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Wintergreen Park, like its name says, is a place where snow and ice is common. Though however cold the temperature may be, green plants always grow here. Every little detail is controlled by a statue standing proud at the center of the park.

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Lilabeth made her way through the park slowly, her cloak wrapped around her tightly as her brown eyes looked around carefully. She didn't want any trouble right now, just a simple walk in the park to calm her anxiety down a bit. The small girl reached a bench and brushed some snow off of it before sitting down.

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Lilabeth tensed at the voice, her small dagger quickly finding its way into her hand. She pointed it at the girl with a glare. Her brown eyes scanned the girl quickly, looking for any sign of danger. Other than the sword she was leaning on, she seemed alright. For now, "I'm here to get some peace." She said quietly, her Irish accent still thick in her voice. Lilabeth lowered her dagger slowly, "And I won't catch cold. I've been in this park many times." She told her.

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Lilbeth nodded, "Albany Archer." She said without hesitation. While Lilac continued to speak, Lilabeth felt herself become more tense, Of course I would be found by a Red. A crazy one at that. She thought bitterly. The grip on her dagger tightened as she watched her carefully, "You keep your cat in your pocket?" She asked, raising a delicate eyebrow towards the assassin.

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Lilabeth felt her eyes widen as the girl in front of her changed appearances. She had to be a Wonderlandian, no human could do that. Lilabeth sighed softly, "Albany Archer." She said, her alias name easily slipping off her tongue.

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Lilabeth had enough of this girl. She sprang up quickly, pulling her bow off her back as well as an arrow, "Who are you really? Are you a spy as well?" She insisted, her brown eyes filled with anger. She did not like being found out about and would not let this girl tell anyone else. At the sudden shouting, Lilabeth frowned. She swallowed thickly a she took a small step back. Range and distance was her best chance of winning an oncoming fight.

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((It's fine. It makes it more fun. :) ))

Lilabeth watched the girl as she ran away. She slowly lowered her bow and placed the arrow back in her quiver, "What the hell just happened?" She asked herself, sitting back down on her bench. Lilabeth pulled her brown hair over her shoulder and slowly started to braid it.

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((Sorry! Had to play a game with my lil sister.))

Lilabeth looked up as the girl changed once more, "I will not be friends with a Red Hearts Killer." She told her bitterly. She let go of her hair and wrapped her cloak more tightly around her, placing a hand on her arrow tattoo softly. Lilabeth watched Lilac as she hacked the grass and tensed quickly.

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Lilabeth followed her and rose an eyebrow as the small girl passed out. Was this a trick? What if she walked over there and the girl attacked her. Lilabeth sighed, calming her anxiety down before standing. She pulled her dagger out and slowly walked over, kneeling down next to her. She nudged her a few times before she rolled her onto her back, "Wake up, will you." She insisted, getting a bit frustrated.

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((Sure. I might have to get off soon though.))

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Lilabeth watched the girl, "I may hate Reds but that doesn't mean I can't take care of some little girl." She said plainly. She carefully took the mouse off of her shoulder and placed it on the ground. Next, she took off her cloak and helped the girl up, placing it on her shoulders, "You said you lived in Tulgey Woods right?" She asked. Lilabeth picked up the cat and handed it to the girl.

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Lilabeth stared at the girl, "Yes. I am a White Spade but I also go by my own rules." She explained. Even though Lilabeth had an alliance with the Whites, she was very fine with being a rogue as well, "I'm not going to hurt you unless you give me a reason to hurt you." She said simply.

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Lilabeth rolled her eyes as the girl started babbling again. She lead the girl slowly towards the outskirts of the park. Lilabeth felt her eyes widen when she heard what Ava said. She tensed quickly and nearly stopped walking, "What?" She asked, her tone sounding much more harsh then it should have been.

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Arielle wandered through the park, looking around. In all of her years as an angel she had never seen a land like Wonderland before and she wanted to take everything in. She knew it was supposed to be cold despite the greenery but she couldn't really feel more than a cool wind. She spread her wings out a bit to let them feel the cool wind. With a sigh she tilted her head back, looking at the sky. She missed the gold colour her wings used to be, they could light up any dark area. Now they were dark black, and though they were still the same material and shone dully, they weren't the same. But she was lucky to still have them if she had truly fallen.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 146 comments Asp brushed a bit of snow off her shoulder and smiled. The cold weather was a change of scenery from the hot Red Desert. She put the vials of poison back into her pouch and allowed her cobra to wrap itself around her thigh, keeping warm. In the distance, she clasped eyes on an angel, with wings a velvety black. Interesting.

"Are you lost, angel?" she called, "We don't get many of your kind around these parts."

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Arielle looked over her shoulder at the woman. "I am just taking in everything I can." she said, folding her wings, sighing slightly as they disappeared. She walked over, closer to the woman, her green eyes calculating. She studied the woman with a steady gaze, not sure whether or not to trust her. "Do you know much about wonderland?" She asked, her tone flat but her face showing her curious nature.

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Arielle sighed and looked away, she did not have time to wait around. She dipped her head at the mysterious woman and took a step back. "It was nice to meet you." she said, running a hand through her hair and offering a smile before she disappeared.

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A young woman, who looked about fifteen or sixteen was walking through the park. She wasn't truly paying attention to the cold that surrounded her, not really noticing it. She kept herself alert for any sounds that would alert her of another beings presence. Not only did she have a lovely sword at her hip, but also metal hand fans called tessens. She wore a white and black lolita dress, that looked very much like a maid's outfit, which it was.

