smart girl," he said. "But not smart enough." He rummaged through his waist coat and took out a bobby-pin. He picked the lock after a couple of minutes. The door swung open silently. He stood up and crept in, then swiftly closed the door behind him. He walked across the room and leaned against the wall behind the bathroom door, cleaning his fingernails with his knife.

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Farrah sighed contentedly as the silk nightgown smoothly slipped down her body, cooling her hot skin. She tied her head in a loose bun -like she always does before sleeping- while walking towards the door to her room. Turning off the lights, Farrah cautiously opened the door big enough for her to slip between. And now, to my oh so comfortable looking bed. Her attention was solely focused on the bed before her that she didn't even notice another person in the room with her.

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Warren observed her then smirked. "Well, I hope your proud of yourself, because of you, I scared the entire Palace workers." He said darkly his knife glinting as the moonlight hit the blade. He pushed himself off of the wall and strode towards her. He grabbed her wrist in his free hand and pinned her to the wall next to her bed, a snarl on his face. "If you think you can make a fool out of me, your mistaken, your making a fool out of yourself."

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Farrah blinked. One second she was walking, the next, she was against the wall. That messed with her mind. Fortunately, she was calm. Very calm. This always happened when she was deprived of sleep. And right now, Warren was doing a great job of it. Her head tilted to the right and a small smile to be seen on her lips, not even the least bit scared of the blade. "Did I really? I think you are the fool here. An assassin didn't realize an 'uneducated' princess slipping out? Preposterous, isn't it?" Farrah gave a soft laugh, confidently looking into the assassin's cold and dark eyes.

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Warren tightened his grip on her wrist. "You keep forgetting what the Red's want me to do to you." He whispered and trailed his blade from her abdomen to the tip of her chin without actually cutting her. He looked back into her eyes, his own emotionless, his face blank. "I choose not to kill you for a reason, but that doesn't mean the Red won't hesitate to kill you." He murmured into her ear.

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"Oh but you forget, Warren. I'm as powerful as them. As powerful as you." Farrah whispered quite seductively in Warren's ear, the blade actually cutting the skin of her chin. She ignored the pain -mostly because it was numb- and the blood dripping down her chin to her throat. With those words, Farrah pushed Warren back roughly, her skin starting to heat up until fire was licking the tips of her fingers, a murderous look on her face and a devious smile gracing her lips.

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Warren was taken by surprise and smirked. He saw the fire and his eyes lit up. "So, your not a silly little toddler, your a silly little young adult now." He laughed warmly. He found the murderous look on her face quite cute, if he were telling the truth, but he would never admit it. He grabbed her hands and pushed her back against the wall, the fire burning his calloused palms. "Don't act like that, it makes me want to like you." He said with disgust. The pain on his palms was starting to get to him, until he saw the blood dripping from her chin. He furrowed his brow and let her go. He gripped her chin gently in his hand and wiped the blood away with his thumb, then stuck it in his mouth. "Sweet," he mumbled.

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Farrah was brought back to herself when Warren touched the deep cut on her chin. She winced in pain and her body temperature went back to normal, the fire in her fingertips died and the previous look on her face was gone, her facial features now show confusion and drowsiness. "What are you doing, Warren? Why am I lying on a wall?" she mumbled, eyes struggling to stay open. She could feel Warren's rough hands on hers, except his was hotter. What the heck happened?

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"It seems you are a fire elemental." He murmured taking his thumb out of his mouth and. He loosened his hold slightly. "Go to sleep." He ordered and let her go. He walked to the other side of the room where chair was and sat down. He closed his eyes and let out a big sigh.

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Farrah wasn't able to process anything Warren said because as soon as he let go of her, she immediately went for the bed and collapsed on top of it, snoring softly. She mumbled some incoherent things as she slept and her dreams of riding on a cloud had her smiling.

((Time skip?))

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Warren slept soundly the whole night, but kept waking up every time a guard walked past. He slept for five hours, which was more than enough for him. As the sun rose from behind the clouds, the assassin smiled softly. The colours were quite beautiful and he just sat there on the chair, gazing out of the window, a soft expression on his normally hard face.

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