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Your introduction to D&D. Where/When/How did you get started?

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message 1: by Marc (new)

Marc Tennier | 1 comments Tell us about your first experience playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I remember getting hooked on the game when my best friends brother gave him the Basic set books back when I was....maybe....12 years old?

What really broke it open for me was when I asked my Dad for the Dragonlance Chronicles series. He bought me the omnibus edition and that was it. I was 100% committed to fantasy and the Dragonlance world. I still have that book on my book shelf. It's been read so many times I've had to tape it back together.

The old Basic set has gone now but I still have my 3e and 4e books. I also have the 2e Dragonlance source book that I like to thumb through when I read the Chronicles and Legends series. Yup, I still read them every few years.

message 2: by Fawxtale (new)

Fawxtale | 2 comments I want to say it was about...4 years ago. Im new to playing dungeons and dragons but not the game itself. I've always wanted to play but never knew anyone that was into RP.

I got introduced through one of R.A. Salvatores drizzts books.My best friends mom has two book shelves full of adventure novels from dragon lance to the forgotten realms. After reading about drizzt i got hooked and began trying to find out more about the stories and the tabletop.

I started DnD at the end of 3.5 and bought 4e. I am now currently playing 5e with my best friend and out friends from high school who recently got into role playing about a year ago. I've mostly tried to DM but aint that great at keeping story line up which is why im here C=

message 3: by Fawxtale (new)

Fawxtale | 2 comments Haha I guess that was a little longer than 4 years ago

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary Green I have played advanced D&D and i prefer it to 3.5 and I am going to try the basic soon

message 5: by Todd (new)

Todd Roboltou (toddroboltou) Hello all.

I'm an old Dungeons and Dragons player in that I started playing AD&D when I was 13, 2nd edition was favorite and It will always hold a special place in my heart. I stopped playing at about 18 and started harassing women instead of the local goblin hords. Now I'm pushing 40 and thinking of getting back into it.

I have been listening to Penny Arcade's, Acquisitions INC *hilarious* and the recent launch of D&D 5e has me excited.

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