She was there on a mission for her employer, there was a certain poisonous plant that he desperately needed, but seeing as the wondrous winterland were too much of a hassle, she was sent in his stead. She walked along the path though she had to stop as the ice and snow rapidly grew violent and caused her much trouble. She growled lowly and she huffed indignantly. "Deary you aren't making this easy for me." She snapped at the statue that controlled the weather.

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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) A beautiful young lady walked down the snowy slippery paths. She was determined to stay unnoticed, only wanting to be alone at that moment. The girl had had enough of people for one day, in fact she was starting to be disgusted by them more and more each day. A deep royal blue cape covered her silvery white dress and her terribly uncomfortable heels clicked lightly on the cold frozen stone.

'Curse these shoes... curse this white color... curse my life' on and on these words rang in the back of her head. Her ivory green eyes peered out from under the shadow of the capes hood. Then when she wasn't thinking about where exactly she was walking, she slipped on an extra slippery path of ice and shrieked. Looking up with a look of embarrassment, confusion and anger she saw a girl standing above talking to the weather statue.

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Immediately she turned and gazed at the girl. She blinked once then twice and pursed her lips. "Troubles?" She said though obviously didn't want an answer. Unlike the girl on the ground, she had no cape, but in fact wore a black Lolita dress that had long sleeves beneath it she wore a white blouse that showed on her collar and and on her sleeve cuffs. It stopped at her knees and she had black tights on with calf high black combat boots. She should've been freezing and yet she was unaffected by the chilling weather.

Her name was Marley Antoinette publicly known as Mary Ann, no thanks to Warren Peters on that one. She absolutely hated her nickname, her reasons behind it where unknown though. She gave the girl and once over and looked unimpressed. "I'd expect a white to be accustom to walking in heels." She commented. Her voice was almost as bitter as the cold air.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "And I would have expected a maid to be freezing in that attire in a place like this" the woman retorted in a nonchalant tone and she stood up off the ground in front of the girl. She was obviously not amused by the girls comment. The young woman's name was Angelica Mathias. Most people who knew her called her Angel, though she was quite far from that.

She gave the girl a quick examination, then asked "Who are you, and what business do you have out here?" Angel dusted some snow off her dress as she said this. Despite her hate for human interaction, her curiosity on why a 16 or so year old girl would be doing out alone. Plus it was much too cold for the maid outfit she had on.

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"I could ask the same of you, but I don't care who are or why you're here." Marley replied before turning away not answering any of her questions. Marley was intentionally made out of a ball of fire, so being cold wasn't something she felt very often. She glanced at the statue again and her eyes narrowed a touch, she was going to get through one or another, nothing was going to stop her on that.

As she went forward again the brutality of the sheer wind was enough to freeze over the sun, but Marley kept her temperature scoundling hot leaving the icy debris melt on contact. She looked as if she was sweating if anything, which she wasn't. In fact she rarely changed in temperature unless she wanted to changed, but that was an entirely different story.

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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) "Now wait one mo-" Angelica stopped in the middle of her sentence with a gasp of pain. She had reached out to place a hand on the girl's shoulder to turn her back around, and was immediately burned. Angel retracted her hand swiftly and looked at it, her face twisted in disbelief. Her left hand was now severely burned, her skin was swelling up and she was bleeding.

Angel felt as if her entire hand had just been dipped in hot lava. She looked up at the girl whose identity she still didn't know and said "Y-You, you burned me. How? What are you?". You could see it in the Angel's eyes, the clear demanding for an answer.

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Marley didn't even react to the gasp of pain that escaped the other woman's lips. The young girl glanced over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. What a trivial woman. It's so pathetic I almost pity her and yet in truth I couldn't care less. She thought and she gazed at the girl, her expression void of all her thoughts and emotions.

Marley gave the woman another once over. She was a Wonderlanddian, correct? Though that information really didn't matter. Marley wasn't planning on telling the girl before her anything. She figured it would just be a waste of time. "I'm not obliged to reply to your trivial questions." She replied as she gazed at the Angel. Her eyes gazed blankly into the other woman's eyes. Marley was unaffected by her demands. She acts more like a Red than a White. She must have some lineage the descends from the Reds. She thought to herself.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) ((So sorry! I've been out of town for a while and without my phone or laptop))

Angelica pursed her lips a bit. 'How strange that not one answer to my questions hasn't come yet. I wonder of its because shes stubborn or just as secretive as she is rude' she thought tp herself bitterly. Angel looked away from the girl back to her hand that was still sizzling. She sighed in annoyance, now able to dismiss the pain and resume her usual nonchalant expression.

'This will need extra care once I go back to that stupid palace' she thought once again with an inward grunt. "Well i do wish you all the luck on whatever secret mission you're on. Careful not to stray. Or do try to get lost, not my decision really." Angelica then said sarcastically, looking back up at the young girl.

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"Secret mission?" Marley asked tilting her head to the side with an expression that proved she knew nothing. Well at last that's what she showed convincingly. She then closed her eyes and thought for a moment. She had a light smirk on her lips before she opened her eyes and a stoical expression appeared again. Once again without a word, she turned and began to trek through the perilous winter that attempted to prevent her from finishing the task given to her.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Angelica snorted a little at the girl's expression. How pathetic. But Angel had lost all interest now. She started the walk back to the white castle, careful not to slip anymore. Goodness, had that beenan embarrassing amd painful moment. Angelica's hand still bruned and sizzled, so she wrapped it in her cloak as she walked. It would be very hard explaining to the others how she got the wound. They could barely understand anything.

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