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Appearance [use image]:






All characters must be approved by moderators!

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Approved! Feel free to rp with him!

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Name: Cecily May Summers
Nickname: Lily
Age: 17
Gender: F
Sexuality: bi
History: she's always been the smartypants of the class but she dropped to a fail when she was turned by her ex because he killed her because her overfed. She doesn't have any real issues. She eventually stepped back up her game and is again the best student in her classes.
Powers: Supersonic speed, Superhearing, Superstrength.
Family: scattered around.
Other: has a belly button piercing and wears a sunlight ring.
Likes: reading, writing.

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Name info

[Full name----] Harlod Hans Daniel

[Nickname(s):] Harry


Age and appearance Info

[Age:] 16 yrs old
[Age appearance:] 20 yrs old
[Date of birth:] November 15, 1999
[Time of birth:] 2:50 P.M.
[Place of birth:] Washington D.C, Maryland
[ Hair color:] Blonde
[ Hair Length:] short
[ Hair style:]messy and spiked
[ Eye coloring:] Blue
[ Dressing style:]


Biography info

{Gender:} Male
~ To talk
~ To write
~ to draw
~ to watch others
~ to make friends

{ Dislikes:}
~ To not talk
~ to not write
~ to not draw
~ to not make friends

{ Strengths:}
- His heart
- His mind
- His voice
- his courage
- his bravery
- his problem solving
{ Weaknesses:}
- his undeniable love for his friend Liam Hannings
- His problem causing
- his utter wish to become famous
{ Hopes:}
- To become famous
- to be with Liam
- To have a life where he can at least be known
- to be have children
{ Wishes:}
- To be with Liam
- to be famous
- to follow his dreams
{ Dreams:}
- to be with Liam
- to have children
- to be famous
{Personality:} Harry is a lovable, kind, romantic, nice, funny soul, who everyone loves and hates.
{sexuality:} Bisexual
- He has a habit of saying things that don't make sense
- he can sometimes pop up out of no where
- and he also likes to talk so much

- he's a spoiled brat at heart
- He is a very kind, and mannered kid

Love affairs info

[Crush:] Liam Hannings
[Current Boyfriend:] None
[Current Girlfriend:] None
[Current relationship status:] Single
[ Current Wife/Husband:] None
[ Deceased Wife/husband:] None
[Currently seen with:]
He's currently seen with family and friends
- Liam Hannings
- Mark Hunters
- Damion Furgenson

- Aaron Dankson

- His friends and family

[Pets:] His dog Fluff


Family info

{Mother} Regina Daniels
{Father} George Daniels
{Children} none
{ Maternal Grandfather} Harry Daniels
{ Maternal Grandmother} Helen Damiels
{ Paternal Grandfather} Jake Harold
{ Paternal Grandmother} Sara Harold
{ Siblings}
- Alex Daniels ((Age: 28 yrs old, married, Male, Straight, brother))
- Nina Daniels ((Age: 19 yrs old, dating, Female, straight, sister))
- Ryan Daniels ((Age: 18 yrs old, dating, Male, gay, brother))

{Nieces and Nephews}
- Addy George ((Age: 7, Female))
- Adam George ((age: 7, Male))

hospital records

[Blood type:] Type B


Additional info

[Species:] Human
- He's allergic to Acorns
[Distinguishing Marks:] none
[Race:] Australian
[Religion:] Atheist
[Occupation:] he has a small job at a animal rescue center
[Skills,Talent, and Abilities:]
- He's a very good singer
- he can play the piano
- he can write good poems
- he can run really fast
- he's an amazing athlete
- and a amazing musician

[ Favorite color:] Blue
[ Favorite season:] Summer
[ Favorite food:] Mac and cheese, pizza, hot dogs on a bun, chips, chocolate
[ Favorite month:] June
[ Favorite movie:] The land before time
[ Favorite band:] The Vamps
[ Favorite song:] You & I - One direction
[ Favorite singer:] Harry styles
[ favorite tv show:] Switched at birth
[ Favorite tv actor:] Jennette McCurdy
[Favorite movie actor:] Taylor Launter
[ Favorite author:] Harper Lee
[ Favorite book:] How to kill a mocking bird


Part one:

Harry has always been he quiet one ever since he was born, now ever since he learned to talk, he hasn't been able to stop talking. He is a kind talkative soul who loves to help people. Harry also really loves to listen and talks non stop, he would talk about anything you say because Unfortunately he knows everything about anything.

Part two:

Harry would normally groan if given homework, he'd die of flipping boredom if he was given homework. Harry is just like his twin brother talkative and very shy.

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I'm going to go with this isn't finished

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So... about Harry?

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I fixed Harry!

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I have fixed Henry! Is he approved?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
He's approved, wow that was a lot to read lol. And there's one part you wrote species and then human. I guess you should edit that.

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Stephanie | 96 comments Name: Kaya

Nickname: None

Age: 24

Appearance [use image]:




History: Being a natural vampire, Kaya tries to mix with humans and protect them as much as possible. After she ran away from her family, Kaya's been on the run, shifting from place to place. She could be found usually in nightclubs or expensive hotels.



Ellison (Alive)


Hunter (alive)








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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod

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Stephanie | 96 comments Hayden Panettiere? She's amazing, and beautiful :) Have you ever watched a movie or tv show by her? or maybe roleplayed with a character of her face claim? she's a very common face claim these days.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
I know her from the movie Ice Princess, though honestly never knew her name but always thought she was really pretty. Never face claimed her though.

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Stephanie | 96 comments Oh yeah she was there! I watch Heroes and Nashville. She's amazing at both <3 Could you guess her age?

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1309 comments Mod
Uhh, 21 max?

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Stephanie | 96 comments 25 :)

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Name: Katherine (Kate) Steele
Nickname: Kate or Kath
Age: 17






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((To be continued))

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